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32 seasons 1112 episodes FOX ⏱ 30 minutes 📅 1989 - (Returning) 🎬 Reality

Follow real-life law enforcement officers from various regions and departments of the United States armed with nothing but with cameras to capture their actions, performing their daily duty to serve and protect the public.


Season 1


Broward County, FL 1

March 11, 1989

This program was filmed during a one week period with the Broward County Sheriff's Department in Florida. All Suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. (Full theme song) Sheriff Nick Navarro goes with a SWAT team to a crack house where people live in boxes, have a crack altar and use a bucket for a toilet. The entire place is absolutely vile. Then an officer is killed in the line of duty and Nick goes to the funeral. (District 2) Deputy Jerry Wurms stops a black man in his car at a convenience store and finds a gun. A man and a woman are seen in a known drug area and are questioned because he is white in an all black area. When he goes to get her wallet out of the car he takes it and runs. Jerry chases him and says, "Stop or I'll shoot you in the back!" He doesn't stop. He is caught and they are both arrested. She goes insane and screams her innocence. (Headquarters - Organized Crime Division) Capt. Ron Cacciatore takes calls and answers questions from Sgt. Dennis Gavalier and Deputy Vickie Cutcliff. He then goes out and talks to an officer and goes to a coke buy at a train station. He and the undercover officer catch a guy with his wife with two kilos of coke and bags of cash. The girl doesn't want to talk and just wants to puke. Drug Task Force Briefing - A map is on the board and the group discusses it. (7:03 PM Field Briefing) During a lightning storm. Ron returns home to watch Superman on TV and his wife heard about the train bust on the news and wants to talk about it. She wants to know the details, but he doesn't want to talk about it. She says she married him because he is a cop and thought their lives would be exciting, but their communication level is zero. He says he just wants to relax and not talk about work. Besides, if he did tell her, he'd have to kill her. (7:15 PM Warrant Served) Their driver is told to slow down and then the cops spill out and slam into a crack house. A giant fat, black man won't surrender and they have to tackle him. Another suspect who makes the drugs is questioned. It is his parents' house and they all will be arrested. The son refuses to talk and he tells him he had his chance. (9:00 AM) Sgt. Richard Scheff goes to work and gets a call about a dead body found floating in a nearby canal. They go there by helicopter as it is pulled out. They found his clothes on the shore inside out. He is nude and his body has not been eaten yet and there is no sign of trauma. (Roll Call District 2) Lt. Bob Rios talks about the guy Jerry chased in the first part. He talks about how it is to be a cop and about his girlfriend. She is Officer Linda Canada whom he works with. We then see her stop a suspected prostitute, then an older woman on the street. (8:45 AM Canada Home) Jerry makes breakfast for her two kids including a two year old and he explains how he is planning on moving in with her. They eat breakfast and read about an officer who just died. (Officer in Court) Airport Interdiction Officer - Vickie goes to the airport and randomly searches people for drugs and most give her a hard time. Then she is at home with her two kids playing in the yard. The next day she and her partner are at the airport searching people again. The second guy is all nervous, then gets angry and says the bag he has isn't is. Then he wants a warrant. Then he admits the bag is his. She arrests him and he goes nuts and starts fighting everyone and she goes down. They take him away and find he had a stolen gun and six ounces of coke. He then calls his girlfriend and mom to tell them he's going away for a while. Vickie has been doing the same job for ten years. (Crackdown Briefing) On July 8th they are going to arrest 150 people, tow 200 cars and bulldoze houses. Sheriff Nick then goes up in a helicopter and the rest of the team gears up. (8:47 AM Crack House Warrant) The team enters a house and finds a Tech 9, sawed off, pistols and bags of drugs. (11:16 AM Reverse Drug Sting) Jerry and Linda...


Broward County, FL 2

March 18, 1989

(Victory Celebration) Sheriff Nick Navarro gives a re-election speech while the Rocky Theme plays. He wants to make the county a better place. Trojan Horse Briefing. Cops cut cardboard to make a big box to hide inside the back of an an El Camino. Sgt. Robert Deak says the dogs will jump out and get them, can fill the truck up with drug buys. Dealers learn what the tactics are - never sell to a van or car with two people in it so they have to come up with new ideas. A black guy comes up and sells a rock for $10 and wants to sell another $10. They jump out of the box and get him. They go to a second stop and grab another black dealer. The driver jokingly wants them to let him know if the box falls off. Sgt. says it's exciting going after dope. One day they get the dealers, the next the users. Different every day. It is now night time. The dealer runs and they chase him, tackle him and cuff him/He thinks it makes you in touch with the community by stopping them from selling crack to kids. Deputy Willie Washington says the biggest lie is someone driving through a drug area saying they are lost. They stop a driver who says just that. He made a wrong turn off the freeway. He says he's heard lots of stories about District 2 - lots of violence and shootings. He didn't want to work there, was scared, but now likes it because of the people, they are great. The Lt. stops a car. The woman says she was looking for the ocean. They find drugs in the car - a cocaine rock. She says it isn't hers, she just wanted to go home. They ask how it got there. She says a guy she stopped for directions must have thrown it in there. Then asks if they planted it. They cuff her and put her in the back of a car. She wants the cuffs off. The Lt. says to calm down. She won't. He says she is going to the station and is going to be booked. If she didn't do it, tell the judge and if he believes it she'll be free. He reads her rights from a card. She can't believe he has a card. At the station they book her. He is really nice to her about it. She says again and again she can't believe there was a rock in the car and is totally embarrassed. Deputy Linda Canada is doing paperwork in a diner with her fiancé Deputy Jerry Wurms. They kiss. (11:31 PM 911 Call) She leaves to a call of a mother Nancy and her daughter who want her boyfriend not to come back. The daughter cries and says she doesn't want him back. There is also a 22 month old running around. He comes back and the daughter screams. She wants to go to a hospital because she doesn't want to stay there since she is scared of him and is only 7 years old. He is arrested and wants the girlfriend to call his mom. Linda talks to the 7 year old and says he got drunk and almost hit her. She wants him to stay in jail first for 2 nights, then 4 nights, 10 nights - forever since she is scared of him. They give him a trespass warning, he can't come back again. She says he is a good man when he isn't on drugs, cocaine or whatever. Linda says she needs to make up her mind, but will take the children if she doesn't provide a safe environment for them. Linda leaves and the girl wants to go with her. She promises to come back tonight and tomorrow. Linda wants to take her out of the house, but most likely he'll be back tomorrow since he is the breadwinner and she is scared to be alone in the bad neighborhood and the girl will want him out again.


Broward County, FL 3

March 25, 1989

(District 2) Deputy Linda Canada talks to a shirtless man who says his bicycle was stolen, but doesn't want to press charges. A fat white guy nearby in a dirty white shirt says he had nothing to do with it. The shirtless guy won't shut up or listen, so he gets arrested. Linda goes on a boat ride with her fiancé Jerry Wurms, they only have one day a week off together. They picked out an engagement ring, but haven't bought it yet so she goes to visit it. That night he asks her to marry him and has the ring. She says yes and they go to a restaurant. The next day the Sgt. announces their engagement and they goof on her. She goes to a call to search a women under arrest for drugs. She gloves up and makes her take off her shoes. She's on crack and is bruised all over her legs, saying she was beat. Linda asks if she ever tried to get help and she'll put her in a program if she is willing. She can't promise, it's hard, she has no one, is a prostitute, scared of being raped, can't stop. She moves her to another car. (Roll Call) District 2 - Lt. Robert Rios asks how many people check the backseats of their cars. He found a bag of crack in the couch in the lobby that someone stashed there. The Sgt. says they only had 3 DUI arrests so far which isn't acceptable. He wants 3 a day - make a deal. Deputy Willie Washington says he has to work Christmas, New Year's - all the holidays. He goes to a house where a crazy woman is sweeping. He has to grab her and make her sit down. She mouths off and he tells her if he has to come back she'll be arrested. They were fighting. because Candy threw water on the other woman and she came after her with a broom. It's Thanksgiving, so he's trying to be nice. The Lt. arrives and he explains it. He goes back and says one of them has to leave. Candy won't shut up and he yells at her that she is getting on his nerves. The second woman won't leave so he cuffs her. She cries in the back of his car. He goes back to talk to Candy and says if he saw her throw the chair she would go to jail too. The next time he comes he will arrest her as a trouble-maker. (Drug Task Force) Sgt. Bo Deak leads a neighborhood sweep. They hit a dozen people fast. One guy has drugs in his shoe. Another has it in his pocket, but says it is nothing. Another guy is stopped, the only one without coke in the area. A couple is stopped by a church and busted. One guy runs, is caught and still has the dope on him. He said he wasn't dealing anymore. A bunch more people are busted, then they look for drugs on the beach. They stop a guy in a red van with a dog and arrest him with a big bag of coke. (Search Warrant Briefing) Task force. It's a guy they've been to before. Last time he had four guns on him, but wasn't much trouble. (Warrant Served) They run in, bust him and talk to the girlfriend and ask her whom is he selling it to. She admits her mom sells a little bit of drugs too. He says she should leave. She is working, but doesn't make enough to move out. He asks where her mom usually keeps the crack. She shows her the medicine cabinet. He doesn't want her kids to pick up a crack rock, eat it and die. She cries that she is taking care of him.


Broward County, FL 4

April 01, 1989

(District 2) Deputy Willie Washington talks to students at Boyd H. Anderson high school where he used to teach. He says some kids that don't have role models look to those they see with big chains and BMWs. (Street Patrol) He's arrested 3 of his former students and spots another and has him drop and give him 20 pushups. If they are going to be just hanging out they need to exercise. He says to the students not to let him catch them dirty or he'll do what he has to. He drives and spots 3 black guys hanging out and has them get on his car. Backup comes and they check them out. One guy tries to run and is tackled and cuffed. The other two are also cuffed. One holds the dope and the other holds the money. Back in school he says dealers have no longevity, they don't care. 16 year olds dealing shoot people just for looking at them. Be careful where you go or you could get jacked. At night he stops a white guy in a bad area and tells him he could get jumped by 8 or 9 guys. He points him out and says not to come back. In school he says they can see him now or later, but later they will be cuffed. At a basketball game Deputy Linda Canada watches Jerry play, says he's a good father to her kids and can't wait to marry him. They win 61 to 57. Later Linda tries on wedding dresses at the bridal shop. Prostitution Sting Briefing - organized crimes division. The Sgt. tells them to make sure the door is locked, latch it. One officer calls home, she forgot her gun and someone is coming to get it and she wants them to bring back her fur coat. The signal is when she takes an orange flower out of her hair. They do the stings to get rid of the street crime. Merchants don't want whores in front of their businesses. Linda tries to think about how the girls she busts walks, moves and talks and tries to imitate them. A car stops with 2 guys who want her to do them both at the same time. Linda says he couldn't handle it. The guy replies, "then he'll die trying." She then gets a car, sex for $20 and to meet at her hotel. The guy doesn't want to go to the hotel, he wants to do it right there. She goes around to the door and the cops bust him. Linda says it was fun. She has tight black pants and heels. Some of the guys pull up she wonders why they would do this. They are good looking and have jobs. Sometimes she won't even look at them and tries not to think about what happens to them - if it ruins their life or marriage. They are taken to jail. Some are given NTAs and some have to wait to bond out. At the next car Linda says one or both for $25. He pulls around to the hotel and asks a couple times where to park and reaches under the seat. She is nervous and has them bust him outside. They find a bag of coke and arrest him. It is a 2nd degree misdemeanor in FL for solicitation. They show the bust from the monitor and Linda laughs and leaves. Cops cut up plywood with a circular saw on a bench for a Trojan horse sting. They attach it across the back of a pickup truck and cover it with palm fronds and tie it down with line leaving the bottom open for them to hide inside. Sgt. Robert Deak says they used to cover foxholes with this stuff when he was a marine in Vietnam. Drug Force Task Briefing - next day. They spray 'Nick's Trash Pik-Up' on the side. They knock on the window to get their attention and a honk is the signal. One black guy sells them drugs and then runs. They catch him. 2nd bust catches two guys. 3rd bust requires them to jump out and pull their guns on a car who rams the police. They pull him out through the window. 4th bust is an older balding guy, they check his mouth and cuff him. If you are with someone buying crack you can get busted. They cut the passenger loose. Afterwards they go to a restaurant to eat. One guy is leaving the team after a year. He's enjoyed it a lot. They have a toast for his birthday and goof on Deak about wearing the pants in his family. He says he's the boss, then his wife comes up and surprises him.


Broward County, FL 5

April 08, 1989

(SWAT Team) Agents are working out - jumping jacks, pushups, windmills. Sgt. Steve Caulfield says they like to think they are the elites, but some think they hare hot dogs. They wear camo and run through a course, crawl, run on logs, climb walls. Most search warrants they expect them to be armed, that's why they are there. They do a hostage rescue, smoke grenades, and a live fire exercise with Sheriff Nick Navarro. The 365-KBD plate is checked on a car they are going to buy from. The dealer is wearing a red shirt as they pull up to a strip mall, take him down and arrest him. They take him back to the station - he says he’s been using since age 13, did 2 years when he was 17, 3 years at age 22 and crack is the worst drug ever. He was addicted to it 5 seconds after the first time. He’s also addicted to coke, heroin, pot 1st, alcohol, anything. He only commits crimes because of drugs, never had a job his whole life, gets money by conning, scamming scheming since he’s a scumbag. He's married, she's in Boston, has 2 kids. She left him because of the drugs. The area is real bad, lots of kids on the beach with 14 year olds dealing. He cries because he wants to get his life straight. Deputy Linda Canada is in her car. (District 1 Street Patrol) She feels sorry for the whores sometimes. She stops a girl walking the street who says she is just going home even though she's hanging out in front of a saloon all the time. Linda tells her no flagging down cars or loitering and lets her go. She busts another woman as the husband watches. She flags down cars and says she needs a ride or wants to party. Linda takes her back at the station. She says she didn't deal and has no money. She is 33 years old, been doing it all her life and was born in 1952. They are going to arrest her husband and the 2 other girls. Linda wants her to sign a paper against her husband. She says she won't sign something she didn't do and loses anyway. She says her husband battered her, she has no money and can't get away. She says they are making her sign it and wails and moans. It doesn't matter, she’s going to jail anyway. She wants to know why she's getting a $100,000 bond, it’s for lying. Linda doesn't feel anything toward these girls, they cry that they will do better, lie to the judge, then go back out and do it again. She stops a girl in a Guns N' Roses cowboy hat with buttons on it for flagging down a car. Michelle is 19 and says she has a real job and doesn't solicit. Linda looks into her purse and asks when the last time she smoked crack was. Linda finds a mirror with coke residue on it. She doesn't have a license, but she cuts her loose. (2:30PM Start of Shift) Deputy Mike Hoffman is at home with his wife and daughter. She gets in the car and makes a siren noise. He says he's going to Nashville and will bring her back a shirt. She wants a green one, only 1 per trip. (5:45 pm Injured Animal) It's a brown dog, but seems to be all right. (6:03 pm Bomb Threat) They go to a restaurant and everyone is outside, it could be a hoax, but you never know. They go inside and check it out. He jokes about an alarm clock there. (8:15) Mike drives to a church and he is supposed to be inside. Two people meet them outside. Mickey goes in the front and Mike and another go in the back. He is a scruffy black man in the last pew. They take him out without incident. He was supposed to have a gun. They check him and it's a giant hair pick. Leroy is upset, says you don't do that in church. He is pissed off. He says someone saw him go into his jacket. Mike brings a pastor over to talk to him. No one knows him and they were just checking.


Broward County, FL 6

April 15, 1989

(Pre Super Bowl Prostitution Stings) Capt. Ron Cacciatore goes to a house #601 called 'Cherry's' with all girl staff. He rings the bell and is let in. He finds three scantily clad women and one who covers herself up and when asked what the place is for she says it is her first day and she is a dancer. He asks what the bed in the living room is for and she says it is not a bed it is a sofa where people sit and get dances. He says she knows a lot for someone whose first day it is. She gets all snotty about it. They dump another woman's purse and it is full of Trojan condoms. He asks if that is for safe dancing? She says she is single and likes to be prepared on dates. They find private champagne rooms for two - pick your lady, house champagne included $69 for 1/2 an hour or $129 for an hour. They also find unused tanning beds and massage parlor rooms. 24 year old says she just dances, doesn't know about other girls. They offer body rubs, you get naked and they rub you down, working their way to your private area. (Pre Super Bowl Drug Sting) Kids are out in the street so they have to get them inside to clear the area of 8th avenue and 10th street. A white guy walks up to the undercover dealer and buys, so they take him down. He's a big guy so he fights and won't turn over. They can't find the rock he dropped. A mother says her baby can't sleep at night because so many people go through, one time someone shot through their window. She is glad the cops are there and it's exciting to watch and hopes they'll come back. They ask one old black guy why he's buying crack and he says he's going to get help. They target areas and buy from them to get rid of them. They have to move around and sooner or later they'll go to jail. One black guy says he studied law at Rutgers for 2 years. Ron goofs on him says he can represent the other druggies. (11:37 PM Drug Operation Sting) They bust a woman and a man in a yellow car with their baby Christopher in a bag. They tell the woman they are going to take the kid and she begs to take her to her moms house. She says she was only driving, her husband was buying. HRS takes the baby, takes their pictures and she cries saying she won't do it again. The guy is cuffed and curses and fights, saying they are treating him like a pig. They ask her if they have diapers in the car because the kid is dirty. The car is so full of trash they have trouble even finding the diapers. They say she lives in the car. She says she lives with her cousin on Dixie Hwy. A female cop changes the diaper and the grandmother says she knows her daughter has a crack problem. She takes the baby to HRS. They ask what she wants and who the cameras are. She says a film crew. The manager wants the camera out, so they go outside and film through the door. They say she has to fill out a report. The cop says there is nowhere for him to sleep. She leaves crying at the conditions there. No crib, no blanket, nothing. Super Bowl Sunday (4:30 Domestic Violence Call) Deputy Mike Hoffman talks to a woman who says her guy isn't scared of jail. She has to file to get rid of him, but won't do it. (5:10 PM Possible Gang Fight) Mike says he'll never finish the shift with only 5 cigarettes. They go and arrest a bunch of guys, check their trunk and find 3 baseball bats, spiked armbands and box cutters. Linda backs him up. Mike then plays Double Dragon with a small black kid in a Circle K store. He gets a call and has to go. (7:16 PM Domestic Violence Call) Mike goes back to the girl from before who says Ward came up and attacked her and ripped her clothes. She is a fat white woman and he is a stringy, wiry black man. He calls her a bitch. She told him she doesn't want to be with him anymore, but the judge let him out. He wants to hurt her and tried to choke her. They can't take him to jail for that. They can fill out a report, but she has to press charges. They take pictures. If they cut him loose, they know he'll come back. After Mike is watching...


Broward County, FL 7

April 22, 1989

(Roll Call) District 1 - The captain plays a tape of a call from 1/15/89 on the radio where an officer yells out “wahwaaar!” and he tells them he'll castrate the next person who does that, the main offender is not there and it is poor police work. There is also a blood drive on 1/17 and remember you can’t get AIDS from giving blood. The 4th annual Pig Bowl is also coming up. (3:05 PM 911 Call) Deputy Linda Canada takes the call of a small black boy who called that he is afraid to go to sleep because he is alone with his little sister. Mom went to the store and he got scared. The neighbors come over and the older brother comes home from school, and can’t believe he called. (4:18 PM) Linda stops a whore, Kathleen, with Trojan condoms and tissues on her. What are they for if she's not a whore? She just arrested her on Sunday. The whore asks what’s going on and claims she was just walking down the street after eating at Burger King. The tissues are for a cold, Sunday was the first time she was arrested, that’s a lie. Kathleen says to check her out. Linda doesn’t have to listen to her after she saw her flag down a car. Tony her black pimp comes over and asks what’s going on. He says Kath is her girlfriend. He denies she is a whore, Linda saw her and she’ll be at jail. (Pig Bowl Annual Charity Event) Sheriff Nick Navarro addresses the children in wheelchairs about the football game. It’s professional game at Fort Lauderdale Lockhart Stadium, uniforms, cheerleaders, etc. The Heat in white are the Broward Co. Sheriff’s police and they are playing the Legal Eagles in orange – Defense Attorneys (lawyers), like last year. Linda tells a girl to root for The Heat. Highlights are shown including #6 Hicks on the Heat running back the kickoff, Nick coaching, cops cursing, #68 on the Heat injuring his leg, #17 on the Eagles getting hurt, and #6 rushing for a touchdown. The Heat wins 12 to 9 and Coach Nick gets dunked with water by #11 and #54. It’s cold and he’s shocked. The charities will be as happy as a pig in a poke. (Street Patrol) District 9 - Deputy Jim Fondo stops and calls Kelly over from an ice cream place. Her mom is supposed to be getting out of jail tonight. She got 18 months for cocaine and she does some coke too since there’s nothing illegal about getting high. She doesn’t prostitute on the streets, she has regular guys who just take pictures. He warned her before and doesn’t want to catch her dong anything wrong. (8:20 PM Shoplifting Call) They race to a store where a black couple send in their young brother and sister inside to steal steak. On the way out the manager stopped them and the older brother fought and punched him and he chased him around the back where the car was. The wife left him. The kid says he was told to steal pork chops. He told him to just hold it and walk out. They are told stealing is a bad thing and the manager got hurt The cops let the kids go because they were put up to it. Later Jim finds Kelly on the street again. She’s not working, hopes her mom is straight when she gets out, but she isn’t straight, if she is it’ll help her. She is 16 and has been on the streets since she was 13. She still claims she hasn’t broken laws, gets high, doesn’t sell drugs done nothing wrong. He says she should be in school. She guesses she grew up different. Jim goes home and is greeted by his wife and kids. He asks a kid what she did at school. She says she colored. Lt. Bob Rios says his unit’s job is getting drunks off the street. This month they've gotten 78, 67 other arrests – narcotics or weapons, plus 601 citations. (D.U.I. Task Force) Deputy Chris Wagoneer is looking for signs of DUI’s – weaving, going over a curb. (8:45 PM DUI Stop) He is given a field sobriety test. He makes Mr. Crawley do 9 steps forward heel to toe. He counts them out in a British accent, but does 10 steps. He screws up the alphabet test by going “abcdfghijlmopqrstovu… probably xyz.” Good enough. When asked to touch his finger to the tip of...


Broward County, FL 8

April 29, 1989

(Roll Call District 9) The Sgt. says Deputy Cole is filling in. (3:05 PM "Kim") Deputy Jim Fondo talks to a cross dressing black man. Jim says there's lots of crack around, but Kim denies it. Kim says to tell Sharon he stopped by since he promised to look after his house. Kim says he has no crack and wouldn't lie. (7:15 PM Disturbance Call) Officer Glenn Topping finds a woman screaming at two black guys as they push each other in from of an apartment. Glenn gets in the middle. They had an argument inside, came outside, broke windows with a chair, the woman fell over the cement block and hurt his leg. The guy in the red shirt comes over and attacks the older guy in the white shirt and gets arrested. An ambulance takes the woman away. (9:13 PM Domestic Call) A guy says the couple next door fight every night and make noise. The man says the door sticks, that's why he slams it. (9:44 PM Disturbance Call) Glenn stops Tom who's in a woman's wig harassing customers outside a 7-11. He says he wasn't there, he's looking for a job, hasn't been arrested before and is not impersonating anyone. They take his wig off and he's bald and they remove his fake breasts. His DOB is 2/12/51. They drive him to the North city limits to get rid of him and keep him from danger. (10:08 PM "Kim") He's all dressed up on the streets as a prostitute. He was arrested last week and was in jail for 3 days, until the Super Bowl was over. He's going to retire soon. They don't arrest him. (Traffic Stop District 1) Deputy Mike Hoffman stops Laura for driving without headlights. She offers to show her headlights. Mike says his partner looks like Tom Cruise, she says he is cute. She only gets one ticket. (8:28 PM) He goes to a house with a guy who is relieving his stress. Donna and a young white girl & a black guy are hiding in the bathroom. She has no ID. Donna says the girl just started renting from her. The guy was born 3/30. Donna has a warrant and is arrested, but she wants her shoes first. Maria gets them for her and the girl and the guy are arrested too. (10:15 PM) At the station their possessions are counted and they are fingerprinted and photographed. Donna says she makes all her money from sex and ripping off Johns. (9:07 PM Following Night) Back to house 3400. Mike arrests the man for coke, no bond. They put the kids in the car so their dad doesn't have to reveal why he is in trouble. They take them all inside. Mike tells him HR is taking the kids because it isn't a safe environment. They have to go to the mother's house. The daughter flips out and cries. The father gets angry. They tell him not to let his kids see him get arrested, but he fights, they have to get rough and cuff him. The kids flip out even more screaming, running and throwing themselves on the floor. The girl says she wants the police to follow them to her moms and she doesn't want her dad arrested, give him a warrant instead. He says the dad is sick and needs help. The girl says she'll go crazy if they take him to jail. He might get out tomorrow, it's up to the judge. Mike says you never notice kids until you have one. It shouldn't have happened in front of the kids, they don't realize and never will that daddy is a scumbag.


Broward County, FL 9

May 06, 1989

(8:15 PM Tuesday) Deputy Jim Fondo asks Kelly where her mother is. She says she’s getting out of jail today the 27th, then asks what day is it. It’s the 26th, so she’s getting out tomorrow. Her mom is 37, she’s 16, she lives with her grandma on Johnson street or lives in a hotel. She was arrested for prostitution 2 weeks ago. He asks what is she doing for money now. She says don’t ask, she gets it from people she knows. What does she do? They like her company. He tells her if she hangs out on Federal Hwy she’s going to jail. You tell them over and over to stop, but they never do, they need to get money. (7:10PM Wednesday) Street Patrol District 9 - Jim talks to Kelly's mom Susan after she gets out. She told Kelly in jail not to do it. She’s whoring for the drugs, she’ll do anything to get it. She misses her old daughter, she’ll sit on the bench and cry her eyes out watching her. She’s worried about Kelly, worried about herself, going to jail and it’s not fun. (10:00 PM Thursday) Jim stops an old man who picked up Susan in his car. He tries to say he’s giving her a ride. He asks him why he’s parked there. He says he wasn’t, then he says he was going across to the store to get furniture. Susan says she met him last night. He says he stopped and she jumped in the car. She’s freaking out, says she has to go to court for CPS for Kelly tomorrow for resisting arrest. He says he can charge her with loitering right now. He tells the man she’s probably going to jail, he needs to drive off and go home and not be seen picking up girls. He tells Susan he’s got her red handed and she has to go to court for her daughter tomorrow for the same thing as she is. She needs to talk to the judge, get off this and get out of here. She’s digging her grave being out there on the street. He doesn't arrest her so she can go to court. (7:30 AM Friday) Broward County Courthouse - Kelly is in front of the judge and Jim is there. He asks what she is going to do about the violation of probation. She wants to plead guilty and go back to the program she was in. She understands if she quits she’ll get escape charges and she’ll be back. He says she’ll be put in a program not nearly as nice as Starry Place and he’ll see her in 5 days. He recommends her begging for the program to take her back. (8:30 PM Friday) Jim says to Susan it seems kinda funny with all her talk that she didn’t show up in court today. It shows the judge there is nothing there. She claims all the time she’s been by Kelly's side and she knows she has no guilty conscience, her conscience is clear. She’s done everything she could for Kelly, she’s been doing this since she was 12. (Warrant Briefing) Drug Task Force – Sgt. Robert Deak says for everyone to come around. Dave is conducting surveillance, and the suspect is home. He bought a quarter of pot. Does he have coke? He does have 9 pounds of grass and a cigar box of powdered coke. They have a map of his place, he’s been ripped off a few times so he's armed. They hit the door with knock and announce. They have to pry the lock off and Kathy inside says OK, she’s trying to open it. They get in and make her sit down. They catch John trying to escape out back with no shirt on. He says he isn’t John. They search the house and find a scale in the kitchen, a paper with figures and a bag with a pound of weed. They lift up the couch and find another bag of weed. Rob talks to Kathy. He tells her to not answer instead of lying. She says she’s not lying. John runs his mouth and tells Kathy not to talk. He claims they smacked him and they tell him he has the right to remain silent, so use it. They tell him Kathy can go down too and take him outside. She’s scared to tell him, John is her boyfriend/fiancé, whatever. She doesn’t know why she should tell how long he’s selling. Her parents are in Florida, they won’t be happy about it. Rob says she’s nice, but John is an idiot. He’s on probation for the same thing. She says she’s tried to tell him, but he...


Broward County, FL 10

May 13, 1989

(4:00 PM Drug Operation Briefing) Capt Ron Cacciatore has $100,000 and counts out $30,000 for flash money. 4:00 pm Drug operation briefing. They are going to watch the guy, he's driving a red 4x4 and they told him it would take 45 minutes to get there. It is a full moon so they wear their vests. They've been watching him for a couple years, but the only way to get him prosecuted is to put the dope in his hands. The guy painting his place says he's home. Team 1 - Surveillance - they do a drive by to see if he's home. They park and can see the apartment complex, near where a white van is parked. Team 2 Surveillance - they see his brother Pete arrive in a white Nissan. He walks out with a large white man. He passes them and they give chase. They think it's him and have air support. 6:14 pm. They park outside and wait. He gets a blue duffel bag from a white Chevy truck. They go after the white pickup. He drives wild and his partner says to relax or he'll blow it. 6:19 pm they have him. They get out and frisk them. The first guy fights and runs. He threatens to shoot him. The cameraman gets the second guy down, but he runs with one cuff on. 6:25 pm Team 1 - He ran west on 16th. The 2 kilos were taken so they go and look for the buyer. They have to go around a NJ car who doesn't see them. He is moving northbound with a K-9 on him and a chopper. At 7:05 pm he is caught. The dog rips his pants in half. He fights, kicks a cop, they pound and choke him, dog pulls his underwear off. His shirt is ripped off and a dozen people jump him against a picket fence. One guy punches him twice in the face and he doesn't even flinch. He is cuffed to a gurney and brought into the emergency room. Dr. Meyers looks at him, his chest has dirt on it, he is covered with abrasions. They think he's into the martial arts. They need to move him to a suture room and handcuff him to a bed. He is facing two counts of trafficking coke, $250,000 each, multiple counts of battery, two on a police dog, escape, $1,000,000 bail. K-9 Max got him, he said he gives up, then they pulled the dog off, he kicked the dog and officers so the dog bit him again. 8:30 am the next day he is arraigned in a court. He is detained on all the charges. At the station they are watching a training tape of a cop who gets shot. Roll Call District 9 - Sgt. Nick Frey says he should've run wide and slow, that's why he got shot, didn't see the perp. He takes a woman and unloads her gun, then a male officer and does the same. They reholster the gun and the Sgt. says they are in the center of a park, he grabs the gun and holds it to the officers head. She says she is going to draw down on him since he'll shoot anyway. All he wants is her to drop the gun. She says she won't drop the gun. If he shoots she'll shoot. She is told - Do not drop the gun, do not back off. If he points the gun, Deputy Jim Fondo is able to grab his arm and pull it down. 911 Call Possible Gunfire. Jim takes the call. It is dark and they pull a rifle from an older white guy. They want to know where the second gun is, but he says there isn't one. Jen says they were sitting outside have a family discussion. She cries. They were sticking up for Richie and he didn't like it. Bobby hit her dad, Linda went in to get the gun. No shots were fired. Cops hear multiple shots fired from two people, but it wasn't them.


Broward County, FL 11

May 20, 1989

(4:53 PM 911 Call) District 1 Street Patrol – Deputy Mike Hoffman goes to apt 226 in a complex because the black parents say their one-week old baby girl is vomiting and can’t breathe. She is breathing when Mike arrives, but paramedics still come in. They say everything is OK, she just drank too much milk. (8:13 PM Domestic Violence Call) A woman says she was sprayed in the face with Armor All by her boyfriend Danny and wants him out or she’ll kill him. Danny gets in the cops faces, won’t listen, won’t sit down, tells them to hit him and says he’ll hit Mike because it is his house and he pays the rent – not Mike. He is drunk and when he gets in the back of the police car he bangs his head against the window a couple of times. They stop him and then he starts all over again banging his head 32 times in a row, so they hog tie him, take him to the station and put him in a van. He then invites them over to his house after work. Mike says he gets all the best offers. 8:30 AM - Sgt. Dennis Gavalier has been following a guy for two days who is supposed to be picking up two kilos of coke. Air Support – Undercover crimes division backs them up. The suspect rents a blue Lincoln every weeks and has spent $10,000 in car rentals in the last six months alone. 3:35 PM – The Sgt. briefs the undercover cops and they play baseball in a nearby field to keep watch. It looks like a deal went down at a flea market and they follow the car as it goes to a hotel and at 5:30 PM realize the deal didn’t go down. 9:30 AM – The next day. They follow him again John sees a package go into his trunk in a plastic bag. They have a uniform car pull him over on the turnpike at 5:47 PM and bust him. There are three passengers, two are women, they pull them out and read them their rights. The dealer has a bad heart and says he is having a heart attack so paramedics are called in and he is ambulanced off. They find three kilos in an Adidas box in the truck, two guns in the car so he gets a life sentence. (9:42 PM District 9 Street Patrol) Deputy Russ Budden stops a car in the rain at a business because he let a black shemale prostitute out of his car. The driver says he didn’t do anything. She says the guy is a regular and wanted to get a BJ. (10:11 PM Accident Investigation) Steve crashed his work truck into a pole and wrecked it – now in two pieces. He says he only had a little to drink, but his BAC level is .20.


Broward County, FL 12

May 27, 1989

(8:07 PM Assault Investigation) District 9 Street Patrol Deputy Russ Budden finds Sean at his car who says a man attacked him with a club. He swung it at him, missed, then grabbed the club and doesn't know who he is. Then he pulled a gun on him, swung the club again and is, still there. They go back and the guy says he came into his house and didn't know whom he was. He owns a lot of guns, but doesn't live there. Sean has lived there a couple months according to an old man who lives there. The landlord says he doesn't live there. Sean shows a phone bill from 11/88 to prove he lives there. Landlord says he doesn't rent to anyone. Sean has a mark on him, the landlord doesn't, though he claims he does. An old man comes over and the landlord screams and curses at him and gets arrested. (9:37 PM Domestic Violence) Debbie moved back in with her husband Rick and he wants her out. She says he hit her in the jaw, but she has no sign of injuries. She went to get some change and he hit her. Dawn is her daughter and she comes out and says they were having an argument. She says daddy hit mommy with his hands on her face, but doesn't know how many times and usually leaves the scene before the police arrive. Debbie can't stop him from hitting her after 8 years. He can't believe she is doing this because he gets arrested. Drug Operation Briefing - Organized Crimes Division. (12:01 PM) Sgt. Dennis Cavalier takes the call of a woman who says two men are transporting a U-Haul with a couple pounds of coke and they've done it before, but cops have no record of them ever being in trouble. (5:58 PM) The guys leave their house. (6:08 PM) They pull them over and tear apart the U-Haul. They say they changed the oil, everything they could to get the car ready and the passenger has a bag of pot in the glove compartment. The driver is his cousin Eddie. He says he and his girlfriend are going through a custody battle over their daughter. (6:58 PM) Cops bring a dog in. Eddie knows his ex did this to him by calling it in. Cops are mad about this being a scam and a waste of time. He agrees to record a phone call to his ex-girlfriend Cheryl to catch her. (7:08 PM) He calls Cheryl and asks why she would do that to him. She says she's a dirty f-king person, hates his guts and wants him to die. This is the way she gets even, now he knows she's the one who did it and laughs. She hopes they tied them up for a while and she is going to get him again. They lived together for 5 years. Cops play back the tape and laugh. Miami, Little Havana (4:00 PM Property Theft) Sgt. Ralph Suarez says a man is wheeling a shopping cart full of stolen goods. Backup arrives and the cop jumps out without putting the car in park and has to jump back in and stop it. The guy takes aluminum shutters off houses and sells it. They have to load the shopping cart into the back of a wagon as evidence and are embarrassed about it. (6:41 PM Traffic Accident) On North Miami Ave and 3rd St a couple in a black car hit a white convertible in the front very hard. The white car's hood is up and smoking. The people go out in the street and he has to put them on the sidewalk. The man gets belligerent and is arrested. Backup arrives and takes him away. (8:02 PM Stolen Vehicle Investigation) When they pull up there is a foot pursuit of a Mexican man with a mullet. Another man is also caught and arrested. A third shirtless man is also arrested. The ignition was popped on one car, spare tire stolen from another. That's the fun part - when they catch them, teamwork. He says his partner gets the rookie of the year award for the catch.


Broward County, FL 13

June 03, 1989

(Trojan Horse Stings) Organized Crimes Division - Sgt. Robert Deak says a Trojan Horse goes back to Roman days, in there case a group of cops hide in the back and wait. Officer Howard Rudolph goes undercover without a shirt, a long black wig and red bandana in a U-Haul truck driving around buying drugs. Rob says the signal will be "It looks real good, I'll be back to buy more." This is in case they can't see him, don't say it until you buy. He pulls up for a dime on the first black dealer and they arrest him. He pulls up on the second guy and he drops the rocks inside making Russ nervous and they quickly jump him. He fights and says 'what I do?' He is called Shorty and has been doing this a while, though he is only 16. A lot of people say they are dealing with just the users, but a Trojan horse targets the dealers. Every one off the street saves 50 users. It is now night time, they do another buy and the guy takes off, they chase him for blocks and catch him in a yard and dropped the money early. The white guy is chewing the dope, and they try to choke it out of him, but he says he doesn't have anything. They do another buy and Russ runs after him saying he ripped him off. The guy is chewing the coke, it's on his lips. They've been doing it 14 hours and have to go back and do paperwork. Shorty has been arrested 4 times, starting when he was 13. They call his mom and she yells at him on the phone saying her husband will get a hold of him. They are going to take him to juvenile and he'll get the belt tonight. He takes his wig off and asks which way he looks better. District 1 (3:37 PM Domestic Dispute) Two old sisters live together. The one in the red dress screams, wails and cries saying she is a Christian and won't take it. Deputy Mike Hoffman was there 2 weeks ago. He says she can stay, but is up to the sister. The sister in blue tried to defend herself with a picture frame and the other one attacked her. She says, "as god is her witness she wants her out." He says she can stay, but no more fighting or it is jail. (4:48 PM Homicide Investigation) They go to a house and find a white woman dead in bed and she has marks on her neck and jaw that are strange. There is blood on the car in the parking lot and people drive up and take pictures and video. There's been no movement since Tuesday, no mail, the lights are on all the time and the husband left 15 days ago. Forensics arrive and the. Sgt. Robert Deak is interviewed by a reporter. Neighbors were invited over for dinner, there was no answer, their car was there, the window was open, so they went inside and found her. (9:22 PM Street Patrol) Deputy Mike Hoffman stops at a table where four older black men are playing dominos on a table in the street. A woman is dancing and one guy asks Mike "if he would arrest his momma if she did something wrong." He says no, but he would arrest his, not his own. A big black woman dances and a cop joins her. Mike says he doesn't arrest everyone. Miami - Officer of the Year 1988 celebration where Officer David Magnusson is the winner. (Overtown Street Patrol) Someone asks David for his autograph and he signs his picture in the paper. A guard congratulates him as do people on the street. He stops a guy acting suspicious, hiding his hands in his coat. He is arrested for possession, 3rd degree. (1:37 PM Disoriented Male) Charles F. Anderson is an old man who isn't sure where he is and doesn't know what year it is. He claims he is from Rochester, staying with his sister. He has money as he cashed a check somewhere. Deak calls about the info on his health card and he lives at 160 Hialea. He tries the key in the lock, but can't open it. They ask the neighbor if he has a number of the sister and they take him to crisis intervention. It's a pass the buck attitude, each place won't give them help and play games. They take him from place to place. The manager says to take him to Baker Ave, but they were just there. Someone finally reports him missing...


Broward County, FL 14

June 10, 1989

(District 1 Street Patrol) Deputy Russ Budden tells three black men on a corner exchanging money not to do that because it makes cops thinks it is a drug deal. (5:57 PM Traffic Stop) He pulls over a pair of rapping black guys. He cuts them loose since they are clean and have a good attitude. One guy does a freestyle rap for the camera “drunk drivers kill people every day/they even kill kids who come out and play/you are sitting all alone at a red light/and a car comes and bangs you with all it’s might/now you’re 30 yards further and you’re laying dead/knocked out cold with glass in your head/life is over obituary read/lying there in a hospital bed/was so drunk don’t know what you did/killed an innocent lady and her only kid – drunk drivers”. Russ says he’s a white man and doesn’t listen to that stuff but likes what he just did. (7:25 PM Hit and Run Accident) Deputy Glen Topping goes to where a gray Cadillac hit a woman in the street. The ambulance crew cleans her up and takes her away. A witness gets the plate 648-HUX (8:40 PM Hit and Run Investigation) The plate comes back to someone born in 1910. They find the car at a house and go inside. The old women comes out and they show her the blood stains on the car, but she says it is rust. They also show her the hairs stuck there. They have to tow the car and she doesn't want them to, but it is evidence, it will be impounded and she might get it back. She is arrested. She claims she stopped, but nobody was there, no one stopped her and thought it was her imagination she hit someone then she covers her face. Escort Service Sting Organized Crime Division - Detective Bob Faulkner calls an ad and wants someone young and pretty. 10 minutes later a girl shows up. The cop says you show me yours and I'll show you mine. She takes her top off, he comments on her tattoo and they arrest her. She says it's her first day, her first customer and she's married. They get another woman, she get undressed takes off her jewelry, she has a strip of condoms and Trouble perfume. They make another call for $70. A woman shows up 30 minutes later. He offers her a drink and asks questions to find out how long she's working there. She wonders about questions because she doesn't want to end up on America's Most Wanted. She takes her shirt off and goes into the bathroom and they run in and grab her. She says her boyfriend is downstairs waiting for her and knows what she is doing. Miami - Little Havana (Homicide Investigation 9:45 PM) The first 24 hours are the most crucial in the investigation. A dead man is found in a Chinese restaurant and Sgt. Diego O'Choa is in charge. He was shot through the window and door. As was a girl was working there, it was her first day. Another one was only working 2 weeks. They measure and photograph the body and take him away. (11:10) They go to an apartment looking for the shooter and get the girlfriend. She says she doesn't know who shot or got shot and doesn't know her boyfriends' last name or how to reach him. They have a guy in Jacksonville they think is the shooter. They pull out a slug that is .25. (11:00 AM Next Day) They measure a gunshot wound on the body. The bullet went in the chest near the eighth rib. The autopsy doctor explains there wasn't much blood, it was coming out of his nose instead of the wound. The bullet is unusual, they've never seen one like it. It turns out two buddies got into a fight and one killed the other, then another buddy also was killed.


Russia 1 Hour Special

June 17, 1989

The following program was taped over a 16 day period in Leningrad and Moscow by six camera teams - three American, three Russian. Soviet officials allowed the crews unprecedented access to all police operations and permitted all footage to be cleared without censorship or review. There is no Bad Boys Theme/Russian music instead – quick shots of a car pulling away, a woman screaming, a drunk man passed out, a man attacking a cameraman, a dead woman, a fire, a fight, a stalled van, a suspect arrested, a man tied to a chair in a cell, women, children, a man holding his head, a police station, motorcycles, motorcycle cops, police wagons and cops getting ready for work. Tonight, for the first time in history, thanks to the new policy of Glasnost, the world will ride along with the Soviet Militia, Russia’s national police force. An international television event, direct from Moscow and Leningrad. This is the reality of the men and women who protect and serve in the Soviet Union. (Soviet Militia Training Academy 6:30 AM) The commander explains what is needed to get in the academy. You have to be highly educated, knowledgeable in many areas, strong, physically prepared and often recruits don’t realize how difficult their course is and can’t make it through the rigorous training. The alarm goes off, men wake up, go to the bathrooms, wash up, shave and brush their teeth. Outside they run in formation on the grounds, in gray uniforms. (6:55 AM Morning Exercises) They line up in a courtyard and a man at a podium instructs them. (7:30 AM Martial Arts Class) Men spar and are taken down. One man pulls a gun on another and is grabbed and kicked, another grabs a knife and is taken down. Many try the move with the knife. The instructor shows to punch the man with the gun in the face, kick his knee and take him down. (8:25 AM Combat Course) Outside men run up ramps, with fires set around them, bullets are fired, sirens wail, they go through sewers, under barbed wire, up walls, through holes, on balance beams, kick targets, take down opponents one at a time, run to a firing range, grab pistols, load them and shot at distant targets. (9:00 AM Dress Inspection) They are in formation as they march in front of a podium. The commander says in his personal opinion only a real man can become a cop. (7:30 PM Leningrad) Alcoholism is a real problem, especially on national holidays when people want to celebrate. (May Day Celebration) They detain people who are drinking in public. In a park men have fallen over on the ground, they are pulled up and taken into a truck. Their alcoholism is a big problem, their role is to get them treatment for the social evil. The most boisterous of them go into the police van. People march in front of large pictures of Marx and hold up pictures of Lenin. (Drunk Tank Central District) The men are loaded into a cell, the sign above reads “For medical services provided the charge is 25 rubles.” A man is in his underwater tied to a chair and going crazy. Street Patrol Central District (2:00 PM Burglary Call) Cops go up stairs into a small apartment. A woman speaks in English who says they took her jewelry, including a ring her father gave her when she was 16, now she is 30. It can’t be replaced. She wants to buy furniture, what she has is 40 years old. She lifts the mattress to show the bed has holes. She had 800 rubles, they took it all, now she has nothing. There is a small girl playing in the room. The people have nothing and can buy nothing. (7:30 PM Nevsky District) They spot a man wanted by police for smuggling and want to get him outside of his house so he can’t warn his friends. They walk over, grab him and lead him a way. A woman nearby starts screaming, wailing and tries to stop them. They quickly drive away. She wants to know what he did and where are they taking him. (8:45 PM Suspects are Detained at Police Station) An old woman hacks, coughs and her eyes water. A young man with bad teeth laughs. It’s central...

Season 2


Portland, OR 1

September 23, 1989

(North Precinct Street Patrol) Officer Harry Jackson says this time of the year people come from all parts of the country, the Navy brings in a bunch of ships and prostitutes come from all across the country because business is up. He spots a young girl, Samantha Wilson, on the corner he knows and sees a guy pick her up. Harry asks where she’s coming from and she says it was Union, doesn't know the cross street. He says she should know the cross street by now. It's Jessup, she remembers. He sees money in her bra and she says it's her boobs, then admits it's $65. She says she knows the guy, he was giving her a ride and has known him for 6-7 months. Then she admits he was giving her $25 for a BJ, he's a regular on Sundays. Today is Sunday, he's usually off, but is sneaky and is working today. He goes over and questions Mr. Larkin to see what he says. He mirandizes him and says he knows she's doing business. He says he has the right to remain silent and it's his mom's car. He's 26, still living at home and has no registration, so Harry will call his parents to see if they know what he's up to. Larkin says he's known her six months, they met in January. He hasn't arrested Sam before, but has given her a hard time though. Larkin has never taken her home because his parents are always there. Harry says he has no problem doing it on the streets and can't take a nice lady home. Then he tells Sam to tell him what she told him. Harry says he went to school 2 blocks from there, he's lived there 45 years and wants to clean up the community. Harry says he'll throw money at her, but won't take her home to mom. (9:15 AM) Multnomah Co. Narcotics Task Force Briefing - Sgt. John Bunnell says it's going to be a long day, search warrant for heroin , 4 cars, Pat will do photos, Danny will do evidence and to suit up. There is a calendar on the wall with women's butts in bathing suits. They run up to the house, John says they are too far away. The old woman asks what the hell are the doing there, where's the search warrant, it's not here. They tell her it is. John talks to Ron, he says he wants to make it easy, there is no heroin, just what he's using. He gets the heroin from Mike Williams. John says he knows where he gets it. He used to get it from Jerry, but he's in Las Vegas, on vacation. John calls Celeste in and arranges for Ron to call Mike to make a deal. He calls him from his car phone in the Camero to make a deal for 2 o'clock. (2:02 PM) Mike is an older white guy who walks up with his two kids, they bust him and he says not to scare his children. The boy says he goes to school half day, the girl says all day. Mike's been dealing 5-6 days, but never sold it before. He's shaking and John says they aren't playing games, answer the questions and sign the papers. Mike says he'll take them to it and give it to them. He lost his wife 2 years ago and wants them to tell the kids he's OK. He buys from Miguel in Hillsboro. They want him to call Miguel and set up a deal, but he doesn't want to lose his kids. The girl says her mom died when she was 33 and is up with the angels now. John says sometimes that's a better place. They are going to Mike's house to get the heroin and have him call Miguel and start the game all over again. (4:15 PM) John says they can take everything of Mike's - his cars, house, everything. The car doesn’t interest them though, it doesn't meet their requirements. It's a nice old colonial house though. Mike limps around, says he lived there 11 years and is going to have to sell it. He takes him to the safe where the combo is right 3 times to 73. John opens it and asks, “it won't blow up in my face will it?” There is a bunch of money, some rocks, not much. Mike calls Jose to make a deal. John says he has to make a decision to take his kids to a foster home and is it the best things for the kids? They just lost their mom, maybe they'll take the kids for a little while to wake him up. John is upset and can't even count the...


Portland, OR 2

September 30, 1989

(11:47 AM Warrant Served) Multnomah County - Narcotics Task Force Briefing. Cops are in a parking lot and Sgt. John Bunnell says he'll knock and announce and Bob will use the shotgun because the suspect is armed. They pull up to the yellow house with the blue Chevelle in the driveway with Bunnell driving. They are going in fast and slam the door open and run in. Mike is taken down on a bed with a giant Harley flag on the wall. He makes lots of woo woo noises. They tell him to rest his head on the door panel, he doesn't want to tell them anything. They tear up his bed and pillows and find crystal meth and lots of .357 bullets. The meth tests positive. They finds tons of stolen property there. Bunnell wishes people would etch their license or social security number on their items to make them easy to ID. The garage is full of stolen VCRs, stereo equipment, cameras, car radios & cable boxes. (2:15 PM Stolen Property Returned) They found a mans name on some tools and call him. He arrives and says the tool drawer is his and he had 2 antique gold watches in there. Bunnell says they have bags of watches. One man shows up with serial numbers for his power saws. One man finds his stolen gun, but the holster isn't his. The guys mom pulls up and wonders what is going on. She says she knows nothing about what Mike did. Bunnell says it's hard to believe since it is all over the house. She doesn't know about the drugs either. Inside she says he paid for all this stuff. They found no paperwork and he didn't turn any over. Central District - Foot Patrol. Two officers walk through an area under an overpass and say they found body parts there and lots of people trying to hide. (9:45 AM) they go in to remove the homeless people who are doing drugs. Officer Barry Cook finds two Mexican guys living in a hole under a concrete slab. He has black tar heroin and they only speak Spanish and the one guy is all smiling and goofy. They arrest him and have arrested him before at least 10 times. He says the jacket he's wearing isn't his. Barry searches him and gets stuck with a needle. He frantically tries to push the blood out as fast as possible hoping he doesn't have AIDS. He puts the guy in his car and gets the first aid kit out of the trunk. He wipes down and cleans up with hand sanitizer. The other guy is booked on criminal trespass. Barry says he'll have to worry about it for the next 10 years. Back at the station he calls the clinic for information on the needle prick. They tell him the changes of getting AIDS are a couple 100 to 1, he's got a better chance of getting hepatitis, but he's gotten shots for that. It's an officers worst nightmare. Rose Festival Fun Center - Foot Patrol - two officers patrol at a carnival. They say that the less crime, the more likely people are to show up. Officer Mark Murawski spots a metalhead dancing idiotically with a bottle in his hand. He grabs the bottle and him and leads him away. No alcohol is allowed so he pours it out. Officers spot a black man with a large knife. They are ejecting him from the park and find two other knives on him. Officer Rick Hegrenes spots a mullet head with a Budweiser hiding in his Coke cup, he also gets banned from the park. They have to make an example of him. Back to the black guy, James, they find pot residue on him. He denies having enough to make residue, not even sure what it is. The officer laughs and just bans him from the park. Officer Frank Klejmont says they've had the fair since 1970 and people go nuts and act stupid. They exclude people from the park and they come back and get charged with trespassing. Officer Norman Sharp questions a guy with a concealed knife. The guy says he just came there for fun. He's not allowed there because he's drunk and has a weapon. They search another guy who won't tell them his last name and starts to get loud. They tell him to quiet down or else there'll be a problem. They stopped him because a bulge in his clothes might've been a gun...


Portland, OR 3

October 07, 1989

(9:45 PM Warrant Served) Multnomah County Sheriff's Dept. Narcotics Task Force warrant briefing. Sgt. John Bunnell has a map of a house interior drawn on a dry board. The neighborhood is in an uproar so they are going to show the flag. They are going to go in and do a normal entry since they bought drugs there before. They have testimony from CRI and Officer Biles that he's a belligerent weightlifter type, so they are going to take appropriate action. Bob will do the back bedroom and he'll follow with a key to get in whatever is locked. The job when they get upstairs is to grab people. Bunnell clears the upstairs and they find the old man who is the owner downstairs who fights them and won't go down. During the struggle his toupee comes off. There are 4 kids inside. Deputy Jerry Hill reads him the warrant that they have the right to search. Other officers wait outside to see if anyone else shows up. One of the kids inside is 16 and says he's visiting. Outside Bunnell stops a car with 17 year olds. The driver says he was just turning around. Bunnell says it's a lie and he'll take him in. He admits he was coming to the house to see who was there. The owner inside says he only served alcohol to his kids. There is alcohol out, but his kids aren't even there. He says his son is at the doctor. All the kids are 16 and just visiting. He says he wouldn't if he were them and they shouldn't be there. Jerry says this goes on every weekend. He says he was just off from work this night, it never happened before. Outside they pull a man out of a red truck at gunpoint. He's holding a bag and says it isn't his house. Deputy Lane Sawyer questions him inside and tells him that giving beer to minors is just as bad as giving them drugs and the neighborhood parents are upset. The son says he won't let anyone in from now on. If anyone else buys after tonight they are all going down. At the end cops tell a group of metal heads if they can run all the way off the street in 10 seconds they won't get busted. One kid has a Danzig shirt as they make a mad dash. A man calls 911 who says that the next time his female neighbor, Lynn, sees him talking to a cop she'll burn his house down. They go out to his house where the man repeats the story and has his two daughters there as witnesses. She cursed him out and fought with her boyfriend. The officer knows the woman, they know she has a drug problem. He won't have to go to court if he needs to avoid a problem. They go to a nearby bar and find the woman. She's a tiny, skinny skank who denies making threats. He says the first person they'll look for is her if they have a problem with him. He says they are tired of her. She says she's sick of them. He says he's never talked to her before, but arrested her when she was driving drunk doing 75mph down the road. She doesn't remember it because she was drunk. He says next time they'll just arrest her. She goes back in saying it's fine. (10:12 PM Return Call) A neighbor saw her back at the house with a Molotov cocktail. The man and the kids saw her. Cops say they need to sign a complaint and it's time to stop with the games, they need to arrest her. One of the girls cries. The man says he's going to have to move. The cop says he'll be out there 5 days a week for the next 7 years so he'll take care of it. Two female witnesses saw her too, they say she's dangerous and there are kids around. They find the woman walking down the road in a red bathing suit and arrest her for attempted arson. She mouths off and says she'll talk to the judge. They say to also charge her with reckless endangerment and trespassing to keep her in jail longer. She curses them out. He asks if she knows how serious this is. She says she isn't going to start fires and she didn't go over there. She's drunk again and they says that's the problem. The man wants to know how long she'll stay in jail, he has to think of his daughters. He wonders if she'll get her drug friends to come after him. The...


Portland, OR 4

October 14, 1989

4 (12:20 PM) Multnomah Co Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Lane Sawyer and Sgt. John Bunnell drive and explain about surveillance they have on a business in the southeast. They have a warrant on the business and the house and have Bob now on a traffic stop in a blue Camero. John says he won't cooperate. They talk to Bob Park, who has his kid with him. Lane tells him he works narcotics and has been watching him sell coke. He can say nothing if he wants, but Lane can go full bore on him, if he finds enough he can go federal and Bob can get 10 years. Bob says he isn't the guy, they should know who he is getting it from. Lane says he might know who he is, but needs his cooperation. They check his trunk, it's filled up by a large speaker. They find a shotgun inside and he says it doesn't work and is old. There is a handgun in the front, but no dope in the car. He has a wad of cash on him. (1:15 PM) They take him back to a hotel and have him make a call to his buyer. He wants a half and tells her to be careful. John tells him they will set the call up for 1pm tomorrow. If he doesn't show up he promises that he'll come down hard on him. He didn't show up and a warrant issued for his arrest. (11:00 AM Next Day) Deputy Dennis Fitz says a package came by UPS and it was ID'd for drugs. (Narcotics Task Force Briefing) They have the package and want to deliver to the house and arrest who accepts it (12:10 PM) They go to the house and there are two women inside. Deanna says the package is for her. John tells her to be very cooperative. She says she will. John says if she is truthful she can stay home, if she jerks them around, she'll be going to jail. In the back they find a drug scale and bags of coke. The women says they are not heavily involved in coke sales, the maximum she sells to is to 10 people a day, not $1000s a day. John asks where she got the coke. She says a guy named Mike. John asks what would happen if she called him. She calls to make a meet for an ounce. John sets up a meeting - it never ends.(2:27 PM) John says the guy is en route. When he shows up, grab them both and he'll meet with Lane. The guy shows up in blue and black shorts. He and a woman go up to the house. Once they go inside the cops run to the house. The girl has a cigarette in a death grip as they cuff her and take her out. They ask Mike where he gets it from. He says the guy they busted, Bob Park. Lane asks where he is. He says he doesn't know directly, but he'll make a deal (9:45 PM) They set up a meeting with Bob at a car wash. They jump him and he growls and says OK. John yells at him that they told him not to screw around and he learned his lesson. He has a bag of dope and a couple bags in the van. Bob gets a bloody lip in the struggle. John says he wants to search his van and apartment. Bob says there is nothing, same as last time, he wants to talk to his lawyer, then says to go ahead and look. The van is gross, covered in filth. John says it's 2:30 AM, it took 12 hours and 2 arrests later they are still going. John's favorite saying is, "You gotta be tough to live out west." (Street Patrol) Portland North Precinct - Officer Becky Wooten takes the call of a stolen bike that comes in to 911. She says a neighborhood boy stole it yesterday, she got it back, but now she doesn't want to mess with. She goes to the house, talks to the mom, says he did it before, but doesn't know the house where the bike belongs to. Becky has been there before and says if he comes back to call them and they'll take it. Call even if he doesn't have the bike. Kevin is a young black kid in a Nike soccer shirt who comes walking up. She cuffs him, says he's going to jail and he cries. She mirandizes him and puts him in the back of the police car until he calms down. She says she talked to his mom, she knows. He says Milton told him to take it. He can't take stuff because people tell him to. He'll be the one that goes to jail.. She tells him she'll think about taking the cuffs off. She...


Portland, OR 5

October 21, 1989

(Bureau of Police) Officer Harry Jackson is #578 and patrols an area with prostitutes. He stops to talk to two of them on Stafford and Union. The young girl says she is 18, Harry says no. She says her birthday is 8/26 and that he knows her. The older woman tells her to shut up and answer the questions and she's going to get a 40, some Taco Bell and going home to eat. He asks why was she talking to a man in a car then. She claims it was her boyfriend and he doesn't buy it. The young girl turns out to be 15 years old and again says he knows her. He says he talks to 25 girls a night and doesn’t remember their names unless he arrests them a bunch of time. She curses a few times so he arrests her. She says her mom is dead and the older one tells her to shut up. Harry wants to see her shoes and see if the older one has warrants. She just met her, didn't know she was 15, was with a friend and he can ask her. The 15 year old tries to get out the other side of his police car and he puts her back in. The older says she was with a retarded dude and is going to get him some tacos because he has nothing to eat. He asks if she is going to be back on the street. She says hell no, it'll take 15 minutes. He checks the 15 year olds’ purse, finds condoms and wants to contact her parents to see if they know what she's doing out there everyday. He calls for a female officer because she crawls out of the car, up on the roof, her dress goes up and she curses out the cameraman for 10 seconds street. She's totally high and it takes a few cops to calm her down. Harry gives her to a female to transport her to juvenile. She fights, rolls, struggles, screams, says get off of me and they throw her in the back of car where she yells at them. Harry can't believe how strong she is. (Narcotics Task Force Buy-Bust Briefing) Multnomah County Sheriff's Dept - Sgt. John Bunnell says they are going to a hotel in the area with Hispanics fresh up from Mexico they want to get rid of. Special Agent Celeste Cowan is going in and he tells her to be calm, like she wants to party. Talk if you must, ask for coca or cheva. If they want to take them somewhere, take off across from the Bomber. The girls use a red corvette to make the buy as John watches from across the street hoping they can do this in one shot. The guys see them and approach and the girls make a buy for $200. It's their second buy of black tar. It's a lot of dope. They'll follow up tomorrow. (11:16 AM Next Day) John wants them to flash a lot and has $17,000 cash. He wants them to ask for a pound, but to pay for half of it now, half later. Don't front the money, it doesn't leave the car or else they'll be working parking patrol in Butte Montana and they laugh. Celeste goes up to the house smoking as kids are around. John hopes she doesn't give the bust signal because he needs to see more of it. She asks to see a pound. John gets nervous she is going to blow it. The drugs are at the sister's unit where the little girl is, she's the drug runner. She counts it out, that's the bust signal. Undercover and uniformed cops pour into the first unit. John says he won't take the kids if she shows them where the rest of the dope is. If she won't tell then kids are gone. The woman agrees and leads them around back and the kids try to go in too. She goes into the room and then acts like she doesn't know what they want. They explain it’s drugs and guns. John finds a sack with 10 big bags of black tar, $250,000 - $300,000 worth. John tells Celeste she did a good job, but he was worried. Sgt. Loren Caddy goes to a bad accident. Traffic is blocked off everywhere, fire department has the jaws of life, EMS arrives, life flight takes one off and the second person is dead. There is also a young girl in the crash., she is 6, going by ambulance. There were four women in car, the driver is DOA and her feet were pinned under gas pedals. There is a set of teeth on the dash. A witness says he was behind the brown Toyota that got hit...


Portland, OR 6

October 28, 1989

6 (911 Call Domestic Violence) Multnomah, Co - 11:14 AM - Deputy Chris Peterson takes a call from a mother who says her 16 year old son is pushing her around and no weapons are involved. He gets there and talks to a couple of guys on the street who say the kid is over there under a car. Then Chris drives as they stand on the car two blocks looking for the kid. Mom says she has no idea why he's like this. Chris asks if he's on drugs. She says no, he flipped out ever since his dad went to jail. (9:22 PM) He's still chasing the kid and wants to arrest him for assault for beating up his mom. They finally catch him and a bunch of cops grab him. He has a long mullet and says they are hurting him and calls for his mom. His mom is right there and doesn't want them to arrest him. Chris yells at her not to call the police if she doesn't want their help. In jail he says he didn't run, didn't resist arrest and didn't know he was under arrest. He asks why do they think they were chasing him. (Neighborhood Dispute) Dennis says his kids saw a boy named Mike shooting a BB gun last week and then today the window on his truck was shot out. Chris goes over there and the dad says no one saw him do it. Mike says he has a BB gun and shoots it in the backyard, not at his house. He might've shot a tree, it bounced off and broke his window. Dad offered to pay for it and went to talk to him. The wife says he refused to pay for it and it's not true, that's why the police are here. He tried to plead with Dennis to pay for it and he declined. It's the wife. Chris says Mike admitted breaking it and they should pay. He says he tried. Dennis says he wants them to take the BB gun away. Chris says they are all nice about it and Mike has probably learned his lesson. It’s going to be a long, hot summer and they need to get along. (Tactical Detail 6:45 AM) Det Sgt. Tom Seipert says the car is the deal today, V1 is primary, V2 is stolen and has been gone a few days. They have mugshots of James E. Whipple. He was arrested for burglary a week ago and drives like crazy. If they corner him he'll get spooked and dump the car, rob 2-3 houses and has no fear of getting caught. They watch him get in a brown car, go into a pawn shop and come back with beer. (8:35 AM) Detective Pat McGuire calls a judge and wants to file a search warrant for James. He has seen him today, is an active residential burglar, has been arrested recently, he’s seen him drive 2 cars, another guy drives the van for him, both cars are stolen and wants a search warrant to arrest them. (10:37 AM) They suit up to get him and all go in a van except for Tony & Gary who will go around the back. It's a drug house, so expect drugs and weapons, he might be armed, be careful. They smash the door in and get two guys and a girl on the floor. James is in the basement. He says he won't make any moves and has no weapons. Then they find another guy and take James outside to search him. He gets unauthorized use of a vehicle, two counts of auto theft and two counts against Stanley. He says they followed him around a couple days, so why did they allow him to continue, if he was breaking the law? So they could get him with bigger crimes. He says yes, but he makes it sound like he encouraged him to break the law. He didn't suggest he break the laws, he did it on his own. North Precinct Street Patrol - Officer Becky Wooten goes to a call of a guy with felony warrants running through a lot. She goes through huge bushes to get to the guy. He's a wild looking black guy with no shirt, says it's police brutality, it's not cool and to get his mother at 308 and to have her follow him. They say his mom's in jail and to get in the car. He asks why, because he's a chump? They have to clean up because of the bushes and the guy does drugs. (911 Call Domestic Violence) A woman calls that a man has a deep wound and hangs up. They go into the house since the door is open and a black mom says her son stabbed him. The mom says they...


Portland, OR 7

November 04, 1989

(12:48 AM Traffic Stop) Multnomah County Sheriff's Department - District 30 - Street Patrol - Deputy John Blackman pulls over a car for not signaling and the car won't stop. He runs all over, turns his lights off, pulls into a driveway and bails out. He is caught in a field and says he hasn't been in jail for a long time. His license was suspended and says he could be the Green River Killer. He is paranoid and was just trying to go over the Railroad Tracks and not bottom out that is why he was driving screwy. Sgt. John Bunnell hides a bag of heroin in a room to test a new K9 who is with Deputy Lee Houston. The dog finds it and is given a ball reward. Narcotics Task Force Briefing (8:00 AM Makes a Call to Middleman) - Deputy Lane Sawyer tapes it. At 9 AM he takes $17,000 to make a buy. He meets with a guy and a girl in a truck to make the deal later. (11:45 AM Drug Buy) They meet for the buy and bust two Mexican guys at 125th and Division with a kilo of coke. (12:15 PM Middleman Arrest) They go back to the trailer to get the dirty, bearded man. He is pissed they arrested him in front of his kids. (10:22 PM 911 Call) A young boy comes out to meet Sgt. Loren Caddy to say his dad Bob pushed his mom. The woman is on the floor and not breathing and Loren gives CPR then one of the Cops grew gives CPR again and again until paramedics take over. They take her top off and defribulate. The husband is freaking out about being cuffed. He says she was drunk and came at him with a knife and he kicked her in the chest. Paramedics load her into an ambulance and see no wounds on her. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.


Portland, OR 8

November 11, 1989

(911 Call Domestic Violence) Multnomah, Co - Deputy John Blackman goes to a house at night next to a school and walks up to knock on the door, but it is open. They find blood on the doorstep and a woman crying who says he's in the back bedroom. They arrest a man who said he didn't do anything. They say his wife is bloody and crying. She wants to press charges then he wants to press charges. He says it looks like she was screwing the neighbor to him. John yanks him out the door and the suspect says he's twisting his arm. He says after what he did to his wife he doesn't really care. He says he didn't do it. John supposes she fell down. The fire department arrives to check her out and she has lots of swelling, might have a concussion. She asks how bad she looks and wants to go over and slap him because he knows what he did to her. They says she can't, but he does know what he did. She cries and gets loaded into the ambulance. John says she needs to file a restraining order, get a divorce, its assault and to take care of it on Monday. (One Week Later) They are going back to the same place. John asks what happened this time. She says the same thing as last week and asks if he's the same cop as before. He is. The suspect is hiding outside. He says he'll go look for him and finds him hiding in the weeds. He's arrested , says he wants to press charges and has blood on his face. John dumps him over the fence and he crashes hard and moans. He told him to roll over, but he didn't listen. When he sees his wife he goes for her and they have to push him away and are tired of playing games with him. He says he wants a minute and they are getting involved in something they shouldn't be. She comes along crying and wanting to talk. A female cop tells her to get back in the house and has to lead her away. They put the guy in the car and he says maybe he can talk to her after. He still wants to talk to his wife. He ripped John's shirt and tried to kick him. He hit his face on the door running out when Officer Van Dyke arrived. They tell her she needs to file paperwork on him, maybe that way he'll get counseling, he needs it, he also needs to dry out. Officer Harry Jackson talks to a black prostitute. She says she's going to a friends'. He wants a note from the friend. She hasn't been arrested, but has been out on the streets a long time. (North Precinct Street Patrol) He goes around the corner and finds the girl standing there. He's mad she lied that she was going home and she's just standing there. Victor the pimp comes walking up and Harry knows him, he's looking for his lady. He just came jumping out of the bushes. He says he sent Arlene home. She says she doesn't know him. Harry then spots Michael the pimp hiding in a doorway across the street. He knows him too. She says she's with him. He waves at Harry and Harry calls him over. He asks Michael if he made her work and she's all smiles. Victor takes off and Mike says she is her girlfriend. Harry wants to know why he lets her stand on the corner while he watches. He says she's making money. Harry asks why doesn't he go work and make money. He says he works. Harry says he's a jealous type that wouldn't want his lady doing freaky things with strangers. He asks how he could do that to do her. He says he can't force her, she does what she wants. Harry says she's been out there 4-5 months and he hasn't arrested her, she's overdue. He feels bad about it. Mike wants to know when he's not working. Harry says everyone asks him that and he sends them away. Homicide Division Murder Investigation (9:40 PM Sunday) A victim tried to run away and was shot, then another victim was shot. They talked to the unit manager and they went to University hospitals. Detective Ed Herbert talks to a female witness whose face and voice are hidden who says they were on a patio telling jokes and Preston came out, pulled a gun and shot Paul through the head and blood came out both sides of his head. She then cries. Ed...


Portland, OR 9

November 18, 1989

(7:45 PM Gang Violence) North Precinct Roll Call - Officer Harry Jackson is with a group in the gym who is told if the press confronts them about the National Guard, don't say a word, refer them to the chief's office. They leave and Harry goes to a call of a fight where someone is bloody. John has a bloody face and is wearing a Van Halen 1980 ringer tour shirt. His wife says guys grabbed bats and sticks and beat him. His brother was there too, he said they told him, "don't f--k with the Crips" Their car is destroyed, all the windows are smashed and there is blood on the roof. A group of kids got in front of him and when they stopped they were attacked. The older brother has bad bruises on his back. The one that got it the worst rode up on his bike to help. The wife and her 10 year old were in the car. Harry drives to a known gang area and there are a bunch of guys in the street fighting. He asks what's going on, but they says nothing. A big black guy with a backwards hat wants to know why. Harry says he matches a description from the assault. He says he didn't do anything and wants to go see the guy. They bring the victims to ID him and the woman says that's him. He swears he didn't do it and wasn't there. (8:50 PM) At Emmanuel Hospital they go to the male victim who is on the table in a brace. He says bring him in and he'll ID him, he wants him to hang. He says he was running on Skidmore and a citizen stopped, pulled a gun and all the guys chasing him ran and saved his ass. They bring in a younger thinner black guy for him to ID. The victim says nothing until he leaves and says it was definitely him. Afterwards the suspect was charged with two counts of racial intimidation and assault in the 2nd degree. Multnomah County Sheriff's Dept - Sgt. John Bunnell says he has a search warrant for a pot growing operation, the kilowatt usage is really high for the residence, there is no one home and the warrant expires tomorrow. They are going to gently force their way in and not make a big production. (Narcotics Unit Task Force - Warrant Served) In the basement there are tarps up, behind them are a bunch of plants that are starters. In another room there are a bunch of huge plants. Deputy Kevin Peterson breaks the lock off the garage and finds a classic red Corvette inside. John find a locker with scales and a bunch of guns including a .44 Magnum with a laser site. Kevin says he's their kind of guy and he wants the gun and the Vette. They also find a generator and a converter box in the basement. Kevin says the back door was unlocked, so they just walked in. There is also a huge reflector light. They load up a wagon with the bag of plants and tow the Vette away. John makes a phone call to the answering machine at the house. He says, "This is John Bunnell, Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, we just stopped by to say hello, if you have any questions concerning our visit, please call me 255-3600, oh by the way we took your guns, we took your marijuana and your car just so you don't think a burglar did it, but the police have it, bye." (7:20 PM Accident Investigation) East Precinct Street Patrol - Officer Lon Sweeney is at 87 and Ellis. A brown firebird hit a big postal mailbox and ran. He checks it out and finds a needle. It turns out the front of the car hit a telephone poll. Witnesses say he ran through the hedges and might be right there. His license plate is 299 CAR. They call a K-9 and ask a man in his yard if he saw anyone and he says absolutely no one. They find Raymond shirtless hiding under a car. He comes squirming out like an alligator and is cuffed. Lon asks him why he did that, he says he doesn't know, but didn't do it on purpose. He says please don't let the dog get me. It keeps barking, but doesn’t make a sound. He tells him it has laryngitis. Ray left the car because he got scared. EMS arrives to look at him and he says his ribs hurt, not sure what you call it, he jumped out of the car while it was still moving and the...


Portland, OR 10

November 25, 1989

(8:10 PM Armed Suspect Call) Multnomah County Sheriff's Dept - Sgt. Loren Caddy takes a call and goes to his car. Officer Lon Sweeny gets his supplies and goes to his car. Both respond to a kid seen with a shotgun in a blue bag. Lon gets there first and hops a couple of fences along with a state trooper. He's at 3537, but can't see him. Loren spots him on Bush and pulls in a driveway and goes over two fences with his gun drawn. Lon tells people to go inside. Loren catches the 15 year old white kid, Stacey, in aquamarine pants after he dumped the gun. Lon goes back with some other officers and finds a sawed off shotgun in a duffel bag with a butane torch. It is loaded and he jammed it. He is questioned and says he didn't run away from home, but he did run away from a boys home two weeks ago. He's been arrested for robbery 2, theft 1. They say you usually don't find kids with shotguns. Because it is Remington if you don't know how to use it, it jams. He says he'll shoot a cop if he has to. They are glad he said where the gun was so a kid didn't get hurt to keep that flame going. (Narcotics Task Force Informant Briefing) Deputy Jerry Hill talks to Lane about what he's comfortable with to catch a dealer friend of his. He says he hasn't dealt with him for a while and drinks out of a Batman cup. (5:45 PM) The man makes a call asking for 4 and they record it. He says a young punk kid will make the delivery. He says if white is too hard, he'll get 3 brown. If you ask for over 4 they think it’s the cops because it's too much money. (7:30 PM) Sgt. John Bunnell pulls up in a truck to a Burger King for the deal. It's supposed to be a young Hispanic in a sports car. The signal is the guy left his money in the car and he'll go back for it and take off his shirt. Bunnell spots a white car where Lynn is as he gets out into his black Camero. Jenny is a tall blond in a black dress who exits and comes back. Two cars drive in front and back to box them in behind a movie theater and pull them out at gunpoint. The woman is taken away and the man has shorts and no shoes. He has something big wrapped in his pocket and says he doesn't know what it is, he was just told to bring it there. Bunnell opens it up and it's a quarter pound of black tar heroin. A female is brought over to inspect the woman. She finds a wad of money in her purse and she says it's his and she doesn't know where he got it. She is all cooperative, he is not, so they stop talking to him and say he just fell in a hole with a deep bottom. (Armed Robbery Warrant) Columbia Villa District - Deputy Mark Romanaggi has information that a wanted felon is inside one of these apartments. Officer Craig Major knows his grandmother and they are going to search her house #8627 first. (7:30 PM) She answers the door with a baby in her arms. She hasn't seen Bill since the last time they were there. She doesn't want them to let him go if they catch him, but she doesn't want him to get killed. (4:45 PM Sister's Apartment) She says there is no one else there, but there is a baby crying. They find cigarettes and she doesn't smoke. She then admits he was just there and ran out. (10:20 PM Girlfriend’s Apartment) Linda says there is no one there. She gives consent to search and doesn't care. They find $900 in cash in her purse. They say it's either counterfeit or from drug sales. They find bullets and Craig calls that they have 5 robbery charges to hold him with to get the bail up so he can't get out. (11:36 PM) They hear he's the Crown Motel on interstate and union. (11:51 PM) They go over to the hotel and spot him leaning in a car on the street and jump out and grab him. He says he's down and didn't do anything wrong as they cuff him. They find a gun in his jacket and he isn't happy. It looks like a .44 and they are happy. He has cigarettes and he says it's peppermint, but it's bullets. He is wearing a Summer Olympics 84 shirt and says his friend loaned him the gun. They say to save it until he's...


Portland, OR 11

December 02, 1989

(911 Call) Multnomah County Sheriff's Department - A man in a truck makes a call of not seeing a gun, but three people were shot. Deputy Chris Peterson says it's a confusing call, a Hispanic man left the scene westbound on Holgate in red shorts and EMS is on the scene. Inside they give CPR to one victim as Life Flight arrives. Chris goes into the ambulance to talk to a victim. He says 25 year old Alvarado Alvarosa shot him. A woman is brought out on a stretcher. Deputy John Blackman heads to the scene to help with the perimeter. A woman says Sergio is a witness, not the shooter and they are looking for him. They go through a yard and find a bunch of pot plants. A woman says Sergio is inside sitting on the couch, he's her boyfriend who was running, doesn't know what he was doing and wasn't outside. They go in and it's totally dark except for the TV. They say he was seen running and to come with them and no one knows who the shooter is yet. Sergio says he heard the sirens and someone yelling "Amigo, amigo, shoot me." He went and hid behind a fence to not get shot and it turns out he's innocent. (Witness Interrogation Sheriff's Office) Sergio was to be the fourth victim, but he hauled ass out of there. Sergio speaks in Spanish and says Alvarado came to the apartment, didn't know the girl was living there and asked why he and his friend were there. The girl was dating his friend and he starting shooting 3-4 minutes after he came in. They show him a picture and he says that's him. He's still at large and all three victims died at the scene. Sergio is scared to death he's going to get him. (911 Call Shoplifter) Sgt. Loren Caddy goes to a Safeway supermarket where two employees are sitting on a bald man. He stole cigarettes and the employees recognized him from another store. He has a basket full of Camels and was caught 6 weeks ago stealing steaks. He's gone to trail, but it hasn’t completed. He's a junkie, shoots heroin, has five charges against him including being a habitual offender. If he fought in any way it's robbery. He's sweating and says he’s been shooting up for 20 years, tried to quit a few times and was off it for a week. He works to support it, has a big habit and no family because they left a long time ago. He's going through withdrawal and desperately wants a cigarette. He's 41, never went to jail and started hustling in the last year. He went to work and had no energy, so he would leave at 2pm to get well. The boss doesn't understand. Loren says they want him there to work and he should ask the judge for help. He has a 7 year old kid he wants to get back, but she deserves better. He's been doing it for 26 years and has to steal to support his habit. (4:35 PM) Narcotics Task Force Drug Sting Operation - Sgt. John Bunnell says they are going down the street 30 blocks where the dope is. Once they get there they'll have to improvise since they don't know what to expect. He sets up in a lot and two women walk up that they want to arrest. (6:00 PM) John tells Blinky that they are getting on the bus with their mother. He pulls up on the curb next to the bus and grabs Gina when she exits. She wants to know why she's under arrest. They say she has warrants, is that good enough? She says she's about to pee in her pants now, the money she has isn't hers, Robbie gave it to her to buy drugs, but took off. Gina says she can call Robbie on his beeper and ask him to meet her. She cries, she's going to set him up. (7:15 PM) She can have $600 on her. Special Agent Ed Fisher says if she doesn't get a 1/4 pound she's going to jail. He says Brenda just went to jail from being snitched on. She wants to make a deal and says she's got the money on her. Rocky doesn't have that much, but Joe his runner has it. He'll call her back at that the number. (8:32 PM) She says he's in either a blue B210 or a silver 1988. They go to the deal point and spot a car. She makes a deal, gives the signal, they surround the dealer and arrest him. He is...


Portland, OR 12

December 09, 1989

12 (3:40 PM Street Patrol) East Precinct. People call because they think have a rattlesnake in their yard. Officer Lon Sweeney says it is a bull snake and uses a stick to toss it over their fence. (5:35 PM Racial Harassment Call) Cops go to a skinhead's house to arrest guys who attacked some blacks with baseball bats. A white girl comes home and freaks out that they won't let her in since she lives there. A bunch of skins are brought to jail. (9:41 PM Traffic Stop) Lon pulls over a motorcycle. Bobby stops and then does a U turn and takes off. He gets caught in the dirt and Lon jumps out and pushes him over and arrests him. He knows who Bobby is, but not why he ran. (911 Call Auto Theft) A couple of teenage guys try to hot wire a 280-Z and get caught by the owner. The owner punches the 17 year old thief wearing a Judas Priest in the nose making it a bloody mess. The second thief is Justin Swackhammer who is 15 and is wearing an Ozzy shirt. He stands down the road giving them the finger and egging them on. They catch him and the bloody guy spits on the victim and almost gets punched again. The 15 year old is drunk, spitting, cursing and frothing. (2:40 PM Domestic Call) Ed is a 20 year old man who sniffs paint. He is hiding in his moms' shed with a knife. His sister just died from paint sniffing because she drove over a cliff. They try to help him, but he doesn't want any help. Mom wants him to hurt her so they will arrest him. There is nothing they can do, so they leave. Three weeks later he kills himself.


Portland, OR 13

December 16, 1989

(2:30 PM Traffic Stop) Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Dept - Sgt. Loren Caddy says another officer has a potential DWI under arrest and he needs Loren to breathalize him. A car hat hit a bunch of mailboxes and they went over to check it out and found open containers and Buds on ice in the back. They guy wouldn't talk, struggled and then passed out in the back of the police car. Back at the station the shirtless man won't give his name. He wants the cuffs off, wants to make a phone call and if they treat him like a piece of dog s--t, he's going to act like a piece of s--t. He won't say who he wants to call and already knows his rights. Loren says he has different rights and reads to him about DWI. The guy says they beat him up. He gives him the phone number as 749 and wants the cuffs off. Loren asks him if it's long distance. It's in Salem, he doesn't know where he is. He wants the cuffs off, knows a lot of local people who will reverse the charges, they'll accept it. Loren calls for him and the guy says his name is Zoom Zoom Zim Zam, they'll accept it. He says to arrest him, Loren says he's already under arrest. He asks what's for? He tells him DWI, but he doesn't accept that. He calls Loren a piece of s--t. They say he can have the cuffs off if he goes in the cage, but he doesn't want to go in there. He says he has no address, won't say his weight or anything. Loren tells him to back off, his breast stinks, he has enough and puts him in the cell cuffed. Tammy arrives to ID him. She says his name is Scott, he lives with her and they let him go with her. He warns her of his dinosaur breath, he says he doesn't have a Social Security number, to ask his mother. He is lucky they don't put him in detox. She asks if he's been obnoxious, Scott says no. After he leaves Loren says, "What a jerk." (Narcotics Task Force Warrant Briefing) Sgt. John Bunnell is going to meet the rest of the crew and have a chalk talk. There is a report of five suspects in the house, including R Lu, the female they are looking for. He's going to grind it to a halt in front of the house. They get the battering ram ready with John. (12:15 PM Warrant Served) It takes four hits to ram the door open. John yells to get down and they cuff everyone. She an old woman who says she has a problem with her shoulder and doesn't sell coke, but they find a big baggie of it. She's asked if she works and John says to put “refused to answer.” (4:10 PM 2nd Warrant Briefing) Detective Doug Ross says they are growing 300-400 pot plants. They'll go in nice at first and smash their way in if they have to. (5:21 PM Warrant Served) A barking dog gets in John's face and he threatens to shoot it if they don't pull it off. They find two huge rooms full of pot plants growing to the ceiling. There is also a calendar going back to January with his growing schedule. They seize $8,000 worth of pot. The suspect says he read how to grow it in a book. It's the first time he's grown it, doesn't know any sellers. John says to just arrest him, he's not helping them any. Portland - North Precinct (Street Patrol) Officer Harry Jackson says he wants to see if he knows a whore on the street. (3:20 PM) He knows Mrs. Lynn, who says she doesn't live there and is going to a house to see an old friend. She knocks at the door and asks if they remember her. They don't. She says her mom lives down the street and she used to lay out in the yard last Summer. The wife says we don't know her. She lives on Alameda, but has a friend down the street. She wants to use the phone, she's going to Vancouver street and says, "With you around Jackson, who needs the national Guard.” (4:35 PM) He spots Alexandra McConnell AKA Buffy walking and checks her. He asks what she's doing, if she has rubbers and she's playing Russian Roulette with her life. She says she'll live her life the way she wants, if god wants to take her now, he will. He asks is that how it is? Then asks about the night her nose got rearranged, did she like...


San Diego, CA 1

December 23, 1989

(Academy Graduation) Sheriff John F. Duffy is at the podium and makes the police cadets repeat, "I solemnly swear that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties I'm about to enter." He congratulates them and gives their first order - take that badge off that envelope and pin it on your chest. Then they all cheer. Deputy Bob Frausto says it is a unique place to be proactive in their job, the size is about the state of CT - 43,000 square miles from metropolitan policing to mountains and deserts. Helicopter patrol is a good way to cover rural and metro areas. Astrea Division Air Support (6:52 PM Fugitive Search) They are looking for a 5150, Dave, a psychotic violent subject who was hit with a taser and it didn't stop him. The Marshals went to arrest him, pulled the tasers out and took off. They lost him. Deputy Marshall Scott Hill says they hit him with two fully charged tasers and he fell back, ripped them out, laughed and ran back to his car. He's a white man, blonde, 6 feet tall, 180 pounds. A helicopter spots him near a backyard pool after a woman in the house saw him. Cops pour into the yard to look for him. They catch him and he keeps fighting them. Dave says his shoelace is untied, he didn't try to kick them and tries to close the door. They says he's outnumbered and it’s time to give it up. They hobble him and he sticks his tongue out at the camera. He's going to mental health. Deputy Marshall Joe Sprecco says he was supposed to go to mental health for evaluation, he didn't show up and they came to get him. Northern Division Station House - Deputy Bill Hubler watches cops go through fancy drug paraphernalia they confiscated. He signs in and they show how to use a colossal skull bong and a two pipe bong that doesn't need hands to smoke it. Bill takes his cooler and leaves. (2:47 PM Street Patrol) He goes to a call of a distraught mom who locked her 6 month old baby in the car. They are trying to open the door with coat hangers, the back window is open and the boy in the back is hysterical. They are in the shade, so it's not as bad. Bill works a Slim Jim down the door and gets it open. She pulls him out and the kid stops crying as a crowd of people look on. (7:35 PM Stolen Car Call) A plumber went to a liquor store, left his keys inside his work van and someone took it while he went inside. Real smart. The guy took off on Santa Fe and Deputy Brian Sheets caught him. The driver says he has no registration, but it's his van. He keeps asking what's wrong, says he has no ID, but a guy over there will ID the van as his. His name is Shawn Griffen and he just bought the van. Bill finds Coke cans with drugs in the back. He says he's not suing drugs, but they find meth on him which he says is not his. They go to cuff him and he fights hard. They choke him, he screams like a demon and they tell him to shut up. He tried to destroy the meth, a second offense. Brain asks Bill if he believes this guy. Shawn huffs, puffs, moans, groans and says he can't believe they set him up like this. Bill says he might have more dope in his sock. He keeps moaning and says they’re hurting him, but they are only taking his shoe off. What's it all about? He claims he's got a broken left foot, though he walked fine before. Bill says they can testify to how much powder they saw. Brian uses a credit card to scrape it up on the hood of his car and collects it. The guy tried to jam it down the backseat of the car. He asks if it's his why wouldn't he hide it, they said he's stupid that why. He wants someone to pick up his car. They say they'll impound it and he’ll never get it back. His real name is Walter Bradsure, Bill's arrested him 4-5 times before, but he didn't even recognize him until now. Walt says they've harassed him enough. Bill says he's caught him buying drugs before. (911 Call Stabbing) Northern Division Street Patrol - Sgt. Derek Clark calls Vista paramedics, they have a person down. A woman says someone was stabbed. A mom says a woman...


San Diego, CA 2

January 06, 1990

2 (Eastern Division Street Patrol) Sheriff's Dept – Deputy Bob Frausto says they are going to a shooting call where a girl was screaming on the phone. Astrea Division – Air Support helicopter flies over. Bob runs to the house with another cop and finds a woman crying hysterically. She says she accidentally shot her boyfriend in the gut while playing with a gun. Fire and Rescue comes in and ambulances him off. Deputy Jon Shellhammer lands his helicopter so they can airlift him out. The girl says she was being taught how to shoot the gun and it went off. The bullet missed an artery by an inch. (3:45 PM Traffic Stop) Bob pulls over Dennis, a Hell’s Angel Biker. He tells him to get off the bike and he won’t. Bob asks to see his license and he just holds it up and tells him he knows he has one. He says the Sgt. told him he had a license. Bob says he has been suspended since 8/17, but the computer says it is valid. Dennis says he will beat him up any time, anywhere. (8:37 PM Family Disturbance) A man is trying to get into his house, but his wife won’t let him in. He was supposed to pick her up for lunch, but didn’t and she was embarrassed. She yelled at him, took his keys and stabbed him with a pencil through the window. Cops get his keys back so he can leave. Northern Division Street Patrol – Deputy Bill Hubler takes the call of a Mexican man holding a kid at knife point. (3:05 PM Attempted Kidnapping) They talk to the young girl who said he held a knife to her throat when he grabbed her from behind and covered her eyes. He said if she screams he’ll cut her head off so she kneed him in the private spot and ran. She didn’t see his face though. She takes him to Beaumont where she was walking home from school and shows Bill where he dragged her through the bushes. They find no evidence and since they have no description all they can do is step up patrols in that area. (9:22 PM Restaurant Disturbance) A woman doesn’t want the pizza she bought because it was supposed to be 12 slices and it was only 8 and since they touched it when they cut it she doesn’t want it. The owner says the pizza is the same size no matter how he cuts it. He winds up refunding her money to get rid of her.


San Diego, CA 3

January 13, 1990

3 (Northern Division Roll Call) - Sgt. Derek Clark says the activity is still hot and heavy at 228, if anything goes on please stop, park in the driveway if you aren't busy, make them miserable. Robert who lives nearby has a radio tower and can listen to the police so he knows what's going on. When they go by let him know and he'll come out and throw rocks at the car they are chasing, he's not kidding. (911 Call Gunfire) They pull up and catch a white guy in the dark with a USA shirt. He says he's on his personal property and not doing anything so why are they bothering him? They explain the neighbors heard shots. He says to talk to them instead of him. The stop sign in front of his house has three holes in it and they found spend casings. He says he fired two shots, realized he did something wrong and went back in and stuffed it in the woodpile. They find the large handgun so he is cuffed. His girlfriend asks why they have to do this. It's felony in CA to discharge a weapon in an area where people can get killed or injured. (9:03 PM Traffic Stop) Derek pulls behind a car that sits through a couple of traffic light changes and pulls her over. Kimberly says she was going to a friends apartment. He says they've raided it a few times, it's a drug house. Everyone they pull out of there has drugs, they want to run them all at of the town, they are useless and should be swept out. She looks like a young Samantha Fox, heavily made up with lots of jewelry. She has a warrant for providing false info to the police. She swears to god she went to all her court hearings and cries. They find a bag of crystal meth, a pipe and a wad of cash in the car. She is cuffed and wants to know where they are going to take her. He says to the station. She wants to know where she'll go from there, she's scared, her family doesn't know where she is. He says to a women's facility. She says she didn't do anything, it's in her car. They talk to Ralph who arrives and says someone told him they saw his car getting stopped. She has no license, so they tow her car. He asks the cops if she said the drugs were hers. He says no, but he didn't ask her. They know the drugs are his and he's letting Kimberly take the fall. Kim asks how could he walk away and freaks out cursing him, calling him a jerk and god damn him. Derek says he has no doubt the drugs are his. (11:40 AM Rural Patrol) Deputy John Sheiferth says they are resident deputy sheriffs, they live in the community the serve. There are six other deputies in the rule enforcement program covering 200 square miles. They serve as detectives, an ambulance, whatever needed. (1:28 PM Domestic Call) He goes past Julian's Café to a house where a man has had problems with a guy being drunk and violent. He calls his partner to back him up. The windows on the house are broken out and a neighbor says the guy went nuts, ran off and his wife and kids are gone. They find him out back shirtless and bearded. He says he did it because he was pissed off at his wife. He says he's been there before, why don't they separate? He's been there 30 years, doesn't want to give it up, has been with her since he was 13 and he was 45 yesterday. He'll die with that witch, but he should leave her. They arrest him for being under the influence. At jail they read him his rights. (3:50 PM Traffic Stop) The guy says he has 3 deadly diseases - asthma, pneumonia and emphysema. He's like an older, grosser, dirty Charlie Manson who lives out of his car. He’s trying to get some sleep, trying to get some rest and is tired and sick. His car is filled with junk. He doesn't go to the hospital because he can't afford it. John says he should take up opportunities with the state for help instead of sleeping out there where tourists go. It's an old green car with a truck camper on the roof. He gets the car started and drives off. John says some people get stranded there with no money and they help them as best as they can. (Northern Division Street Patrol)...


San Diego, CA 4

January 20, 1990

(Northern Division Street Patrol) Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Bill Hubler goes in his trunk for cuffs and a clipboard, then puts the cuffs on the shotgun inside. (2:45 PM Traffic Stop) He pulls over a black Z28 with license plate LE WEEZ. The driver Mrs. Anderson has over $9000 worth of traffic warrants and her license is suspend. The passenger Mr. Burton is sucking a lollipop and has no license either. She is pulled out and has no pockets to search and says she knows why she's getting arrested then yells “What?” really loud. He says the tape case and magazines are his and wants to know why they got pulled over. No front license plate. She starts crying in the back. He is free to go so he grabs his stuff and walks away. Bill finds an exacto knife kit in a wooden box, a vial of meth inside, a butane pencil torch and a glass crack pipe. She used to be a model and they find a folder of glamour shots of her posing in lingerie. Bill says she used to be a pretty good looking and she's not anymore. Central Jail - Sgt. Grant Burnett says the advisory committee on adult detentions will be inspecting them, so make sure they polished their shoes, get a haircut and are squared away. He reads off the assignment list for search, P, etc. and they head out. (3:40 PM) Deputy Gene Bursch is assigned to gate duty. The first guy gets one chance to go along with the program. They'll take the cuffs off and if he sits in the room for 4-6 hours he'll get no charges, if not he gets a padded room for 12 hours. They hand out bags to put possessions in. (4:45 PM) They ask the guy if he ever wanted to kill himself, he says yes, but not tonight. He's been charged with oral copulation and sodomy, $60,000 bail. He'll get a chance to post it, but most likely won't be able to. (6:20 PM) A man says they picked him up at the YWCA and they tell him to be quiet and he'll get out in a few hours. He wants to know something. They tell them they don't know anything. He says they are the f--king police, they should know. He and his pregnant old lady have been all over the US with no problem. They say he should stay out of San Diego. They search a guy on crystal meth. They can get violent, paranoid and attack because they think people are out to get them, especially the druggies. He says he slammed and shows where he did it. He sticks it in the breasts of a woman on a tattoo. His heart rate is 104 bpm, he says he's not using though. It's instant exercise. They look in the drunk tank and people are whooping it up. One guy spits on the door. Another guy, Wayne, says he hasn't done meth in a week. They say he's tweaking and lying. They put him in a padded room and he says "Why me?" They smell pot and a small Mexican and a black guy in the drunk tank are smoking it. They pull them out and search them. The joys of alcohol, a typical Friday night. (7:38 PM) Eddie the transvestite is brought in, he's a regular and is wearing a tube top, white hat and looks like a cross between Vince Neil and Cher. He is charged with possession. They check his arms and he has a huge scar where he shot up at 3pm. He says he'll be out in a few hours, maybe more since he looks so cute. They show guys inspected naked in the shower. William is brought in for being drunk. He's down on the floor and says he can get up. He's the Duncan Man and not turn his arm and hurt. Gene tells him to shut up. He won't open his mouth or follow the program. Gene says he's not going to make it. Eddie is fingerprinted. An old black drunk is let out, free again. He says maybe he drinks too much and maybe he belongs in jail. They say they'll see him tomorrow, he says maybe later tonight. Bill says all he had was a couple of beers. He has a bloody fat lip and was beat up. They go to inspect him and he fights and goes down. Three cops are on him and he starts screaming like a girl. They tell him he's heading for the rubber room. He keeps howling and says he'll cooperate. He leaves a big bloody spot on the wall. He says...


San Diego, CA 5

January 27, 1990

(5:05 PM Child Abuse Unit) County Sheriff's Dept Northern Division Warrant Briefing -Detective Mike Radovich says the people across the hallway in #40 are their victims, 2 girls 6-7, thought the suspect was a little weird. He babysat them a couple months, then he started molesting him. She could always smell ether coming out of his apartment and he tried to show her XXX movies, but she wasn't into it. They could smell bottles cooking. They are looking for naked playing cards he showed them, a movie showing a foursome and adult magazine. They are taking everything. Deputy Bill Hubler goes along. (6:00 PM) They pull up with a vanload of people. Inside they tell the people to get facedown. There is a young girl there. Phyllis says they are looking for Mike, she doesn't know where he is or when he's coming home. There's a knife on the couch along with VHS pornos. There's a stolen car in the garage plus a meth kit loaded with needles and some have blood in them. They find the magazines too. If he was there he'd be arrested. (7:45 PM Subject Located) They pull him out of his car at gunpoint. There is also a male passenger in the car. Both are cuffed. He's wanted for sodomy. (Northern Division Street Patrol) Deputy Bill Hubler goes to Fox Point apartments around the back and meets Deputy Victoria Reden there. They go up to apartment #23 and a naked woman opens the door, says her boyfriend John is in the bathroom, doesn't know his last name because she just met him. She puts a red robe on. They have a warrant for John Nickalopolous. He asks what he did now and he doesn't have a gun, so they look for it. Then Bill finds a guy drinking in the closet that looks Jim Martin from Faith No More. He's pissed and glad he wasn't armed, or Vietcong or he'd be dead. John says the gun is in the closet where the guy was, so Bill feels really stupid. The woman points to where it is and he finds it. She says she's sorry and is innocent. Everything went well, it was a 9mm, good thing he wasn't a killer or he'd be dead. God watches over fools and cops. (911 Call Female with a Gun) Someone saw a person hand a gun to a woman who stuck it in her clothes. They grab a guy in a leather jacket and a Motorhead shirt. The girl is dressed like Debbie Gibson in a flannel shirt, gray jean vest and black felt hat. She has a black plastic Uzi toy on her. She says it's her sons as the guy eats an ice cream bar. Bill calls to a cop across the street and asks if he'd shoot him over it. He says yes. The woman says she bought it as a gift for her son. They take the toy away from her, the guy says he guesses he learned his lesson. Astrea Division Air Support - Deputy Ron Cowan is the pilot. They fly to a field in the middle of nowhere and there is a truck there. (5:20 PM Patrol Stop) The truck starts moving and they drop the helicopter down. Deputy Jon Shellhammer goes over and talks to the driver. He has no shirt on, there are 2 tires in the back that he says are his friends and belong to a Nissan. His paperwork is in order so he lets him go. (8:11PM) Back-up Call Drug Investigation - they go to watch the ground units because it's a bad neighborhood. They find one suspect in the bushes. The cops approach him and he runs. They follow him through yards, around in a circle and K-9 gets him until police arrive. It might be an off duty cop the dog belonged to.


Los Angeles, CA 1

February 03, 1990

(12:20 PM Homicide Investigation) Sheriff's Dept Homicide Bureau - A call comes from a man who hasn't heard from a neighbor in a while and went in with the key and found him dead. They find him on the floor next to the bed with a pillow over his face. He was last heard from on Saturday. He's in his 50s and was known to pick up young boys for gay sex. Detective Mike Bumcrot checks around and finds gay video tapes. His friend was worried, called the realtor, got the key and came in. The say it must be someone he knew because she can't get in the building. They find his hands are cuffed and they cut them out. Later an 18 year old is caught in Las Vegas using his credit card. His Mercedes was stolen along with his wallet. They want them to arrest him. He says the 23 year old brother was driving the car. (7:20 PM Homicide Bureau) Detective Mark Cleaves is told the son confessed to his mom, but she won't say what he told her. He went home with the guy and smoked crack, hopes he isn't dead and if he is he wants to kill himself. (3:12 AM Garden Grove Police Briefing) He said he wanted to turn himself in at the Crystal Cathedral in Vegas. (4:30 AM Suspect Arrested) They go and get him. The pastor says he came in wanting to give himself up and he did it. The pastor says goodbye to him and tells him to tell the truth. They were going to go to Reno to get him, but they are glad he came back and it's over. West Hollywood Sheriff's Station (Training Evaluation) Deputy Sean Collinsworth talks to Deputy Paul Terrusa about his second month evaluation. His total score is 2.8, better than last time, but some areas weren't. His broadcast skills are good, but when answering the calls he's not listening. He's the closest unit and he doesn't hear it. The armed robber he took down 2 weeks ago was superb. Uniform and attitude are excellent, his saving grace. If it wasn't for his attitude he would've shot him a long time ago. (911 Man with Gun) The suspect was there before and the victim saw a gun, left and came back. They play a video tape dated 10/19/89 and it shows the guy coming into the tow yard and when he turns to leave they see the gun in his back. They wait outside for the guy to come back and they go in with guns drawn. There are four Asian guys inside and they ask the guy in the white shirt where the gun is. The other three aren't with him, so they let them out. Paul checks him out. The guy says it was a pipe, not a gun. He was pissed because they towed his car. He came out and his car was gone and he looked for it for an hour. He says he threw the pipe out. Sean wants to look in his van. He says OK, but it's not his van. A second guy says he has a BB gun in his car. They find it and it looks like a .45 caliber. The first guy wants to tell his point of view. Sean says his point is mute. They say a fake gun will get him killed. LA County - Sheriff's Dept West Hollywood - Deputy Brian Nelson says he gets a lot of support from his family. They get excited when he gets certain jobs, but they worry too. He's brought his fiancé out with him to see what he does. She puts a lot of faith in him and trusts him because he's got good training. (11:49 PM Assistance Call) A call of 6 male blacks trying to beat up a transvestite comes in. He instead goes to a call of three men detained. Joshua is 19 and has a wool hat over his eyes. They want to see if they are the ones causing trouble. Deputy Brian Hickey is on the scene. His American Express Card says James. He says that was a card he just found a minute ago and was going to throw it away. Brian asks him why he would do that and not turn it in. They call in to find out if it is stolen. He says he didn't use it, but it's a misdemeanor to have it. They check him to see if he has others. Josh wants to know if he'll get in trouble for finding it. He says no, you should call it in or give it to the police. Common sense says he would try to get it back to the owner. Josh is on probation for second degree...


Los Angeles, CA 2

February 10, 1990

(9:00 PM Male Prostitution Stings) West Hollywood Sheriff's Station Special Problems Unit – Deputy Aldo Iturriaga says you know why we are all out here. The city, the gay and business community asked them to come out to arrest hustlers because of the crimes associated with them. They’ll only make right turns and the signal is to put the blinker on. They are going to do it different then before by using a limo. Inside the signal will be to pick up the phone and say, "Let's go to the hotel." Deputy Jim Campbell says to give him time to play the guys as he’ll have to string them along longer than normal. Aldo says once you do the passby turn your radio off and say, “You are going to try to go for it.” They have to stay off Santa Monica and use Fountain until they get something to do it that way. (9:30 PM) Justin walks up asks what’s going on. He says he’s a man of the world, would you like to see a lot of it and get in. He does and says he’s from Sicily. Jim says he comes and goes as he feels as they go on Detroit. He says he’s a working man, charges $60 and can get anything he wants for that. Jim asks what he likes. Justin likes BJs and giving it in the ass. He asks if he likes hotels, motels or the back seat of the car. He says this is good. Jim says he’ll call his driver and they stop, run out and bust him. Justin asks doesn’t he have to have money to be busted? The second guy is a young Hispanic who asks Jim if he’s a cop. Jim says does this look like a cop car. He asks to prove it. How can he prove it? Let him in. He goes to kiss Jim and he freaks out and the hustler knows he is a cop. He tries to get out Jim asks is that a game you lay, he’s a man who moves a lot of money, he doesn’t give kisses, he’s bewildered by it. Do you usually do that, jumping in the car looking for a kiss? Does he always do that? No. He says he looks for something quick, not kissing. He says he finds him attractive. Jim says he hoped he would. He asks about a price and the guy says he’s not interested and gets out. Jim says to send any of his friends over that might be. Then he says this guy is good. (11:38 PM) A guy walks up and gets in. he says he’s Steve and shakes his hand. Jim says he wants to get to the nitty gritty, time is money, you’ve got places to go and things. What are you hustling for? He says he gets different amounts like $50. Jim says what does he get for that. Then a guy comes over to the car and asks if anyone famous is in there. Jim says one at a time. The guy says he likes to give BJs and he doesn’t have a hotel to go to. They go north on Orange to Lexiginton. Jim asks about him. He says he’s 20 and from Ohio. He wanted to come out and get into acting, but he got strung out on drugs. He wants to save up for AA to get off drugs. Then he’ll have his pictures done and get an agent. They pull him out and Aldo says Fred Hennicker says they busted him before. Jim wants the guy who went to kiss him (11:52 PM) Eric D’Angelo gets in dressed in drag. He is from Mexico and tired of it. He keeps talking, then cops bust him and he just stares. Jim says he’s probably a guy. He says he has nothing on him, no weapons, no ID. Do you have a penis? Yes. (12:15 AM) An old guy gets in, says his name is Snake. Jim thinks he’s Steve. He asks his first name and he says Clint. He asks if Jim is heat. He says does it look like it. He says they try anything. Jim asks what’s on the menu. He says for $50 he’ll do anything but S Jim says anything for $50. Then he picks up the phone and says it’s not a good spot. The cops bust him and say he has coke on him, they know him, he’s Earl Jackson, he was just released from jail an hour ago after doing 6 months. They laugh at him and tell him to pick another line of work, he’s not good at this. It’s the 14th time he’s been busted for it. Will he get a bullet, a year this time? It doesn’t matter, as soon as he gets out he’ll be back doing it again. Beverly Hills Municipal Court (9:05 AM Two Weeks Later) Deputy...


Los Angeles, CA 3

February 17, 1990

(Baton Training) LA County West Hollywood Sheriff's Station - Deputy Sean Collingsworth rides a bicycle to work is in a biking outfit. They are going to do an all out assault on the bag 1 at time for 15 seconds. Deputy Paul Terrusa is up first. They egg him on, saying it's a 200 pound thief trying to take his gun away. Sean says it was good. Sean is next and wails harder than Paul and pokes with the baton. They yell to give it a good pop, take it seriously, jab it, he's making fun of your balls. There are all posters of pin up girls on the walls. (12:38 AM Man with a Gun Call) Sean drives up, a boy flags them down and they run over on foot. They cuff Joseph, a long-haired guy in a denim jacket and NASCAR shirt on the ground who says he doesn't have a gun and they woke him up trying to steal his stuff. He says he doesn't have a knife. The park custodian says the guy threatened him, said he'd stab him. They go back to Joseph and he admits he threw the knife somewhere. He asks what he did and why's he being arrested. Sean says he's getting assault with a deadly weapon, work with it. Joe says he didn't assault anyone. They go to take Joe away and he freaks out so they throw him against a fence, down on the ground, he screams wildly that they tried to rob him, they woke him up, why's he being arrested. He keeps screaming and yelling "Why?" They find a Bowie type knife. He asks if the knife is illegal. Sean says no, it's illegal to point it at someone. (1:12 AM) They take him to jail, tell him to take his socks off and sit him in a holding cell. (4:40 PM Street Patrol) South East County Sheriff's Station - Deputy David Halm gets his shotgun out of the trunk, loads it, puts it up front and locks it in place. He says he gets the one gun that doesn't fit. (911 Call Domestic Violence) 5:27pm. He's on Bellflower and Flower. A guy beat up his girl and he went down the street. She got away and is calling from the 7-11 down the road. He pulls in and asks who called. A guy says she's in the van. She says her husband, they don't live together. He lives on passage. She went to his house, buzzed him at the gate and had three bags for the baby. He didn't have his key, got mad, hit her in the chest and tried to pull her wedding ring off. David says they'll have to go back since it's the city of Paramount and get a cop from there. She's working two jobs to take care of the kid, he's not giving her any help and is being a rudie-poo. She went to drop the kid off because it's his turn for visitation and she needs to go to work. They go to the Todds' house and yell to open up or they'll bring the K-9 up. He doesn't answer. David kicks at the door over and over, but the dead bolt holds it. They yell for Todd to come out. They let Chubby kick it a while. Eventually they get in and the dog goes through, but they don't find him. The paramedics are called for her because her arm is swelling up, her ribs might be broken and she's thrilled. They cart her off and say he's arrestible now. (6:17 PM) They get a call from Todd asking why his door was kicked in so they go back to his place. There are a few people inside and they ask where Todd Weiss is. He says he didn't touch his wife, never in his life. They have to go with the evidence they have and see. Bail is $5,000 since it's a felony if his friends want to bail him out. They've arrested him for it before. The law is that if there is any signs of injury they have to arrest and everyone is happy, except for him. Temple City Sheriff's Station (911 Call Domestic Violence) Deputy Patrick Martinez gets ready for work at the station. He says he and Rice are working out the schedule for some reasonable hours. Deputy Ann Brannan goes to a locker and grabs a shotgun. (7:20 PM) She goes to a call at 3642 North Delta of a mother vs. daughter. The daughter says mom has been drinking all day, has no right to, passed out on the couch, she called her aunt and they kicked her out. She went to grandmas, kept drinking,...


Los Angeles, CA 4

February 24, 1990

4 (7:45 PM Shooting Call) Sheriff's Dept. Homicide Bureau - Sgt. Ray Verdugo says they are seeing a lot of homicides, a vast increase. Last year was a record-breaking year in the entire county and this year they are ahead of last year. There seems to be an underlying sense of frustration and anger unleashing real rapidly, people seem to have a shorter fuse and are more angry about lesser things. The wrong look will kill you. He often sees it as fame or infamy. If you can't be famous, be infamous - try to assassinate the president. Be known in your own crowd as the meanest guy or the guy who shot and killed someone. It's a tragedy. If he had the job and the education maybe he could give you the answer why. On patrol he says it is a warm, beautiful night, very comfortable, one of those unfortunate things that brings people to southern California. There is a murder in the Fireside station on Hopper in South Central. Detective Dave Castillo and Deputy Tanya Edwards are on scene. She says the guy and his 6 buddies were dancing and having a ball with their shirts off. Then 8 guys came up to them and told them to put their shirts back on which they refused and a fight ensued between all 14 of them. One guy pulled out a semi-automatic, then another came out. One is DOA and there are 7 injured. The mans body is in the street and they take pictures. His sister ID's the body. Several witnesses come forward to talk to them including people involved and hopefully the suspect, but it's a pipe dream. He's an 18-19 year old youthful looking guy shot dead in the street for no reason. He took off his shirt, was dancing at a party and someone took offense and shot him dead. It's ludicrous, but a sign of the times. A guy at the station says the shooter fired 3-4 shots at Marco. Another witness says in Mexico quite often they take a stand of revenge. If someone kills a good person, they seek revenge to kill them. He is only 15, but would kill him if he had a gun. A man is killed and a cousin will hunt them down. They don't judge, but if they apply customs from another land, this person will get justice if they don't get him first. Some friend or relative will get him. If he goes back to Mexico, they will kill him. (2:45 PM) South East County - Sheriff's Station (911 Call Choking Child) Deputy David Halm takes the call of a baby having a seizure inside a supermarket. An employee has her, but doesn't know what to do. He takes the girl and puts her on the ground. Emily is breathing, that's good. He tells her to stay awake, don't close your eyes. Fire rescue arrives. Her heart is beating, no pupil reaction and she's been sick. They give her oxygen, the mom is crying and they tell her to be calm so the girl doesn't see her and freakout. They put her on a stretcher. (5:20 PM Warrant Briefing) LA County - Detective Armando Rea says it's a who dunnit case. A man was on his roof and saw a neighbor at 2163 Briarcrest with his power tools that were stolen. (5:35 PM Warrant Served) They go to the house and pull out two men, a woman and two girls. The girl says her dad Mike went to a storage yard. In the garage they find a bicycle, weed eater, two heaters, an American toolbox and Christmas lights that were stolen. The victim arrives and carts his stuff out never thinking he would get it back. His grandma gave him the lights. He was in San Diego while his house was being fumigated and he was robbed. The wife has no idea what's going on, no idea about any stolen equipment. Then Mike pulls up and she screams like she's being killed and yells "No!!!" They pull out guns and make him stop. He surrenders and is cuffed. They got them all, it was a good stop. West Hollywood Sheriff's Station - Deputy Sean Collinsworth goes to a cleaner during a full moon wearing a large nose and glasses for Halloween. The cleaning will be ready Friday. He says the glasses tickle. (12:17 AM Street Patrol) Sean wants to get a picture of Deputy Paul Terrusa with a guy dressed as a...


Los Angeles, CA 5

March 03, 1990

5 (11:20 PM Sheriff's Homicide Bureau) A call comes in for two units to respond to a multiple murder shooting of three people at Direct Liquor. A witness says four people got shot. He just waited on the victims, they are dead face down in the street. He's been working there since 1965 and this is the worst thing he's ever seen. Sgt. Rey Verdguo arrives and Deputy Dana Villander explains what happened. Two kids came up, words were exchanged and the shooting started. A guy and a girl went down outside and were DOA. All the shots were fired outside. Two Mexicans were hit inside, probably dead, now removed. The witness was working there behind the counter and couldn't hear outside, but everyone started leaving and he saw what was happening. The guy inside said, "Piru" and they asked why he said that. He went outside, was hit, came back in and fell down. It's a gang fight between B13 and G13 Gardena 13 gangs. Two Mexicans pulled up and they told him they don't bang. They got shot at and two customers were hit on the way out. (1:56 AM Homicide Bureau) Detective Jerry Jensen questions Sherry, a black woman with a huge afro. She was walking out, they were walking in and they bumped into her boy and he asked what was going on. A guy pulled a gun, he called him blood and that was it, he had blood in his eyes. She is trying to remember how he looked, he had a baby face, possibly a thin mustache and thinks she can ID him. Lennox Sheriff's Station - Rey says this is a definite hit from a guy in the South Los Gang. (3:12 PM Homicide Investigation) Three out of the four have now died. They went to the location looking for a Gardena 13 gang member. It's what the one guy said that caused them to open up. What they do know is to talk to kids congregating and see what they heard. (Field Investigation) Two guys say Little Wolfie died and his brother Wolfie went back for justice. They don't know who this guy is. (4:02 PM Crime Lab) They remove a large slug from the dead black female. They have two bullets they want analyzed from a Rossi Revolver, Astra, Colt, or Dan Wesson. (10:11 Monday) They went to the house and retrieved some guns. (1:25 PM Ballistic Lab) One of the guns is a Wesson. They say the gun has no prints, but ballisticaly it matches up. They went to the G13 gang and they said Osvaldo Renrossos AKA Little Wolfie did it in retaliation for his brother's death. Ignacio Morina was only 13 and was going to join the gang and idolized Little Wolfie. They got photos and took it to their three witnesses. The woman ID's him right away and so does another witness. A member of B13 said that night he saw the shooter. He wasn't going to help him and off the record he said it was Wolfie. (One Month Later Suspect Arrested) They pulled by his house, saw his car there, went up to his mother and got him with no problems. In the station there is a Robocop poster on the wall. Rey tells the guy he has rights. He says he didn't do it, but knows about it. Rey said they will verify his story one way of the other and they want to be sure of a murder filing. It's multiple murders with the death penalty attached. He denies it, but all the witnesses say he did it. It's him beyond a reasonable doubt. Narcotic Bureau Temple City Station (8:15 AM Warrant Briefing) Deputy David Busk says they are looking for the same girl from July, red hair, green eyes with 19 & 20 year old sons who are crazy bikers. The drugs and scales should be right inside. It's on Lelee and Pamono. Deputy Art Belmontes says she's been up all night. (8:30 AM Warrant Served) They go up to the white adobe house and the door is open so they don't have to smash it. Penny is still in bed, the sons are up front. She wants to put her glasses on. There is a shirtless man fidgeting there. They are cuffed and she says she only has a little bit of drugs for herself and doesn't sell. They don't believe her since they found baggies. She is 38, but she looks 45, the speed is aging her fast. The find two...


Los Angeles, CA 6

March 10, 1990

(9:15 PM 911 Call Heart Attack) South East County Sheriff’s Station - Deputy David Halm says a woman isn’t breathing on Compton Blvd. It’s trailer #2. EMS arrives, but they can’t get in the door. They hear someone screaming inside. David slams the sliding glass door with his Billy club and a woman screams. He tells her to open the door, it’s the police and is someone is having a heart attack. She says she is now. He’s glad the glass didn’t break. The old white woman says she didn’t call. She was watching TV until 9pm and went to bed. EMS checks her out, 140/100 blood pressure. She asks if that’s high. They say considering, it’s pretty good. It seems a kid called it in, so it was a just cruel joke. She thanks them. (911 Call Drunk and Disorderly) They stop a white guy in a cowboy hat next to a white car. He says he has a license and shows it to David’s partner. The guy says he has had something to drink and thinks about it – a bottle of beer and 3 mixed drinks. He has a Budweiser shirt and sounds totally drunk. Where is he headed? He’s not sure, he’s going to his basement apartment around the corner. He says he wasn’t going to drive. They tell him he better not. He says it won’t happen. He was inside a fast food place and was drunk. No one saw him drive, he says he wasn’t driving, so there is nothing they can do. Minutes later they swing around after getting a call that he drove away. If they find him they’ll arrest him. They spot his car around the corner swerving down the road. He hits a curb and stops. Dan told him not to drive. He pulls him out, says he has no weapons and gives him a field sobriety test. The guy says he doesn’t know if he can, the ground isn’t level. They take him to a paved lot and have him walk a straight line, which he can’t do. They arrest him, take him to the station and give him a breath test. It comes out .202 - double the legal limit. They put him in a cell. The breath is always lower than the blood would be so he probably has a .22 or .23. (7:20 AM Warrant Briefing) Antelope Valley Narcotic Bureau – Deputy Dennis Ingersoll says they want a lightweight meth dealer, male white, 30 years old and the informant says he carries 9mm. Tony takes the back, Carl takes the bolt cutters incase the gate is locked. (7:37 AM Warrant Served) They knock and announce, then bash the door in. There are four people sleeping on the floor of the living room. Carol says she is going to faint, starts to shake and doesn’t live there. The guy with her behind the couch gets up and puts his pants on. Wayne, the owner of the house is cuffed. They have a search warrant. They cuff the other guy too. One cop finds a bunch of ¼ grams of meth wrapped in papers. They bring the guy with no shirt into the kitchen. They hear he’s dealing and he was found sleeping next to it. He says it’s not his. They bring Wayne in the kitchen and ask where the stash is so they don’t have to tear the house apart. He says he doesn’t have a stash and doesn’t deal. He’s told an undercover bought from him personally two days ago. Now he wants to lie to him, he didn’t just fall of the turnip truck. Wayne says he doesn’t want his house torn up, but he has no stash. They’ll tear up every inch of the place until they find it, how are they supposed to trust him? In a woman’s purse they find an 8 ball, crank and a syringe. The phone rings and Dennis answers it. He says Wayne is tied up right now. It’s his boss, he’s late for work. He tells him it’s the sheriff’s department, he’s under arrest. He can come over and secure the house for him if he wants. He doesn’t. Wayne isn’t coming into work today. Lennox Sheriff’s Station – Sgt. Robin Sawyer says Detective Holbrook has info that the Buchannon family ripped off some Columbians on a dope deal and they are going to even the score. The Buchannon’s are arming themselves with automatic weapons and will be carrying them when they go out. If they aren’t familiar with the family talk to Holbrook. (3:29 PM Drive-by...


Los Angeles, CA 7

March 17, 1990

(9:50 AM Narcotics Bureau Warrant Briefing) Santa Clarita Sheriff's Station - They are after Chilo, a Mexican male, 5'5", 19 years old with long modern hair style butched on the sides. He sells ounces of cocaine and carries a mean looking sawed off shotgun. He carries it for two reasons - drug rip-offs and cops. He has a floor plan of his house drawn on a chalk board. John is the ram man, Bobby is the #2 man. If a shooting occurs the paramedics can take him wherever. If they get hit they’ll got to Kaiser. Sgt. Art Reddy listens. He’s kinda wired, so be careful (10:03 AM Warrant Served) The front gated door is open so they run right in yelling, “Freeze or I’ll kill you!” They hear someone go out the back and give chase. There is a storage building in the back that is open and they check it. There is a lot of garbage in the back and a large brick wall he might've jumped. They find the sawed off fully loaded in the closet. They like the gun and it has lots of shells. They also find a bunch of aerosol cans including one Fix a Flat that they unscrew the bottom off and it’s full of three bags of coke. They saw the same thing at their last raid, he’ll be hurting missing all those drugs. The woman there isn’t very helpful. She says she’s the aunt and is afraid because her three year old nephew is with him. (11:22 AM) They cuff her and take her with them to point out where he is. They find him in a small car with two other guys, make a felony stop and cuff him, same with the other two. Then the kid comes out of the car crying and runs to the woman. Caesar in the back is from Mission Hills. They get their paperwork together and go to book him whistling, “Hi Ho Hi Ho.” (12:10 AM Roll Call) West Hollywood – Sheriff’s Station. Steve says the way to the future is community oriented police. Deputy Sean Collinsworth agrees and they’ll use that as a ruse so they won’t go to jail. Two people were walking their dogs and saw the public forum and decided to drop in. They heard several people in the yard and saw the police and K-9s in their yard and asked what’s going on and they yell at them to stay inside and shut the damn door. Deputy Paul Terrusa says he’s been there before yelling in the heat of the moment and later he goes and apologizes. Sean says that’s all they want, it’s amazing how far “sorry” goes, so they wouldn’t be at the meeting. (1:20 AM Traffic Stop) Sean tells the driver to turn the car off and get out. The driver gets out and is very drunk, he doesn’t listen well and won’t interlace his fingers. He says he had only two beers. Sean takes him over for a field sobriety test. He has trouble closing his eyes and putting his head back. Then he has him count and lift one foot and he can’t do that. Sean asks if he has any medical problems. He tries the other foot and can’t lift it for more than a second. He says it’s the first time he’s done this. Sean then demonstrates the heel to toe straight line and he messes up the count. The guy says he’s the cop, he can let him do it over. The guy can’t even put his heels together. Sean says he passed the last test, he’s under arrest and cuffs him. They find a huge machete in the car and the guy wants it, but they say no. The passenger is also drunk and Sean tells him to start walking home. He keeps mouthing off, says he knows his rights and wants to know where his friend is going. They keep telling him to take off, but he won’t listen, so they cuff him. (7:20 PM 911 Call Shooting) South East County Sheriff’s Station – Deputy Joe Villanueva parks and his partner get in their car. He takes the call, 245 - gunshot victim, he’s 30 seconds away. When it starts this early it’ll go on all night long. Chris says they have a traffic accident and a 245, but they are the same call. He almost hit someone, the other guy stopped, he crawled out the passenger side and was rolling on the ground saying he was shot. There is a bullet hole through the windshield. The side is covered in blood, no witnesses,...


Los Angeles, CA 8

March 24, 1990

(7:10 PM Baby with a Seizure) South East County Sheriff's Station - Deputy David Halm races to the Mexican hovel. It is a. asks the sex of the child who can't breath. It is a boy, so he goes to get a blanket,. They put him on the blanket and he cries. He is 5 months old and they think he OD'd on penicillin medication because he's been sick. David says when they get too hot they can have a seizure to fight the heat. They take the baby's clothes off. EMS arrives and the mother says she started giving the baby penicillin on her own. They say she shouldn't do that. David assures them this is normal for a baby. He thanks them and leaves. (9:33 PM Domestic Dispute) David knows the guy, he's on parole and has dealt with him before. The guy tries to go inside and David makes him comes back. They live behind a fenced gas station/convenience store and their fence is covered with beer ads. The guy says Tina took all his stuff, his car and furniture. She says she wants to get her bed and kitchen table and has a friend with her that has a truck to haul it out. She doesn’t want a fight, but he keeps yelling and carrying on. He says she's leaving him with an empty house. Tina says her sister is getting married so she has to do it know. He wants her to get it on Friday and not to leave him with an empty house. The cops let her go in and take her stuff. He's worried he's going to jail and says they took the glass to his coffee table. They stop the truck and the glass is between the mattresses. They say they don't want the glass and cops bring it back. (Narcotics Unit Warrant Briefing) Temple City Sheriff's Station - They have a drawing and a deputy asks if there is a dog there. It’s a house on Pear Blossom Hwy, which is drawn on the board. (4:18 PM Warrant Served) It's 50 off the road. They run out, open a large gate then spread out. There are a bunch of sheds and camper tops from trailers and they find a guy and a woman in a wooden box. Another guy comes out and they give her the warrant to search the place. There is a sign that reads “Attack cat on duty.” The only way to get into their "house" is a wooden corridor connecting the trailers that is filled with trash. The woman gets up and they make her sit down, she says it's probably her husband's brother and her son Mike beat her up. They say it is such a mess that they want her to show them where the drugs are. He can't go back in there because it smells so bad, the worst he's ever found. They find bags, boxes and cups full of drugs. She says she's tried to clean it, but only has one day off a week. There is garbage and boxes piled up all over and they hate it. (10:47 Fight at Club) West Hollywood Sheriff's Station - Deputy Sean Collingsworth finds a group of people surrounding a man on the ground with bandages. A woman says has 25 witnesses who saw a man jump the guy and beat him up. They say his girl went in the club with his ticket and he went to get her and they jumped him. A guy pushes his way up and Sean cuffs him. A guy in a big hat and fringe jacket says Red threw the first punch and he's the one they cuffed. Sean calls for backup and says it was the bouncers who did this, the second one is inside. Fire rescue arrives. The guy is totally bloody and they beat him when he was down. Sean looks for people to go inside to ID the other guy. The victim says they kicked him in the face and he can barely keep his head up. They ask him where it hurts, he says his head. People cheer when they bring the other guy out in cuffs. The bouncers stopped the guy from going in and the manager is the one who started kicking. The Sgt. says the manager is responsible. The witnesses say he only kicked him once. They pull Red out and ask him what happened. He says the victim was thrown out and he came back in looking for his girlfriend. He told him to leave and they fought. He held him down and they victim tried to kick and punch him and the other guys. He hit him and didn't see anyone kick him. So he is...


Los Angeles, CA 9

April 07, 1990

(7:58 PM Suspicious Person) LA County, Malibu Sheriff's Station - Deputy Gary Spencer says Malibu is different than lots of locations because of the greater distance, sometimes it takes more than 15 minutes to get to a call. People are people whether they are criminals or car thieves, it doesn't matter where you work, there's law enforcement to be done. He stops a car and Brian the driver says he's never been arrested before. Gary says he has two kinds of weed on him. Deputy Daniel McCann tells him he's in trouble and he swears it's not his and can show the keys. (10:50 PM Drug Investigation) They have Brian call in to make a deal with his buyer. (11:27 PM) They have him, it's Saturday night, time to go to jail. The dealer is an obese white guy with a mullet in a fancy white pickup truck. He's so big they need 2 handcuffs and might even need 3. They find a wad of cash and high quality cocaine off a kilo brick. The size and type leads them to believe he is a dealer and they write up a search warrant, present it to Judge Lawrence Mira and go to his house. (1:45 AM) They arrive at the judge's house, he signs it and Gary swears on it. (2:40 AM Warrant Served) They bang on the door and get no answer, so they kick it in. They find an ounce of coke in the closet, a shotgun and shells in the bedroom. They started their shift at 5pm and now it's over at 4am. They'll file the paperwork and hopefully be done at 6:30am, get home and start again tomorrow. (4:40 PM Roll Call) South East County Sheriff's Station - The captain says for shoplifting if they are going for a felony to file burglary and theft with a prior and they can get them for 16 months on a first offense. Let them know they are going to state prison so they won't go out and rip off cars. Deputy David Halm listens. (5:40 PM Traffic Stop) David spots a car with no registration. He pulls out Robert the driver who knows his headlights are out. He says he has no guns or drugs, he just forgot to put the lights on. He wasn't putting anything under the seat where they saw him digging, but they find a pellet gun there. He likes to target shoot. They find black face makeup in the trunk. He says it's from Halloween, he doesn't clean his car out much. Dave asks if he's doing any robbery. He says no, but has been in jail seven times. He was arrested for meth, but hasn't done it since the last time he was in jail. He has a massive key ring with hotel keys. He says he just picked them up and collects them. He claims he owned seven cars at one time, but there is more than seven sets of keys. They had a robbery a couple weeks ago by a man in black face. They don't know all the details, so they'll take him in to run him. He claims the makeup is for his kids' costume. (7:15 PM Robbery Investigation) They go to the supermarket that was robbed a couple weeks ago. They find a bagger who was there that night. He said the guy had a painted face and a gun. He didn't see the gun and he also had a fake beard. A woman says he showed the gun in his jacket. It sounds like their suspect so they go back to the station and read the report. The guy left on foot, was wearing makeup, possibly a white male. They are going to book him for robbery. (8:11 PM Multiple Shooting) They are looking for suspects wearing masks who had AK-47s. They picked the suspects out and executed them. David pulls up to a body shop and there is blood and guts on the street. Deputy Eric Stewart was first on the scene. One guys' leg was blown off, another guy was shot in the gut and his intestines came out. Deputy Fred Bertsche talks to one guy. They were watching Star Search, working on their cars, putting a radio in and then the shooting started and he split. EMS comes in and treats people. EMS says the first guy was across the street with an ankle wound, two guys were by the Pepsi machine with one with a head wound and the other was eviscerated, a guy was by the car with his stomach shot open and the fifth victim got over the...


Los Angeles, CA 10

April 14, 1990

(5:06 PM Domestic Violence) LA County - Temple City Sheriff's Station - Deputy Ann Brannan goes to the call of a husband, Carlos, beating his wife. He says she fell. Claudia is Spanish and says he beat her in front of their baby, threw her against a wall, punched her in the face and back. He is in the back with the baby, is searched for weapons and says they can’t get along, she scratched and bit him and he doesn’t want anything to do with her. They explain he can’t hit her like they do in Latino countries and is arrested on a 275 - spousal abuse. They put him in a holding cell at the jail and remove the cuffs. He wants to take pictures of her at the hospital. (9:05 PM Hotel Disturbance) West Hollywood Sheriff's Station - Deputy Paul Terrusa and Deputy Sean Collinsworth go to the call of a drunk at the Sunset Hyatt House on the 9th floor where a guy is throwing chairs from a balcony. A long-haired blonde guy, another guy and a short girl come out. The girl is crying, says she almost got killed. Their room is completely trashed, stuff is everywhere. The blonde guy says there was a knock at the door for Steve and he said he wasn’t there. They kept knocking and 3 black guys rushed him, came in, tied them up and robbed them of their money and drugs. Sean asks why they didn’t say that at first? He says they were scared, the last time they opened the door they were robbed. Their stories don’t match and the management wants them out, plus people saw them throwing stuff. (11:17 PM Shots Fired) South East County Sheriff's Station – Deputy David Halm goes to a hotel and finds two shirtless black guys at a car saying 2 white guys attacked them and said “Niggers get out!” and one hit them with a bat. One swung a golf club at them. David says there is an armed man inside when Deputy Brent Becker arrives. Two guys attacked a Mexican and locked him out of his room. The manager fired at them and cops go inside to get his gun. The man thought he was going to get robbed and they threatened to kill him. Then he says they can stay since the rent is paid. Cops go back to the car and let the black guys go. (11:55 PM Man with a Gun) He stops a car and finds 2 guns in the trunk that were from the hotel in the last call. The black guys got the gun from their car, were going back to the hotel to get the other guys plus two women. Cops find a .357 that belongs to Glover and Tyson. They called their friends to bring the guns so they could kill the manager.


Los Angeles, CA 11

April 21, 1990

(911 Call Possible Assault) Los Angeles County Malibu Sheriff's Station - Deputy Gary Spencer leaves the station with a gun and loads it into his car. A call comes in about a man outside bothering a woman. He's at the door with a jacket and a Walkman on. She wants to know how long it'll take to get there, 5-10 minutes. It’s a possible 5150. The man rang the bell, makes loud complaints and curses. They spot the guy walking with a red bag and they go out to talk to him and he fights so three cops jump him and hold him against the car and cuff him. He says, "Ow! Ow! My little animals, there are little animals in the red case. They look dead, but they're alive. Ow! Ow! Ow! I am a cripblood, I am a god." They laugh at him. He has a long coat, white scarf, orange shirt and a brown turtleneck. He screams they are hurting him so bad, his animals are alive, don't let them take his butterfly and little hummingbird by these pig bastards. He swears to god. He can remain silent, they would prefer it. The butterfly has a number on it's wing “Mail to entomology, natural history museum, Los Angeles, CA.” Gary tells him they look like they are doing a good job of playing dead. His name is Robert and he's on medication. What kind? Anything he wants. His lawyer's name is ouch. They transport him to the hospital for a 72 hour mental evaluation since he is a danger to himself. (6:10 PM Arson Investigation) West Hollywood Sheriff's Station - Deputy Sean Collingsworth says 93 to 95 Tom1 he's taking over the call. Deputy Jeffrey Fine is on the scene. He's training a rookie partner, Deputy Paul Terrusa, so he wants him to take it. Jeff had them all get outside calmly, the fire is contained to the east side of the building and is almost out. Paul talks to the man who runs the building. He thinks it's electrical from the kitchen. He needs to fill it out like a 39. The fire department talks to one of the female workers who says one of the shelves with the cookbooks was on fire. She thought they could put it out, but it just erupted. She takes them into the burned out room to point out the books that were stacked up and on fire. They are to call immediately to say it's possible arson. (7:40 PM Narcotics Investigation) They look for a black guy named Tree and find him on the street. Paul checks and cuffs him. Sean finds some little baggies on him and the suspect says he collects stamps and that's what they're for, also for jewelry. There is meth in the bags, but he says he just found them. He's arrested for a 2020. (8:50 PM) They take him to jail for a strip search. A snitch told them he was a speed dealer. He says he's used and shows his arms. They find a bag taped to the inside of his shirt that has speed baggies in it. This is what they expected. (1:50 AM) Sean says this is Paul's last evaluation. He's rated competent. He's made lots of improvements with codes, rules and procedures, it's his first 3.0, tremendous improvement in all facets of his training. Field performance is excellent, it's good because he's coming inside next month as the watch deputy so he'll be watching him. Congratulations and best of luck. (4:31 PM Patrol Stop) Lennox Sheriff's Station - Sgt. Robin Sawyer tries to stay out there and monitor all the calls for service and make sure they are answered in a reasonable amount of time. He waits for the hot calls and rolls on those, evaluates the deputies on performance and doesn't want them to take unnecessary risks. Out there they do a real good job, everybody enjoys working there. He stops and talks to prostitute who has been beat, robbed and shot. She says no one's done that. He asks if they don't pay is it rape. She says no, she always discusses payments in advance. She's on a crutch and her left foot is in a cast. They shot her and robbed her of $1100, then the next time they took $400. She didn't know she was shot, she heard that a bullet wound doesn't hurt, but it hurt. There was a hole in her shoe, it went through the first...


Los Angeles, CA 12

April 28, 1990

(11:20 AM Saturday) LA County Sheriff's Department Homicide Investigation - George calls the police to say his wife is lying on the floor it looks like someone broke into his house and stabbed her. He didn't check the body to see if she's breathing. The dispatcher tells him to check. She's dead in a large pool of blood. He called into Lakewood Station at 8:33am, said he woke up and found her. Lt. Joe Brown investigates, talks on the phone and has a theory about it. They check the closets and the fridge, but there is no alcohol in the house. They talk to the neighbor. He's known them for years, they have no problems and he saw them a few days ago to pay the rent. He has no idea why someone would want to kill her. They check the stab wound and see it was a large wound that must've been 12 inch knife. They roll her over and to take pictures. They load the body up and the blood is leaking through the sheets. They find the murder weapon and there is nothing stolen, nothing ransacked. The husband was home when they got there. They are going to talk to the husband and stepson at the station. (2:38 PM Homicide Bureau) They ask George his story. He usually sleeps late, but he woke up early. She was already up, so he decided to get up. He's slow to get dressed and took five minutes. He opened up the door and she was lying there in a pool of blood. They say there is a problem, something happened this morning. They all know he murdered his wife and he can't face up to the fact that he did it. Something happened to make him mad. How did the blood get on the top of his shoes? He says he doesn't know what it was, it was there for days. He thought it was her paint or Crayolas. (4:46 PM Homicide Bureau) They ask if he washed his hands after finding her. They take samples from between his fingers to see if he has blood stains. If it's positive it'll change to purple or pink and it won't matter if he washed his hands. His hands are very sweaty and he says it's from his medication. She continues to swab his hands. It's not a specific blood test, it's presumptive to allow them to investigate further. They pull out his shoes that have red on them as well as hair and possible brain matter. They talk to the stepson and ask if George is capable of harming his mother. He doesn't know, she met him when he was 5 and he's 18 now. He's never seen him get mad, he raised his voice once in a great while and he's a soft mellow person. He wants to know if someone else besides George stabbed her. They don't know. He wants to know where she is. They say at the coroner's office. (1:10 PM Tuesday) Crime Lab - It turns out she wasn't stabbed, she was shot in the back of the head and it shattered. They want the shoe analyzed for brain matter. He told them that he approached he wife from behind between her legs and touched her from the back, but the pool of blood was by her head. She analyzes the Reebok tennis shoe in a lab. There was no exit wound. She puts the shoe on a microscope and they wonder about the power. She says the red is clear like strawberry jam, certainly not blood. His story is going to stand, maybe she let someone in. They'll have to get prints from the knife, maybe she stabbed the suspect and he stabbed her. She brought a knife to a gunfight. (2:30 PM Friday) There are no prints on the knife and no motive for the husband. It could've been a rapist or an opportunist. George says when he went to call 911 the phone was unplugged. He had to plug it back in. It's always plugged in because he has a recorder for the rental properties he owns. Maybe someone got in with a phone company uniform. Temple City Sheriff's Station (911 Call Assault with a Deadly Weapon) A woman calls about an attack from a man in a green Jeep with a white top. He just got on the freeway and they go to look for it. They spot a pickup truck heading west with a bunch of junk in the back with a tarp over it. There are three people in the truck, one child. It's heavy traffic so they...

Season 3


Minneapolis, MN 1

September 15, 1990

(3:35 PM Officer Assistance Call) A code 3 call comes in. Sgt. Larry Wilens responds to it on 46th street. The suspect is barricaded. Officers tried to serve a warrant to 63 year-old Kenneth Lynn and he shot at police twice through the door, but missed them. (Tactical Team Briefing) Deputy Chief Doug Smith says they asked Ken to come out to talk to him for neighborhood problems – smell and trash. They are trying to make contact with him and find out from neighbors if anyone else lives there since he could have hostages. The teams face is covered, they are inside perimeter, they can use gas on him if necessary. If he has a long rifle he can get them. They have to stay back and use high risk entry tactics. The team has to survey the house, will be close enough where he could hit them with a rock. (Negotiation Team Command Post) Neighbors stated he suffered a head trauma injury in WWII, but has never been to the hospital for mental illness, he has very poor eyesight, cataracts, heavy smoker, emphysema, bronchitis, hasn’t drank for 13 years, but if he’s drinking again he’ll be very hostile and, negative. He just was in detox 2 weeks ago – a good sign he’s been drinking again. His personal info is on the board “DOB 8/20/27 or 29, divorced, ex-wife Mildred (lives with Gail) alcoholic who gets hostile when he drinks, has 4 children.” One cop knows him, didn’t know he was a problem. Sgt. Charles Resch says he’s a loner, has 3 or 4 old cars, his mom died 8 years ago, he’s kind of weird. The cop who was shot at says it went right between them, splinters of the door hit him. Officer Rick Stanek says he has a 300 rifle, 3-4 shotguns with ammo, a German Luger, 38 & 45 revolver and a 25 automatic according to his son. Two weeks ago he called in for a report and they took him to detox instead of taking a report so he’s mad at the cops. They get a call of an attic. Cops back up with blast shield, they run behind a car, stay low. They hide behind a car, want to get close to shoot gas and others wait next door at 4800. They want to negotiate, get him on the phone, if he won’t answer they’ll throw in a phone. Anything to talk him out, gas is the last chance, no turning back then. Sgt. Robert Gretton explains about the phone they are throwing in that will go back to the team directly to negotiate with them. The team goes up heavily armed with a shield, one smashes the window with a crowbar and the next tosses the phone in a bag. They call at 4:44 PM that it is in. They beep it from the station and Larry calls for him to pick up. Outside they call in to pick up the phone. Larry wants to help, tells him open it up and pick it up. He picks up. He doesn’t blame him, they are both sick of listening to the beeper, what’s going on? He can hear him. Then he hangs up. (6:25 PM) He said he’s sick of the beeping and cut the line. Officer Dave Mattson is outside in camo gear. They want cold beers, fresh women and a pizza. Larry calls again. Sgt. John Hennessy says to be very authoritative, this is what they want him to do, no more playing around, for his own good. (8:08 PM) Larry tells him he has to talk to him. Ken says he had to tend to his dog’s foot and put peroxide on it. What’s all the yelling about? They want to talk to him. He says they like to hear themselves talk it’s so loud. Larry says it’s been an hour and half since he talked to him. People are going to react to him. What is it going to take to get him out? He wants Cordell and Ruben Johnson. He says Cordell is there. He says he’s not. That’s what they tell him, he can’t come on though. He won’t trust a cop, it’s like trusting Dillinger. Larry says if he puts Cordell on will he come out. He might. If he does something for Ken he has to so something for him. The team outside creeps around to get drinks and come back, knees are killing them and they are thirsty. They cut his power. He doesn’t give a crap, doesn’t need it. He needs him to come out, he has people lined up. Are you afraid of...


Minneapolis, MN 2 - Rookies

September 22, 1990

(Police Academy Survival Training Exercise) Cadet Mike Looney says to get out of the car with his hands in the air. He wanted to be a cop since he was a kid, maybe he's naïve ,but the fact you can help people is a noble position to be in. Officer Wes Edstrom supervises as he gets out of the car at gunpoint, cuffs and searches a guy. Mike is told to keep the back door open while searching them and put their feet back and head on the trunk to keep them off balance. When you go down to search don't go on your knees or they can kick you. It's looks good. (Practical Exercises Lab) Sgt. Dave Martenz draws on a board about the training, they can film them from all angles. They can see if they have it or not, how they treat people, if they have a bad attitude. He's not looking to scare them or drum them out, he wants it to be a positive experience. They are going to a bar scenario. The actors are real cops using lines they've all heard in the bars. Dave says he's heard it over 12 years while he watching, it's real interesting. The bartender says he's having trouble with drunk customers and wants them out. They try to talk to them and say why do they have to leave. It's their bar, they want them out. One woman fights and they throw them out. Then they find a gun on one guy and he claims he has a permit and wants to show it. He tries to get him to put the gun down as his partner holds him at gunpoint. They hold him back and he fights because he doesn't like to be restrained. He says he can walk out on his own. They say OK and the guy runs out. He comes back in with a gun and says for the cops to let her go or they'll get shot. They both run out. That's two in a row they screwed up. Dave says if they can't win don't go forward. (Cadet Graduation) They have to swear in and are official housing patrol cops in a large ceremony. Mike kisses his gum-chewing wife. (Roll Call) Sgt. Thomas Kerns reads out the assignment. 510 is Laplant and Zurwas, 520 is Hirsch and Looney. Mike was top man in his class and got the William Perry award – they are goofing on him. Talk to the Sgt about it. (8:40 PM) Officer Mike Looney says it's his first day. (911 Call Street Shooting) A black man in blue jeans, a blue hat with A on it and a black t-shirt is the shooter. Greg is driving him on his first day. Tom says she's all yours. They drive around looking for the guy and finally spot him. Mike holds him at gunpoint, Greg searches him and says he's sweating like a racehorse. The suspect asks what that means. He's cuffed and says he matches the description of a shooter. Where was he? He was at his girlfriend’s, cousin’s house. He turned away because he's scared out the police, not going to lie. His cousin lives right there at 206. They go back to the cordoned off scene to ID him. Officer Greg Hirsch says the hat is a Wrigley field diamond which looks like an A (9:10 PM) The ambulance is working on the victim with two gun shots in him. A witness with long dreadlocks says he saw him when he was sitting in front of his house and ID's him. It was a shooting at a crack house. The suspect was chasing the victim in his car, he hit an innocent car, crashed into a tree and the guy jumped out and shot him three times. He has a bunch of rock on him, might be a drug deal gone bad. The shooter gives him three different stories – he was watching TV with his girlfriend, then can't remember the show, then wasn't watching TV. (10:31 PM) The suspect is brought in. Mike says for the first day it feels good, after the years of college and school, now it starts to pay off. On the first day you want to catch all the bad guys. (4:35 PM Assistance Call) He says all rookies get in a mind set like they are going to change the world. One cop told him you aren't going to change the world, just go out and make your little dent. After 20 years there will be someone behind you to do the same thing. A call of a confused elderly lady at a downtown store comes in. The woman says she missed...


Minneapolis, MN 3 - Women Cops

September 29, 1990

(8:13 PM Domestic Disturbance) Third Precinct - Officer Janee Harteau says the main reason she became a cop because it was challenging, not a controlled environment, you deal with all kinds of people from all races and all levels of poverty from rich to poor. It's different, but everyone's the same. It's easier to talk to people when you are a female. They were brought up to talk first, physical next. Officer Holly Keegal has a blonde short puffy mullet and says originally was going to be a teacher, but took some law courses and really enjoyed it. She took more classes and decided to pursue law. They go into a backyard and there is a dirty white guy with a heavily stained shirt sitting there. He says he lives there, looks drunk and has trouble standing up They lead him around front to search him, find nothing, put him in the car and he flips out. He curses at them and says he didn't break any law and won't fully get in. The woman in the house says he's her brother. He's an alcoholic, one of the nicest guys when sober, but when drinking you stay away from him. They go back to him and he says "take it easy, I don't care who you are, what are you trying to do, why don't you stop?" They want him out so they can cuff him. He struggles, goes down, his shirt comes up and he tries to roll away when they go to cuff him. Holly puts her knee on his head. He curses them and says something about them failing training. Janee says it doesn't matter that they are women, they aren't messing around. They aren't getting away with it. On their off time we see Janee playing the drums with black gloves while Holly plays the keyboards in the garage. Holly took piano lessons for a little while, but gave it up to play sports. She can't read music, but plays by ear. She wears short pink shorts and a Guess top. Janee sings, she was in a band, so they got together and thinks they can really do good some day if they pursue it. It's a great stress reliever away from the job. (10:03 PM Theft in Progress) A young black kid was seen running. They pull up and Holly runs out and catches him. She stands on him and cuffs him. He was on a motorcycle and she brings him to the backup unit and puts him in the car. She goes back to the Vespa scooter. Sgt. Tom O'Rourke arrives as their car is making all kinds of noise. Holly explains the screw is off on the air conditioner. There were four of them, but they only caught him. He's a juvenile and will be booked for theft. A full jail is a happy jail. (3:21 AM) 911 Call Residential Robbery - Officer Pam Elius says it's quite a job, not anyone can do it, no other job is like it. She couldn't do anything else and wouldn't want to do anything else. Where else could you work 8 hours a day and have fun? A black man fled a house he robbed with a gun. They go to the house and the victim is an old woman who is terrified. She was sleeping and the guy came into her room and covered her mouth, she's worried her mouth is swollen. Officer Charles Teneyck writes her story down. Pam gets her water. Her mouth is fat and she tastes blood. He went through her purse, took her keys, told her he needs money because his kids were hungry. She went to get her purse and wouldn't turn the light on, but was afraid he would attack her. He came in the back window, but she only had $1 in there. She didn't hear him, he left out the back door and gave her the keys back. Pam checks the window and the screen is cut. She hopes with the info she gave them and the jewelry he stole they can track down the piece of scum. (4:47 AM Vehicle Fire) They go to a yellow van that is burning up as fire and black smoke are pouring out of it. They find a guy nearby and check him out. She moves the car away in case it blows up. She gets out to talk about blocking traffic and there is an explosion. The Fire Department arrives. Pam hopes there was no one inside, she called but got no answer. The guy says he and his girlfriend live in the van and are homeless, she lit a...


Minneapolis, MN 4 - On the Home Front

October 06, 1990

(5:26 PM Sexual Assault Call) Third Precinct - A call comes in from a woman who says her 11 year-old daughter has been raped, it just happened and the suspect has left the scene. Officer Dan McShane and Officer Paul Cottingham go up to the house and say her they don’t know where it happened, have no suspect info and will take it as they get it. They walk up to the dirty house and the TV is blaring. Macy the girl says cousin Randy was going to take her to McDonald's and Freddy would pay for it. Freddy told her they would go around the corner, he’s someone they know and trust, a friend of her aunt and he's 35-40. He told them to get in the car so she got in the back and he told her to come up front. They went to McDonald's ordered food and he didn't pay for it. He told her to come in his car and sit up there, she said no, she was going to go to McDonald's and he said no, but they went anyway. He wanted to go to the movies, she said they couldn’t do that and he started the car, she wanted to go home, he parked and asked her to show him something. She says she didn't have anything. Then he said he would show her something. She said no. Did she know what he was talking about? Yeah, his private parts. He started driving, almost crashed and she yelled. He put his hand on her leg and she started crying. He said you are scared huh? Macy and her mom then cry. It will be molestation and they will turn over to child welfare. They will get back to her, they take it very serious. Avoid contact with Freddy, they'll get back to them, it could be something he does often. She did the right thing by telling her mom, she was very brave, a lot of people don’t tell, otherwise it could go on. Stay away from him, it's a bad scene. (Roll Call) Fifth Precinct - Officer Don Bautista says they had an unusual burglary last night, all he did was go through the woman's underwear, sexual in nature. She is a counselor from St. Mary's chemical dependencies. He was discharged on Monday, has called and left her a message on her machine. He works at a Pizzeria, is a 20 year old white male, they'll talk to him tonight and see what his story is. All he did was take her underwear out and did what those type of people do. (7:45 PM Burglary Investigation) They go to Ribizza looking for Ben, he isn't there, but will be back in 15 minutes. He’s wearing a white t-shirt and dark shorts. They get him when he pulls up and detain him. He's curious as to what is going on. There was a burglary on 27th & Xerxes last night while he was working to someone he's familiar with. He says Tracy is the only one she knows living there. He has surprised her when she was sunbathing at home and on the beach. He says he said hello to her at the beach and she was expecting him at the house. He's been in her house before with her, with her permission. It's just an interview, so he's let go. He goes to see Tracy. She says she didn't call Ben and didn't make a date with him. He tells her what Ben said that she made advances towards him. He knows this is false. There is no relationship between them. She says "oh, god" about her dating him, he must have quite a record. He says he has no record and checked around the world. She asks if he thinks Ben will do something. He can't guarantee that. When she comes home, open the door, don't go in, wait, listen. Don't go anywhere alone, bring people with you. The guy is a wacko, you've read the papers. They have probable cause to arrest him and goes back to Ribizza to look for him. He goes in and finds him in the back. He is searched, cuffed, taken downtown and mirandized. (7:17 PM Domestic Violence Call) Third Precinct - Officer John Billington says it seems whenever you get alcohol and drugs in the picture it gets worse. Lots more domestics lately, whenever force is used on people living together they have to make an arrest. Officer Steve Setzer is his partner. They get a call from a woman saying her husband is smoking crack in the house and she...


Minneapolis, MN 5

October 13, 1990

(2:15 PM Riot Control Briefing) Deputy Chief Doug Smith says the Skinheads, Lawyers Guild and Woman against Military Madness will be in the demonstration at 3:30 PM by the federal building. Expect 300-500 people. They don't have a parade permit, won't disclose it so they’ll go in private to discourage and provoke the police. They will provoke by spray painting things. If cops move in they will throw rocks at them. They will ID the leaders and may wait until the end before they arrest people. A female cop goes undercover as a punk goth chick in a black wig with black lipstick. The cops get all their riot gear ready. A speaker says they have no permit, but will march anyway. A hippy leader approaches police who will assist them in any way possible. They will give a police escort, but keep the traffic blockage to a minimum and no vandalism. The guy says they don't want any trouble, want to march, traffic support is OK. Their chant is "We're going to beat back the Bush attack" and "1234 we don't want their bloody war." They put up posters and burn a dummy. Then things get out of hand and one person is arrested. They tell the leader they have painted the building twice, vandalized, enough is enough, time to move along. A couple fights and are arrested. The goal was to wait and surgically remove the leaders. A guy threw paint bombs and two people jumped them, all are arrested. (5:05 PM Debriefing) The leader bit an IDS guard and went to jail. The plain clothes people ID'd him, a job well done. (911 Call Street Fight) Third District – It’s at 3309 Clinton Ave, one male down, one might have a gun and a bunch of people have sticks and bats. They pull up and stop three guys, one has a bar. Officer Steve Setzer is there. A black guy has a huge stick in his pocket. He says a guy broke out his car window and called them niggers. Officer John Billington goes to the victim. He's a white guy with a bunch of cuts and a bloody nose he covers. He says they ran through his yard, didn't see them, but knows their car. Three black guys tried to break into his garage, he confronted them, they beat him and took off. His car also has windows broken out. One of the crooks says he punched him in the face and pulled a knife on them and they took off. He says there were two of them and stabbed their windows. One guy keeps yelling and John tells them to speak English, he's listening, stop the garbage. The guy in a Batman shirt gets loud and says the guy accused him of going through his yard. They ran and thought they caught him. The victim says they came through his yard and they beat him up. The criminals says they left their house, went to their car, the guy yelled at them, smashed their car and they chased him, but didn't catch them. No one knows what happened, both are lying and they can't tell who is telling the truth. They are going to write them up and cut them loose. What about their car? That's what insurance is for. Fourth Precinct Roll Call - Sgt. Frank Dallman reads a report about a young black thief who cuts in windows and steals things, tools and more. Officer Bill Thornberg has been there 15 years, likes the job since he's outside all day and can't stand office work. His car is his office, he's his own boss, other jobs aren't as flexible, the pay isn't great, but it's a good job. Officer Chuck Nathan is his partner. (7:48 PPM Fight Call) A man was hit in the face with a shovel. There is a massive group of people there when they arrive. The victim is on a lawn and is bloody and squirming. A woman and her children are screaming and crying all around. Bill says to move back, give him air, it's hot as hell. The victim's ear is split and he needs to stay down, but keeps trying to move. A crowd stands around, they don't know who he is, but know the guy who did it though. His name is Terry and the victim is George. He’s bleeding from his arm and ear. EMS arrives, says he's unconscious, they need to move him fast and holds his head. It's a...


Minneapolis, MN 6

October 20, 1990

(3:13 PM Woman with a Gun Call) Officer Greg Hirsch says it's an interesting job, he works with 800 people where if he has a problem with 1 or 2 of them, that goes out the window when you go to back them up. He'll put his life down for those 800 people even if he's never met them before. He gets a call of a white woman with a gun at 2919 in the rear in a yellow shirt. They get out and run through a parking lot with guns drawn. There is a group of people in the lot and they tell the woman in yellow to get her hands up and she doesn't listen so someone pushes her forward. She says she doesn't have a gun, she did, but dropped it behind the car. They find an automatic handgun back there with no clip. A witness says she's been pointing the gun around for two hours. The cops came once and she said it was just a fight and they left and she started it again. Greg loves this job, where else can you go the wrong way doing 60mph on a one-way street. (7:05 PM Neighbor Dispute) A woman brings her kid over who says his brother's shirt was thrown on the neighbor's roof and he wanted to get it and the guy told him if he went up there he'd shoot him. She doesn't really know the neighbor. The neighbor says he's had a lot of problems with these kids. They take his stuff and damage his property. He found a kid on his roof, didn't know who was up there and they wouldn't come down so he told them if they didn't come down he said he would go get his gun. He admits it was the heat of the moment, a dumb thing to say, but he was tired because he had a really bad day and took it out on the kids. Greg says she can follow a criminal complaint on him and goes back and has the guy apologize so it doesn't have to go any further. It's better they try to get along, but next time ask the guy before you climb on his garage. (911 Call Domestic Violence) Officer Bill Thornberg says with domestics you never know what to expect when you get there. The tradition is a man threatening or hitting a woman and he goes off to jail, but you never know. Andrea Jones calls that her boyfriend went off on her, he's on cocaine, she can't control him and she cries. It is nighttime at house 1530. They walk up and hear gunfire in the distance. The guy inside says he's drunk again. She says he threatened to kill her and 911 heard it. He says it's just a threat thing, he does it all the time, but she denies it. He just came home, accused her of crazy things and threw her down. Police have been there before and she never pressed charges because she loved him. She wants him out, wants him arrested and wants to press charges. All her family is dead except for her sister upstairs and she couldn't get a hold of her. She said she didn't do anything. Officer Chuck Nathan checks him for weapons. She says he's been on coke for months and called her a slut. She was at her sisters, not at bars, found out he was on coke two weeks ago and called the crisis line, but they don't understand. Bill says no, he hasn't been out there before and gives her a card with victims rights and domestic violence info, how to get a restraining order and the number for a battered women's shelter. She says it's her home and if she leaves he'll follow her. They tell her to leave the phone off the hook. She doesn't want them to let him out tonight. Bill says they'll call before they let him out. She says to ask his mom how abusive he is, but only to her. Third Precinct - Officer Steve Setzer says the call is for neighbor trouble, one threatening another. It's pitch black when they walk up to the house and a guy says they are in the back fighting. They walk around and can hear a woman yelling. She said she heard the woman neighbor saying, "I hate those niggers and niggers this." The second woman says they cut her power and has to have all the smoke detectors wired together. She's white and was in her house having a private conversation. The black lady says she could hear it in her kitchen. Officer Cheri Dexter...


Alaska 1

October 27, 1990

(State Troopers) Nome - Trooper Ike Lorentz & Sgt. Al Schadle check the weather, 1000 foot overcast, visibility 15 miles. They are going 180 miles away, should take an hour. There was an assault and more a couple days ago. They look at the map and go out to top off the gas tank on their small plane. The state is 560,000 square miles, as big as the US. He'll work a 16 hour day and 10 of it is in the air. His beat is 200,000 square miles, if it's not the last frontier nothing is. (Village of Savoonga) There is a bootlegging operation where they make or can buy the alcohol and transport it to a dry village. This causes problems for at least a week until it dries up. Magistrate Abner Golorgergen meets them at the tiny airport. They ride in a truck to the magistrate’s office. Once there they talk to an Eskimo who seems high and usually isn't like that. There is a makeshift court in the building and they try the Eskimo man. He shot a rifle outside of a public building and was drunk in the second judicial district. The highest penalty is $5,000 and a year in jail. Ike says the man is a danger by the state of his mind and asks that bail be set in the matter. It is set at $1000. Abner wears sunglasses and jeans and as soon as he's done he takes the robe off. They have to take the man's possessions, but he doesn't want them to. He wants to take them home. He says they have to do it and he is in their possession until they get him back to Nome. He wanted help, turned himself in and wanted to get out of the village. They take him out to the airport, get on the plane and fly back. (Hit & Run Investigation) Anchorage PD - Officer Mark Hunstiger says people joke about the town. The nice thing about it is you can get to Alaska from there. There are 250,000 people living there, half the state. An island city stuck in a vast wilderness. They've had five hit & runs in the last 10 minutes by a man in an Arizona van. He spots the red van in a parking lot with a brown car under the back end. The guy ran off and witnesses point him across the street. The guy is behind a building where a woman is keeping her eye on him. He searches him and asks if he had any beers. He says three. Mark asks him if he had them all at the same time and he says yes. He admits he only backed over one car because he didn't see it. He didn't hit anyone else. His DOB is 2/31/59. Mark talks to witnesses and suddenly the drunk has left his car. He asks if this an escape and has to go back in the car. He says he will behave if he removes the cuffs. Mark says they don't make deals with drunks. They go to put him back and he fights. Two women help and they have to hobble him. He says to go ahead and arrest him. They agree. They take him back to the station and his BAC is .232. He says the Fiat parked behind him, it wasn't his fault. He skimmed off a car at a bar. Which one? The bar where they found him. He wasn't at a bar, he was at a credit union. He was? Mark says maybe they serve drinks there. The magistrate can't believe the damage he caused and since the guy only has $50 on him he won't make bail which is good because he's so dangerous. He can't believe no one got killed in his rampage. (State Troopers) Pilot Bob Larson is going to Seward to recover a body from a plane crash that happened three weeks ago. It is at the 3000 foot level in the mountains. The wreckage broke up bad the first time they were there when they found four bodies. The site is often in the clouds and they've been there four times already. Cpl. Jerry Fleetwood is coordinating the search. Hopefully he'll recover the body and the effects, ID it by whatever means, then notify the next of kin and get the remains back to them. A Cessna 207 during an hour flight tour that took people from a cruise ship hit the side of a mountain. They are supposed to meet climbers there. They land the helicopter on a mountain and walk over. Two male climbers are heading down tot he wreckage. Jerry says the best thing about...


Alaska 2

November 03, 1990

(9:10 AM Drowning Investigation) Bethel State Troopers - Trooper Terry Asberry and Sgt. Dan Hickman got a call last night that three male youths were joyriding in a boat, took a sharp turn and the two in the back fell out. The driver came back and found one guy, but not the other. It'll take an hour to get there by plane, about 100 miles away. They wheel out a Cessna tri wheel from a hanger. They says the area looks smooth, but there is a lot of turmoil under the water, lots of eddies and drownings. Kotlik - they see nothing from the air. At the airport they meet Safety Officer William Murphy. He says they just gassed up and they've been using poles to drag both side of the river. They get a call that they found the victim and go to the wooden jail for a body bag. They drive a boat out and there are another 10 boats on the scene near where it happened. They have a foot sticking out of a line. They get into a second boat and spread out the body bag and pull the body in. They go to the magistrate to say the kid had no life vest on, if he did he probably would've lived. (4:58 PM Child Assault Call) Anchorage - Officer Marc Woodward says Alaska is a very liberal state. The people's rights are utmost so they have to be extra sharp with constitutional laws so they don't lose a case because of it. A teenager assaulted a small child and EMS is on the scene. They are in a field and the kid is screaming. His friend Brian who is 21 says he fed the kid alcohol because he wanted it. EMS needs to take him to the hospital, the kid says he had a couple of Coronas. He lives on Jewel Lake and has no phone. A witness says he saw the kid crawling away and the Brian picked him up and threw him, then tried to carry him away. He grabbed him and made him put the kid down. They drive Brian to talk to the parents. The kid says he made them drink. Brian says he wanted it. He drank some and didn't want anymore and they said to take it. Marc goes in to talk to the parents. Mom wants to kill Brian and Marc says he might himself. They do have a phone and call Providence Hospital. In the hospital the kid screams like crazy when they put a line in his throat with an IV in. His BAC is .178, would be 7-8 drinks for an adult, less for the kid. They won't charge Brian until they know more. They give him a citation instead of going to jail, but he'll have to go to court. The kid seems like a zombie. Marc says the kid could've died and Brian is stupid. Anytime a kid is in danger it hits closer to home, especially when you are a parent like he is. (9:20 PM Shoplifting Call) Anchorage - Officer Scott Jessen says he's originally from Boise ID and the army sent him up there in January 1979. He likes the country, it’s familiar. It's the same as Boise except for the snow and ice. They get a month of decent weather and the rest is snow. A kid stole a $14 book from a comic store. He tells the kid he is under arrest and asks why is he grinning at him. He says his dad's here. Scott says it's not a joke and he can take him to jail even if it's a comic. He says he's never been arrested and never stole before. He then says he didn’t steal it. He put it in his bag while he was still shopping. Scott tells him it's concealment. He tells him to sit and he starts crying. The dad says he's never done it before and had enough cash to buy it. There is a TMNT poster on the back door where he's sitting. There is an Archie Comics rack with Super Mario Brothers. Batman and Metallica Harvester of Sorrow shirts are hanging up. He says he was looking at a computer game and wanted to get some other stuff. His dad will take him and he has to go to juvenile court. The next time he will take him to jail, not to his dad. There is concealment and removal, he has to explain to his dad the difference, but both are a crime. The kid has a swatch watch with a swatch guard too. After Scott says he really didn't get through to the kid until he realized he could go to jail. He finally figured it out...


Alaska 4

November 10, 1990

(12:15 PM Assault Call) Bethel - Alaska State Troopers – Sgt. Dan Hickman and 1st Sgt. Greg Close go out to a four-seater plane and fly to a shooting call. James shot at tow people and their dogs. They land on a dirt strip and meet a guy on a motorcycle who tells them James killed a dog and his sister ran away because of it and James is hiding out at his green house. They find him squatting outside when they arrive and go over and talk to him and cuff him in the front to be nice since they are now required by law to cuff suspects. Dan says there are lots of shooting and suicides up there. Five years in jail is the usual sentence. A 12 gauge shotgun is taken as well as bootlegged whiskey. They takes James back to the plane and fly him back with them. Anchorage 4:30 PM – K-9 Training Officer Keith Corder puts Officer Pam Nelson into the dog training suit because she is the only one who can fit inside. Officer Tom Katkus has the dog and it runs over and takes her down by the arm. (8:30 PM Domestic Disturbance) While patrolling Pam says people usually start partying at 11pm instead of 8pm in the lower 48, lots of weird things go on. She goes to a woman’s house who says it is haunted by a crying baby. Pam puts holy water in the closet to capture it. Officer James Conley takes the ‘ghost’ away in a ghost collector. She says it is easier to pretend with these people because they take it seriously. Anchorage (8:45 PM Assault Call) Officer Marc Woodward says it is always different, never boring. There is a call of a fight with several people in the middle of the road. They are gone when he gets there. He finds the victim, Terry, inside a video store bleeding. He says he was riding his bike, bought a six pack and then some black guys stopped him. A couple others in a car joined in and beat him up, threw glass bottles and his beers at him and stole the rest. He says not worry he’ll take care of them himself. (10:20 PM Disturbance Call) Marc finds Bobby on the street crying that his past keeps coming back to haunt him and he wants to die. He says he wants to go to API, but they won’t take him. Marc says he’ll help and drives him to API himself.


Las Vegas Special Edition 1 Hour

November 17, 1990

A cop in a helicopter says people look at Las Vegas as a place you can get rich quick whether through gambling or the rapid growth in the valley and when they get here and don’t realize that dream that’s where I encounter these people. (Theme song) North East Area Command – Officer Larry Burns says he moved there in 1980 to work construction, but he was also interested in police work since they didn’t make a lot of money he didn’t take it serious. After he spent his first night in a patrol car he knew that was the job for him, that he loves police work. (7:42 PM 911 Call Fight in Progress)/Drunk And Disorderly Call with Officer Dennis Magill/Strong Arm Robbery and Domestic Violence with Officers Thomas Fletcher and Joe Lombardo/Prostitution Sting with Lieutenant Bill Young and Officer Thomas Monihan (911 Call - Rape) Southeast Area Command – Tom calls in that a woman was raped and the operator asks when it happened. A few minutes ago, the girl is at his apartment, does she need an ambulance? No, he’s putting ice packs on her head, she’s hysterical. Keep her there. Officer Jack Clark goes to the house and Tom answers. He talks to Kelly, she has her head in lap crying and mumbling. Where did it happen, here? No. She knows the guy, he’s in his 40s, 50s. She was trying to sleep and this guy came over and tried to stick his fingers in her. Tom’s seen him by the Jacuzzi, talked to him, doesn’t really know him. They go around the corner, upstairs to the apartment where the guy lives. There are two guys sitting at the kitchen table under a huge American flag. There’s a shirtless bearded man climbing out the window and Jack pulls his gun and says give me a reason. He comes back in and Jack asks him if he’s Phil. He says no, he’s sleeping. They pull back the covers and Phil is in bed in his underwear. He doesn’t want to get up, wants to know what’s wrong so Jack jumps him and puts his knee on his back and cuffs him. He pulls him up and the man says easy. Officer Peter Rubini talks to John Christian. They don’t know what’s going on. He says Kelly was raped. She’s been there for two days and was passed out in the bed stark naked. The old guy went in there and laid down, they had a party, but he didn’t rape her. He didn’t do anything wrong, then she got up screaming. They take him out and say the problem is when they go to the jury it becomes a moral question instead of a legal question. Did he force himself on her? The evidence shows him that he did. Laughlin, NV (5:4 PM Child Neglect Complaint) Substation – Officer John Sias goes out to his truck and says it is a boomtown. When he arrived 6 years ago there were only 92 people living there, now there are 4500. On New Year’s Eve they had 70,000 people there. Their problem is having a lot of transients. It’s known as a boomtown so it draws a lot of people. He’s going to check on kids living in a trailer in unsanitary conditions. He goes into a casino and asks for Jimbo or Jenny. They aren’t sure if they are working. The kids are living in a trailer in the parking lot. The manager tried to look inside, but there’s a big dog tied to it. He drives them to the lot and there’s tons of trailers. He talks to the guy inside about the complaint and asks if there’s anyone else there, he’s not the father. John looks around, says it’s not safe and is unsanitary. He has to take them to Child Haven. He tells the girl he’s taking her there, it’s a nice place with toys, she’ll have to stay two days and be out Monday. Do you have a special toy you want to bring? Yes, what about your brother Cordell? Can you explain it to him? You are being a big girl, I need your help. He thanks the guy and he says to go before he’s not so cooperative. John says he better remain that way. The manager says he wants them out of there by tomorrow. They find out Bobbie, the mother, works in the casino as a dealer and they go to talk to her. She says she’s fine. John explains what happened and all she says is really, someone...


Las Vegas, NV 2

December 01, 1990

(LSP Unit Southeast Area Command) Metropolitan PD - Officer Jack Clark calls a suspect with a warrant and tells him he's from Dewercs, Mr. Rathford won a 27" TV set from RCA. It won't cost him anything, he just has to fill out a questionnaire after 30 days. They pay nothing, the company pays them. He'll have to fill out a 150 question form. They have 40 sets, would they like that? They just fill it out, put their name on the list and over the years they could get a VCR, stereo, etc.. Sgt. Sean Donnelly says they are doing a reverse, calling felons to appeal to their greed. They have a callback number to leave their name, number and when they are home so they don't have to waste time looking for them. The guy called him four times over the weekend, he wants the TV real bad. He has drug warrants and priors. (6:20 PM) They arrive at an apartment complex with a 27" RCA TV empty box and haul it over with two guys to make it look good. It is past a swing set where kids are playing. The door is open as they approach. He is anxiously waiting for them and Jack says they had a little misunderstanding, they are police officers and he is under arrest. He says what? His girl can't believe it. He knows he has warrants, says he has nothing on him and “oh, my god.” Bad news is he won't get a TV, good news is he'll go to Happyland to play volleyball. They ask him why he didn't pay his warrants, he says he just got a new job. At least he knows his warrant is taken care of now. They joke how heavy the TV with remote is as they load the empty box in the van with him. Jack says, 'By the way, Dewercs is screwed backwards." K-9 Unit - Officer Mike Horn and "Eich". Mike says he enjoys working with dogs and he enjoys police work, so it's the best of both worlds. There is more to it being a unit, get to chase subjects in the valley, escaped prisoners, makes the job more interesting. They got to a dog training field with an officer in a bite suit and go through a routine of pulling a man down. Trainer Len Durden says the man is threatening to use lethal force. The guy runs away and the dog goes after him. They've been together 4 years now, Eich is 2 years old. They work so close together, they start to think alike, they live together, no one feeds or pets the dog except for him. He's his master and the dog would lay down his life for him. (8:30 PM Code 3 Call) A white female escaped on Washington and Mohave and they are called in to look for her. Tom points where they last saw the woman and head that way. Mike talks to one woman outside and the dog indicates she's behind a high wall. Mike tells her to come out or he'll send in the dog. She doesn't and the dog hops right over the 7 foot concrete wall and jumps on her as she sits under a tree. Mike then calls him off. She is wearing a dark green top and no skirt, she's in black underwear. It turns out she is a man dressed as a woman and his penis is hanging out. Mike rewards the dog, calls him a good boy and pets him. Mike says the dog senses a fear smell like a color we can see. He was pulling him along and knew that was the suspect. Bike Patrol Unit - Sgt. Debra Gauthier says last week they issued 104 citations for misdemeanor traffic violations, 33 arrests, took 98 calls, filed 76 reports, 33 misdemeanor citations, 71 traffic citations, 91 car stops, 63 pedestrian stops, 14 FI's, 3 felony arrests, and 30 gross misdemeanor arrests. Keep up the good work, as the holidays approach they'll be more purse snatchers. Officer Rick Grande says when people are blasting stereos in a car they can't hear, but on a bike they can get hear. It’s a slow patrol 10-15 mph, where a car is 35pmh, so they can see and hear things a car can't. A couple is sitting on a bench and they ask them for ID Laura says she's 27 in Body Force shirt. The guy has a mullet and a butterfly on him. She says she went to jail for the wrong place at the wrong time. She got out of jail a few months ago for being in a cocaine house. He has...


Las Vegas, NV 3

December 08, 1990

(Clark County District Court #4) Metro PD Judge Earle W. White, Jr. meets with Officer Randy Sutton in his chambers. He says the warrant is for a seizure of a bunch of guns. It started as a burglary of guns and drugs - legal steroids from Jeff. He found the guy who robbed him and took Randy to the suspect’s house in Henderson where he had the stuff. He told him the story how he was put on his knees at gunpoint and interrogated. He asked him how he came to Jeff’s house. He bought steroids from him for four months, he’s a big guy, body builder. Randy went to Judge Levitt and got papers. He’s a big gun aficionado. He came to the door with a glock on his hip when they arrested him. He has AK-47, he went to jail, is out now, but they want to go back and get the rest of the guns. Earle makes him swear that what he says is true and he does and signs it. Randy says outside they aren’t arresting him, they are just taking the guns, but they need warrants to remove the guns. Whenever you go to seize guns there is a heightened sense of danger. (4:00 PM Execution of Search Warrant) Randy knocks and tells Jeff to come out. A guy is standing and Randy tells him to get down at gunpoint because he has a gun on him and takes it. He asks if Jeff about the guns and he goes to get the key for the case and he tells him to sit. He says they can take all his guns and he’s not happy about it so they give him the warrant. They make him move away from the guns and unload the gun from the guest. They go in the closest and pull out assault rifles. The other guy had a pistol in a holster on his hip when they came in, so it’s not CCW. They find a huge box of steroids so Jeff’s under arrest again. He says they are the same ones from before. Under the bed are more guns and they start putting them on the bed and soon the bed is covered. Officer Chuck Pierce Jr. finds Jeff’s drug sales book and there are lots of high dollar sales listed including one for $1,500. Randy by law has to make a list of all the things he’s taking and knows he’s going to be there awhile and starts with an Uzi. Chuck makes call to Jeff’s relatives that they are arresting him and taking three semis, handguns, 100 pounds of ammo and 40-50 clips. Randy reads the label on the steroids that says “for vets to administer to horses only” and doesn’t think he would take something meant for horses. (10:20 PM Suspicious Person) Northeast Area Command – Officer Thomas Fletcher says he’s been fascinated by cops since he was five and grew up watching every cops show he could watch. So he joined the Marine Corps, became a military policeman, got out and has was hired in Vegas. He goes to a hotel at the 2000 block of Freemont and tells Jerry who is drunk to come out of the bushes. He talks to Peggy who was hiding from him and has kids, says they aren’t alone because she’s paying for a babysitter. How does she afford it? Her boyfriend is in prison. She’s been in Vegas for five days, she flushed her license, will show something else for ID. The drunk guy says she was paying $188 a week for a hotel and he was trying to find a cheaper place. She has Colorado ID, is going to dealer school and college? Which is it? She says they are the same. The guy says he sold his ID in 1987. They ask him why he did that. A guy needed it. The girl cries, says she has a 19 month old kid, she knows the guy’s a punk and a trouble maker, but she just moved here. The cops know the drunk guy. The cops admit they don’t know him and tell her to relax, she says she’s not spazzing. She met him at the Ambassador while playing some nickels slots and told him her story. Her mom died two weeks ago, she’s from Clinton, IO and thought this place was like Reno. What’s Reno like? Nicer. Tom is worried she’s out drinking beer in the bushes while her kids are alone. She says they aren’t and she has a 5 year old and a 2 year old. They remember seeing Jerry drinking behind the mini mart a few weeks ago. He admits he was there drinking...


Las Vegas, NV 4

December 15, 1990

(Firing Range) Metropolitan PD - Officer Randy Sutton fires two clips. He was involved in a shooting incident using a 9mm. They shot at each other about 5 feet apart. He hit him in the chest, the guy missed him, but the suspect didn't even know he was hit, it didn't make him flinch. He decided it was time to switch to a heavier caliber weapon, a 45. He doesn't know if it’ll work better and hopefully won't find out. He then checks the target he was shooting at. (7:40 PM Person with a Gun Call) The man is supposed to be at the 7-11 near the airbase. He pulls up and walks up to a red car at gunpoint and makes the people inside put their hands up. The female driver comes out and he makes the passenger come out the same door. He asks what's going on and if he has a gun and he says yes. He makes him get his hands away, go down on his knees with his hands on head and then he cuffs him. He brings him over to his car, calls it in, and takes the gun. The guy says he's holding it for a friend. She says she didn't know about it. He says he doesn't know if it’s loaded, but it is. Backup arrives and searches him. They ask what his friends name is. He thinks about it for a while and says Ricky. He got it from a guy and got in trouble, so he's holding it for him. He's 19, he'll get concealment, and charged with having the serial number filed off. They find a bag of bullets, money and drugs. Everything is his, but the drugs are his friends. (Prostitution Sting) Officer Andrea Burman listens as Lt. Bill Young explains the game plan – a reverse soliciting targeting the Johns. Big problem lately, lots of them. He has Las Vegas Blvd drawn on the board. She'll take them into room 126 at an apartment complex. They'll have control room next door and two cops in the bathroom in her room. (11:40 PM) She walks on the street and guy pulls up. He says he works for the military and asks what pleases her. She says anything. He asks for a BJ and she says $20 and to meet her at apt 126. She tells him she just got there from California, has been there for two days and is getting all wet. She tells him to make himself comfortable and she’ll go in the bathroom. Mike and Leon bust him. The guy says 'oh, no. It's embarrassing." They tell him it's worse to get AIDS. There are now 72 whores that have AIDS on the street. He'll get a citation and they don't want to see him again. (12:20 PM) A guy walks over, he has a half-ounce of crack he wants to exchange for sex and brings a friend. One guy smokes and the other has a bag of beers. He asks her if she goes fast. She doesn’t understand and the cops jump out. She says the guy offered $20 for a BJ. She doesn't know what go fast is. The other guy wanted to have fun and has no money. The guy says he didn't have any meth, he was lying to her. The bring the hairy hippy guy with the beers says he was just going to sit there and drink beers and watch, he never made a deal. They let him go, then they find meth and needles on him and bring him back. Bill says he doesn't want those people in Vegas, if she wasn't a cop she would've been in trouble, that's the payoff. (11:00 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Northeast Area Command gets a call and Randy is right there when it comes in. He pulls the woman out and she says she wants him out, doesn't want to live under the same roof, he's a drunk, it will help him. They've been married 30 years, and it's 30 years too long. He drinks all day, abuses her and tears her nerves to pieces. Randy can't remove him since he lives there. She tries to stay away all day so she doesn't have to be with him and can't even relax in her own damn trailer. Officer Russell Peterson backs him up. He has no relatives and if he did they wouldn't take him. Randy goes in and talks to Jack. He has a wound on his arm and says she bit him and he called the cops on her. She says she's on medication and doesn't need it until she's around him. Randy asks her if she knows about the domestic violence law. She doesn't...


Las Vegas, NV 6

January 12, 1991

(1:15 AM Fugitive Call) Metropolitan PD - Officer Mike Horn and K-9 Eich are needed and go to the scene. Sgt. Doug Gillespie tells him 575 wants to know what's going on 44 and 420, ran out the back. Patrol went to a house to get someone on a homicide warrant and the guy took off out the back door. He's armed with a knife and wanted for battery with a deadly weapon. He says the guy hopped over the back wall. Mike goes around back with the dog into a garage and asks an owner if they can go into their backyard to search. He says it's the worst kind of search he can do, he's worried more about getting shot by a resident than a suspect. They think someone is trying to rob them and shoot out their window or let their dogs out. He doesn't find anything and hears cops calling because another K-9 unit found him. He's cuffed on the ground with the dog trying to get him. One dog almost gets him and they yell at him to walk past them. He walks like he has all the time in the world. Mike has to yell to get the dog to stop. The guy says he just pushed her away, he's told he has warrants for attempted assault and attempted sexual battery. Mike trades barbs with the other K-9 officer. He calls him a rookie and he found him first, Mike says his dog was calm enough to cuff him, Doug says he would be calm too since he didn't make the catch. Mike says it's beginners luck, he's still a rookie and can't lie, there is competition, he wanted to make the catch, but Eich thinks he did anyway, so he still thinks he's top dog. (4:00 PM Indecent Exposure Call) Officer Randy Sutton says there are 240 million people in the country and only 500,000 cops. When you put on that uniform it's a lot of responsibility. The courts decided a cop can be sued as well as the department. What he worked so hard to get can be removed from him if the court decides he violated someone's rights. He goes to the call of Tanya who can see a man in his apartment with the drapes open masturbating in the window. The woman is outside when he pulls up and she points to where he is, but can't see him now. He backs up to get out of the way. She says he stands in the window with the curtains up and the window open and he plays with himself, it's embarrassing. She's getting sick of it and he acts like he hides. Tanya will file a crime report on him. Randy knocks on B1 and the guy says he's alone and he's wearing nothing but a small towel around his waist. Randy mirandizes him and asks if he knows why he's here. He says what is he supposed to say, he has a problem with her, but doesn't know her. He has scars on his back, knows what he was doing was wrong, is not going to deny it, but it was a spur of the moment thing. There was something about her, he saw her at the pool, liked the way she looked and thinks she's married. He's done it a couple times in front of her, but just her. He can see her across the way, finds her sexually attractive and there's not much he can really say. Randy tells him to get dressed. He has to go downtown and be charged with open and gross lewdness. If he's never been arrested they'll let him go. Is it necessary for him to be arrested. It's illegal to masturbate in front of women in Nevada. (12:15 AM Disturbance Call) Southeast Area Command - Officer Dominick Rodriguez says he always wanted to become a cop, was raised in this town and knows it sounds corny but he loves his community. He wanted to be a cop since he was a kid and wants to participate in helping the community instead of complaining about it. There are people in the emergency room raising heck and refusing to leave. A woman points to security and says two young guys are drunk and creating a disturbance. Mike cut off the tip of his finger and wanted to be seen first and got obnoxious. He asked him to leave, he wouldn't, they are packed and she wants him out. She will file a trespass on him. They guy is on the phone when Dom goes in. He tells him to get off. He says he's been there 90 minutes, he...


Las Vegas, NV 7

January 19, 1991

(7:45 PM Code Red - Officer Emergency) Metropolitan PD Southeast Area Command - Officer Jack Clark says because of the area with the high concentration of bars and casinos they have a DWI problem. People are either walking or driving, then it becomes a much more serious problem to put a thousand pound car in the hands of a drunk. He pulls over a white rental Cadillac with the horn stuck. They pop the hood and he tells them they can pull it and take it back to Budget. Then it suddenly stops. Metrocom Center - a call comes in for an officer down emergency. They radio Jack and he takes off. A cop got run over at Circus Circus, but they don't know if it's a real cop or security. He pulls up and Officer Frank Janise is down on the street with a stream of blood coming from his head. One man keeps him down, another holds his hand. Jack calls for an ETA on EMS. More people arrive and they caught the older male driver who hit him and has no license. EMS cuts Frank's jacket off. A witness says he had to chase the driver down the street. He wasn't sure what the guy was doing, he was trying to make up his mind what to do. He stopped and the man reached in and grabbed his keys. They think he's drunk and give him a field test. There was a DWI accident scene and Frank was there. The drunk ran through the scene and hit him. He's arrested for felony DWI because of the drinking and the injuries. They take Frank to University Medical Center for lacerations to his head, broken ribs and broken wrist. He was investigating a DWI and stopped traffic, the suspect drove through the accident scene, hit Frank and he went to leave. A guard chased him down and made him come back. (Seven Months Later) Officer Frank Janise talks about the accident. He arrived at the accident scene and went to get flares and find out about getting blood drawn for BAC. That's the last thing he remembers. He was told the man came across the Industrial road, went over the double line and hit him. The mirror on the truck hit him in the head and something cut through his shirt, jacket and vest. (5:50 PM Accident Call) He goes to where another cop has a man stopped and thinks he's drunk. Officer David Wagner explains the guy was making a westbound turn on Paradise, then a lady hit the back of the cab, plus there's a second accident. He gives the man a field test. Frank talks to the woman. She says the man sandwiched the guy between the truck and the cab almost killing him. (8:10 PM Accident Call) He goes to the call of a three car accident where paramedics have already arrived. He pulls up and the scene is full of people. He talks to a blonde woman who says the white car tried to make a left hand turn and the red car didn't yield. The white car's front is smashed in and the red car looks like a tinfoil ball. He can relate to them better because he was never involved in a DWI accident until he was hit. Everyone had seatbelts except for one lady in an 85 Oldsmobile who only got lacerations. The driver was lucky he had his belt on so he survived. The old saying is if you drink, don't drive. (6:40 PM Suspicious Vehicle) Northeast Area Command - Officer Thomas Fletcher has been assigned to the downtown area as a foot patrol officer. They run into a lot of homeless, a lot of robberies, find that a lot of their suspects come from in other cities. Then they find out they are also wanted back home, it's a very transient area. A red car is driving around a parking lot and they ask them what is the woman doing in the trunk of the hatchback and tell him to stop. He pulls over and they ask him why she is there. They were trying to get a room but it was $25. She has an Australian accent and says she's rode 5000 miles back there, that's why her leg is sore. The driver says he's rode back there. Officer Joseph Lombardo says he wouldn't ride there. Everything she owns is inside there and they laugh about it. (7:10 PM Domestic Disturbance) A woman is supposed to be holding a baby on the street...


New Jersey 1

January 26, 1991

(12:45 AM Shooting Call) Jersey City - Officer Thomas Porter chose the job because his brother was in the department and most people on the block were cops, so he figured he might as well join. He's driving toward the WTC and says there's excellent job security, the money's not bad, the benefits are great and someone has to do it, doesn't mind helping people out once in a while, that's the job. Officer Robert Falconetti is his partner and they go to the call of a man shot in his car on Second and New York Ave. He is put in the ambulance since he's hit in the head. The car is off to the side on the curb with bullet holes in the window and spent shells on the ground so they leave it to the investigators. A call comes in that someone saw the shooter so they drive over to his backyard and eight cops chase down the tall black guy who says he doesn't know what happened. He's the right guy, but they can't find the gun that fired the 10 shots. (2:30 AM Shooting Call) Another shooting happened down the road, another fun night in the city. Tony is a black guy sitting on some stairs with a wound to the neck. They ask who shot him, he doesn't know, they took his wallet. They tell the ambulance to hurry since he's falling over. Tom tells the guy to go and asks if he stutters. EMS arrives. It's common in the projects, close to the first of the month, today is the fourth, they've had enough time to get their checks and go crazy. They go out on foot and ask the people around if they saw anything, but no one says a thing. There are lots of violent crimes and no one wants to rat on their friends. It's the code of silence, if they rat on someone, they'll be next. Hoboken - Sgt. Mike Plunkett asks the officers if they have their helmets and hands out their night sticks. They are short handed with only four of them until 8 o’clock. Have a good night. His great-great grandfather was a cop there in 1876 and his family has lived there since. There’s not as many crimes as there used to be. Lots of the bars now cater to the yuppies, instead of the working class when he was a kid, lots more fights back then. (5:15 PM Disturbance Call) He’s going to Redheads bar where the owner has a bat on a customer. The guy says a man threatened him over the phone with a bat. Someone broke into his house in Jersey City and has a bat with his name on it. They talk to the owner who says the guy charged $1300 on his account for City Paint and Johnny is getting billed for it. The guy says he used him as a reference and they sent the bill here by mistake. He says he bought stuff for the lady and they mistakenly assumed it was for Redheads. They said to bill it to Redheads and he said fine. He's paying it right now. He says Johnny told him his house was robbed. The Sgt. says the guy knew they were charging him and he gets tired of the guy talking and interrupting him. He yells at him to stop and tells Johnny he can file a complaint with the detective, it's a lot of money. He can file right now if he's threatened. Johnny says he didn't say it. The guy keeps saying he can't watch his back and the Sgt. believes Johnny. The guy keeps saying it's against the law to make threats and the account has been settled so he can do what he want. It'll be settled in court, not here. After Mike says people come from all over the world to see the NYC skyline and they see it every day. The shot includes the WTC. Orange PD - Officer Dennis Vega says it's good to know the community you are in. He was born and raised there. Lots of the cops there were born and raised in Orange and are trying to give back to the town. He goes to a block party and shakes hands with people as do other cops. (3:15 PM Domestic Call) A man took his child from the mother so they go to her rundown apartment and talk to the mother. The door is bashed and smashed and has ‘Jones’ written on it in marker. He won't open the door so they call him on the phone and tell him to open the door. He puts the mom on the phone...


New Jersey 2

February 02, 1991

(Truck Sting Operation Briefing) Jersey City - Captain Bobby Martin says many trucks are getting broken into and getting hit heavy after getting steered off the turnpike down one way streets with no way to turn around. Conrail loaned them a surveillance van used in Boston. Chief Inspector Art Dunn from the Conrail PD shows it off on the inside. Zenith gave them empty VCR, camcorder and TV boxes and they are glued and taped together to look flush. The giant crate on the left side is where the cops hide and it opens up to block the thieves in by wedging against the with a board on the floor. It's set up nice so they'll run inside and grab the equipment. They are in back of the projects. Officer Paul is driving the 18 wheeler Trailvan and pretends he broke down. He gets out, pops the hood and a black guy comes right up to him, then Paul leaves it. Seconds later three black kids come up to break the seal with a stick. (5:15 PM Truck Interior) Officer Andrew Lancellotti explains to the rest how many will come in and then they can open it. There's a bathroom and a long bench to sit inside the large crate. The kid in a white shirt and red shorts goes back to get a broom to break the seal. They are so excited when they get in and run saying "VCRs!!" Police jump them and they are surprised. They say they'll drive it over to Duncan and Sgt. Walter Barrett follows them over. They explain to Paul which way to turn and open the hood so they can see it better then he walks away from the truck. (7:55 PM) A black kid in white shorts works on the lock. He gets it open and excitedly signals his friends to come. When one joins him they jump them, but the second guy gets away. The first guy says they made him do it. When they pull him out of the truck a group of women laugh at him. He says he's 14. It starts to get dark so they call it off. He says they'll meet up and get them out of the back and they are thankful. Tomorrow they'll start earlier. Captain Bobby Martin says they did a good job yesterday and will do it again today. It's a big industry, a billion dollars a year of theft. They are going back to Duncan. We see cops have to enter the crate from a trapdoor in the bottom of the truck. They stop near a park and call the truck. They tell him to turn the nose their way. He pops the hood and fiddles with the engine to make it look good. He goes in and grabs his briefcase and walks away. (3:30 PM) There is a large pack of black men across the street. One of them grabs a screwdriver and heads over as another becomes a lookout. The guy gets the lock off and madly jumps in and is grabbed. The others jump through the door and grab the second guy. It's Christmas in August, they are setting up again. There are only certain streets in the city designated for trucks and people will steer them the wrong way so they can rob them. The move the truck to a new street. (6:15 PM) Four guys appear and one goes in the cab. A Hispanic man in a white hat pops the seal and calls to his buddies "VCRehs!" He grabs one, they jump him and drop out the bottom and grab the others. He says he has no dope on him, his hat comes off on the way out and says he's the only one to blame. He uses a hand pumper as the tool. It took only six minutes for them to park and break in. Captain Bobby Martin says they do a lot of proactive and reactive stuff patrolling hot areas where there are purse snatchings and house entries. Where there is bad crime they will set up and let them do the crime and catch them in the act, they are the witnesses in court. It's not a victim, it's the police as witnesses, so 9 times out of 10 they'll cop a deal. (12:10 AM Suspicious Situation) They spot Rob going in and out of a super market with a bag in the pouring rain. The bag was empty at first, now it's full. They watch him for a while to see where he goes. He goes up 5th and they stop him in the street. They ask if he bought the stuff, but he has no receipts. He threw them away and has no money...


New Jersey 3

February 09, 1991

(10:45 PM Roll Call) Jersey City – The Sgt. tells officers the Puerto Rican parade goes down to Grundy Park so give it special attention. That's it. One cop says he’s on motorcycle 56. Officer Thomas Porter says what he likes most is the people he's with, they are a rare breed, not many people like to work at midnight and sleep all day. His partner is Officer Robert Falconetti who says there is less traffic, it’s more informal, a different class of people and is best shift in the city (Saturday 11:56 PM Assault Call) Thomas says there are lots more violent crimes, it's not Mayberry. They go up to Daisy who says her boyfriend Ruben Trinidad punched her in the head and scratched her with a knife. He took the keys and dropped the knife. He's riding a bike, in a white t-shirt, black shorts and a blue Morley's hat. They know him and go to a park where he hangs out. He's been arrested before, everyone knows him, not a great guy, every cop and everyone in town knows him. He'll probably come back, he's stupid enough to. There are a bunch of guys sitting at a table who say Ruben left an hour or so ago. They talk to Mike on a corner who says he hasn't seen him all day as a pack of people behind him make noise. They say to call if he sees them and go back to Daisy and her friends to see if he came back. She needs to go to 762 Montgomery St. on Monday to file a complaint unless they catch him first. He'll come back, he's cocky. (Thursday, 9:40 PM Assault Call) They get a call of a female being assaulted right where Daisy was last time. It turns out she is Daisy. A woman says he tried to get her again, busted his eye open and he's out inn the back yard. They go out there and it's totally dark. Ruben is down on the ground by an underground door. He was trying to climb into a window to escape, fell and hit his head. He's Mexican, with a big dorag. He says, “I can't stand up, I'm dizzy yo.” Tom is going to cuff him and Ruben says he's tough, he'll show him how tough he is even when he's cuffed. Tom says he's tough too. Ruben says he's a punk, he can't beat him one on one. Daisy says she didn't want to be with him once he got drunk. They were all hanging out together and then it got bad. She is holding ice on her face and doesn't care what they do to him now. They are charging him with assault. He says he doesn't need to be charged with that. He ends everything with yo and curses them out. He says he can curse all he wants and is going to court on Monday for beating up a cop and didn't resist. They have him in a cage and ask him to spell his name and he says to make sure they spell it right, like Trinidad and Tobago. He hangs all over, that's why they can't find him. He's been locked up many times, has an extensive record, no girls like him and they reject him so he beats them up. She signed a complaint on him and the state has the toughest domestic violence laws in the country. Orange, NJ (10:20 PM Street Patrol) Officer Dennis Vega says most of the time he winds up doing what he's taught, not on the job, but when you were younger, how to treat people and how to react in different situations. If you get physical that doesn't solve things it creates new problems. If you fight with everyone you are not going to make it, this is not the job for it. A black guy flags him down and says his cousin has a problem with his sister and his kids. He says there is going to be a fight, but he can't explain it. He wants Dennis to go there, but he won't until he understands. He says the cousin and his ex are fighting over their kid and he'll ride down there on the hood if he wants. It started right there and now they're by the ice cream parlor. He says he's a short bald f--ker. The guy runs down there and Dennis meets him at the corner. A woman says the guy is lying on Bell Street all beat up. A witness says a guy beat him up and left him there. The guy is on his back spread out and mumbling. He indicates he can't breathe and can't move his leg. He...


New Jersey 4

February 16, 1991

(12:47 AM Disturbance Call) Hoboken - Officer Mike Plunkett became an officer for the same reason most people do - to change the world, be somebody’s knight in shining armor, rid the city of all crime. It's a good attitude to have when you first come on, you need that, but when you’re on the streets a few weeks the reality check is you won't be a knight on shining armor, you can't change the streets and the best you can do is make your world a little better. When you retire you'll have a pretty good career to look back on. If you can survive 25 years you've got it made. It’s usually around the time when the bars start closing and there are a lot of problems. They centralize themselves in the areas where the bars are in case of problems. He pulls up to a bunch of guys fighting on a sidewalk. Two groups separate as one man in a blue shirt fights and a cop grabs him. A citizen takes his cuffs and cuffs the guy. His friend wants to take him home. They say too late, he’s under arrest. They say some guys threw him around and tossed him out. Ten guys did it, but they didn’t get thrown out. Why is getting arrested, they came out and found him? He assaulted a cop. Mike says he listened to him, now he can go home. How can he, that guy is his ride. He doesn’t care. Det. Brian Murphy says they went to take him out and he got loud and abusive and didn’t want to listen and pushed him around, he didn’t get hurt, just winded. Mike talks to the suspect at the station. He says he had his drinks, no problems, was having a good time. Then somebody said something to him, he came back, said something again. Then bing bang boom he hit the guy, but he didn’t know he was a cop or he wouldn’t have touched him. He should’ve looked first. He’s sure Mike’s been in a position like that before. No. You won’t admit it. He then realized he was a cop. Maybe you had too much to drink. I did. He can live with that. After Mike asks how could he not know he was a cop, he was in full uniform. It wasn’t like he was wearing a Good Humor uniform. He was blind drunk. He’ll get a summons, be home in an hour, should spend a weekend in county jail, maybe he’ll think twice before whacking a cop again. Jersey City (Narcotics Unit Briefing) Sgt. Brian McDonough says they caught a girl with cocaine and she told them there was a house with two Spanish chicks selling cocaine out of there. They have a warrant and it’s the top apartment #129. Sgt. Edwin Gillen says she’s an old heavy woman, over 50, maybe 45. Brian explains how they will go up and batter the door, it’s the weekend, don’t get hurt for it. Det. Dennis DeSefano says they are Medellin and laughs. (11:45 PM Service of Warrant) He says when they see the last man go in, Mike, go down the block and cover the sides of the building in case something comes out the window. They go up, knock, say ‘Policia’, then ram the door. A woman can be heard. Inside there are babies crying, they grab the woman and make her sit, they find an older woman, a man and three babies they secure. Dennis grabs wads of cash that are in a purse. They also find a welfare bundle of cash. The government is good to them. She laughs. They search her and make the family speak to her in Spanish and tell her to turn over any drugs or weapons. They also find a room of stolen clothes, all still have tags on them, enough for a 100 people. It’s like doing inventory for JC Penney. One has a tag for $50. They rob stores and trade them for drugs. Six suitcases full of kids shoes, a $75 David Benjamin dress, his wife doesn’t wear those and $60 pants. The woman in yellow says she likes it, she uses it. Good country, eh? The kids all scream and now they are worried about the kids when they are taking them out for locking up the grandmother. He’s worried about the kids while they deal. They see that and hate the cops, he would too if he was a kid. Brian says the grandmother was hiding in the closet with a couple grams of coke, she was the one in charge. They have...


New Jersey 5

February 23, 1991

(6:30 PM) Hoboken - Officer Mike Plunkett car 122 says there are good days and bad days. One minute you are locking someone up, the next you are delivering a baby. Every job is different. He gets a call to Sparrow's liquor store where someone tried to pass a counterfeit $50 dollar bill. Officer Gene Drayton is on the scene. The thief, Raymond, took off on 2nd and Washington St in a 4 door Cadillac, wearing a burgundy shirt, headband and is shirt, fat and white. They find Ray in a bar and bring him back to the scene to ID him. Detective Tom Connor and Detective Karen Dimonde have him. He was also on 6th st at Rocko's Liquor Store and passed a fake $50 there. The cops go there and retrieve it. Ray's friend says it was his bill and he sent him in with the money, they wouldn't take it so they went to another store and threw it down a sewer. Jersey City (11:45 PM Roll Call) Officer Elayne Zadroga says her dad and uncle were cops and her 7 brothers didn't follow in their footsteps. Officer Sal Noto started the job at age 32 and they call him the old rookie. (1:25 AM Disturbance Call) They go to a bar and Anne, an old black woman, was drinking and did nothing and the owner told her to leave and she didn't want to. They ask her to leave and she gets loud and points in Elayne's face. She pushes her finger away and Anne gets belligerent and it takes 3 cops to cuff and get her out. Her shoes fall off and so does her wig. They take her to the drunk tank as people laugh at her. Jersey City - West District - Officer Brian Rabbit says he's been there 3 years and still feels like a rookie. (9:46 PM Entry in Progress) It's in the back of a building on 80th ave. When they arrive the alarm is going off. Officer Jim Keating gets in the back and turns it off. The place is such a mess, including a large dead rat, that they can't tell if it is burglarized. A black man says his brother Warren tried to break in and rob all the people in the apartment. He has papers against him so they can arrest the guy. He is on the corner in a blue shirt, hat and brown jacket. They go and grab him and lock him up for 2 counts of burglary and theft.


Pittsburgh, PA 1

March 02, 1991

(8:12 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) Officer Philip Mercurio got his K-9 Louie on 12/22/89 out of a dog pound at the Humane Society. He's a Rottweiler and he trained him for 4 months. The first time he saw the dog go after someone on the street for going after him and it was amazing. You get attached. He's seen two K-9 men lose their dogs. You see grown men crying over a dog and it's strange, but now he understands the attachment. He chases a silver Mercedes Benz on Clarissa St. Traffic gets in way and he yells. It's a personalized plate. They bail out on foot and give chase. He tells Louie "good boy" over and over. They catch a young black guy near a bunch of cars. Phil says if he moves he'll break his head open. The other got away beside the hospital. They make the guy lie down and run out to the street to look for the other guy. He tells a guy to watch him and goes over to the next guy who is caught by a civilian behind the Atlantic. Four guys were in the car and two were caught. The guy had to jump on the car to get away from the dog, he was proud. (11:24 PM Street Patrol) Officer Thomas Harris says the ladies of the evening are out. They are going to disperse them instead of arresting them. The area of the hill is heavy with whores. He spots a girl who tries to hide who would rather be arrested than get a lecture. They run from him hard to avoid lectures. He talks to a woman who says she's waiting for a bus. There were whores around who moved on and she's not working. She's a diabetic and can't use drugs. He knows the prostitutes and hasn't seen her before, if he sees her again he won't buy it. You can fool him once, maybe twice. Tom says two cars just checked her out. Leon pulls up and they don't recognize her. She lives in Liberty, but can't say which street. She does have ID though. He asks where her carfare is. She doesn't understand and says she has a bus pass. She digs around for it and he says he's had checks come faster in the mail. She keeps looking and can't find it. He says she played him and she wants her tissues back. He says he doesn't want her snot rag and will engrain her face into his brain. He would rather she told him the truth and he wouldn't have arrested her, but she danced around him like Ginger Rogers. She says she stays at East Liberty, but was staying with her nieces. She finally admits she came out there to work. His head is spinning, he's insulted. (11:40 PM 911 Call) Officer Joe Arroyo first started working at the jail when there was a full moon and there were lots of suicides and attempts. On the streets it makes people nuts, usually they are nice. They go crazy, he believes in it. Some people think they are crazy, but ask doctors or nurses in the ER and they'll tell you. It's a full moon tonight, so we'll see. Communications Center - Charles is on the 6th street bridge threatening to jump off. He has a history of alcohol abuse and wants his sister to come to him so they call her. Anthony Novak, a Paramedic from the Pittsburgh Fire Department talks to him. Charles gives them his mom's number in case they can't get the sister. He's way up high on the top of the bridge. He says no one cares so why should Officer Jean White care who is helping. Commander Robert McNeilly arrives. Jean has known him since they were kids. She tells him Mary Lou is on the way down. He wants to see his dad in heaven. They are sending a car for his sister and it takes time. Mary Lou arrives and is hysterical. She tells him please come down, please, talk to her. They tell her it's really wide up there, he didn't jump. There are a lot of birds up there making noise. She tells him she loves him, Carol loves him, Crystal loves him and to come down. Mom loves her. He asks if she wants him to jump. She says no. They won't touch him if he comes down, they'll just take him to get help. He starts coming down, doesn't remember climbing up there, he was drinking and sobered up when he got there and was scared to climb down. He...


Pittsburgh, PA 2

March 09, 1991

(2:04 AM Domestic Dispute Call) Officer Pat Logan says on the job they've broken his arm, fractured his skull, stabbed him four times, run him over with a stolen car, smashed into him with a stolen car and put him out of commission a couple of time. He’s been in four gun battles and one where he saved an officer's life. He still has nightmares about gun battles and getting shot at, every once in a while wakes up in a cold sweat. You either live with it or like he does and talks to his buddy who is a psychologist. He says it's not his fault the way the world is. It's good. Or guys who don't believe that wind up chewing on a gun barrel leaving a family behind who doesn't understand. He doesn't take his problems home. He pulls up to the house and says to put the dog in the basement, that's a grand idea. A black couple is arguing. He says he's got the receipts, pays the rent and phone, she just pays the gas. They went to a bar, were drinking and she has no food. Linda Jackson's tired of him beating her ass and she pays everything. He's got all the receipts, ask the landlord next door. She says she called the police last week and they didn't do anything and he bought the receipt book from a dollar store. She cries and says it's her house, she bought it. Pat says to stop shouting. The landlady says they both rent there. If she wants to leave she'll have to talk to someone because they are leaving. He says she can take the stereo and TV and she had nothing when they moved in. She doesn't stop talking for a second and says everything is hers, the landlady is lying, she sends him to pay the rent and won't do anything unless she is bleeding. They tell her to go to her mother's or go to jail since she is drunk. Tomorrow she can go to a magistrate and get a warrant. She doesn't want him to take anything while she's gone. Put your socks on, go to Hermitage street and go so they can conclude this. She says she's not drunk, knows the steps and won't fall. Outside Pat says he's getting too old for this screaming Mimi stuff, another fun night. (Thursday 7:50 PM) Detective Jack Bauer says there is a trail of blood leading from the doorway south along the building, no witness. There is a dead black man on the ground stabbed in the chest. A couple of suspects come in and they are taking blood samples to make sure it's all the victims. They take pictures of him and his girlfriend says they lived together 3-4 years and have a 2 year old. He lives with his mom since they were having problems. He owed her money and was with Darlene getting money to give her and that was the last she heard. Detective Clifton L. Pugh is on the Homicide Bureau and reads the story. Lee had gotten beaten up, called Snuggles and left him his beeper number. Commander of Investigations Ronald B. Freeman says Lee is the victim. They took $500 worth of drugs and Cornelius said he was going to cap him for ripping people off. A woman told them not to kill him, that's jive. They said they were going to take him out. (Monday 1:15 AM) Communications Center takes the (Vehicle Pursuit Call) A car crashes and there is a bloody woman inside, one of them has a warrant for homicide. Lt. Richard M. Dwyer says the man driving is their suspect. He drove through a red light in Oakland, ran on foot and was caught. He was brought in and gave a statement. In jail he said the cops pulled him over for running a stop sign. He admits he stabbed Lee, but says Lee attacked him, got in his face and he stabbed him. He didn't mean to kill him, he's not no murderer. (8:19 PM 911 Call) Officer Thomas Harris has been there 14 years, but his ideals changed. At first it was a career opportunity, steady job, you go through phases, everyone goes to jail, you are going to change the world. Now he chooses prevention. If you can wake someone up before they get in the system, then you've done more than the system can do. It starts raining hard as a man is interfering with a baby. They are outside and the...


Tampa, FL 1

March 16, 1991

(3:32 PM Quad Squad Briefing) Officer Vickie Thomas is at home getting her gear ready for work. Her job is very exciting, going out dealing with the scum as the mayor would call them. She never knows what to expect, be prepared for anything, likes a good fight, it gets the adrenaline pumping, likes to get in there, roll around, give her a fight any day. She gets in her car and drives to work. Sgt. Jim Diamond says they are going to do a buy/bust operation and they have two women in the car, so take care of them. Vickie is a single mom with a six year old son and likes these busts because they are dangerous and exciting. If she was to die her son would be a very rich little boy because she has lots of insurance. They decide to focus on one area because they are losing light. Vickie stops and asks a young girl for a dime. She asks them if they are vice and only has a small piece because she doesn't know them. She hands it to them and they check it out and wind up buying it. They try to say they've seen her around, she says they don't look like vice and the guys don't want her to sell it. She has a blue skirt and a red doorag on and goes back in the Honky Tonk. They drive over there and catch her. Vickie feels sorry for her, but she's glad to get them off the street because they don't care who they sell too like 8, 9 or 10 year olds. (5:05 PM) They make another stop. There are some guys hanging around and they ask for a dime. They go back and get a guy who comes back with a rock. They give it to them, they taste it and say someone sold them wax on the other side of town. The guy asks her if she wants a boyfriend. She says no, but that he is kinda cute. They ask if they are cops and they say they wouldn't do them like that. She radios it in, they are caught and they find a pill canister filled with $20 pieces. She feels sorry for the girls who are trying to support 4-5 kids, but the guys she has no pity for and will bust them all day every day if she can. (4:43 PM Man with Gun Call) Officer Micki Mashburn has a bad died blond mullet and short spiky hair. She has worked this area for over 5 years. You get to know the area and the people, they know when you are on or off shift and when they can commit crimes. They sell drugs and quit when she comes on duty. There is a suspect standing on Ford and Mitchell, possibly armed. It was called in by someone who knows him. He is walking near a place called Checkers with four guys there. She calls him over, checks him and he has no ID. He is all fidgety and says he doesn’t live there and is visiting his grandma, but doesn't know her address. She lives over there. He has a beeper, says the guys are his partners and has no answer why he doesn't carry ID. She puts him in the back of the car and goes over to the wall where they were hanging out and finds drugs behind it. There is a canister of rocks and Quaaludes. The guys are on another corner and she asks if they want to claim it and they say no. The charge is with the guy in the red shirt. Mark arrives as back up and she wants him to search the suspect, especially if he shoved something in his crotch area. (Airport Narcotics Unit) Sgt. Danny Long has information from the FBI and a photo of someone who is supposed to be flying out of Tampa and carrying narcotics, unknown what kind. They have their names and they are on the manifest. Detective James Contento asks if it's in the luggage or on them, but they don't know. They walk over to the Delta check in and are in plain clothes. They spot and follow them to the stairs and check the guy at the bottom. They ask if they can talk to him and if they can search his bag. The woman he is with asks if he's in trouble for flying under a different name. Detective James Quinn searches too. They find a joint which she says she forgot was there. They bring in the dog and then search their clothes. They find a large bag of pot and tell her they'll bring a female officer to search her. She says they just...


Tampa, FL 2

April 06, 1991

(10:52 PM Burglary Call) Officer Michael Anderson says his mom worries, but feels he is safer there instead of Miami. They are proud to have a cop in the family and she is proud to say she has a boy that's an officer. When he was 10 they had an Officer Friendly program in school and he's been interested in it ever sense. He kept clean to make his goal of being a cop and now he wants to be an FBI agent. Two white guys broke into a school and he goes in looking for them. Two other cops are inside and they've caught one guy. Another guy in all black is supposed to be on the roof with a bag of tools with a knife. They look in the gym, but can't find him. There is some sort of leak and water on the floor. They ask the guy how tall his friend is. He says he has a tool on him from work. They ask if his job is a burglar. He says no. They find money on him and he says he wants it back because it's his pay. They broke into the kitchen and trashed the place. The floor is covered with food and stuff they threw - fries, mustard and ketchup sprayed on all the walls. The thief Robert says his buddy is Rick, but he doesn't know his last name of where he lives. Mike says then it will all go on him. If he thinks of anything, let him know. (8:20 PM Domestic Dispute) Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department - Deputy Mike Fields says with any domestic it's difficult to tell the players without a score card. There are usually lots of people involved, with lots of ways they think it's supposed to be and they all think they are right. He says it's in the Suitcase City area where everyone moves around so much. There is another cop there and a Chevy Caprice in the driveway. The call is the husband is harassing her by pulling up and knocking on the door. Deputy Jeff Samberg is there. David says she is 29 and he goes to church and he's trying to get her to come with him and she won't. He doesn't want her to commit adultery again. He calls her and the family hangs up on him. He hangs out in front of the house yelling for her to come out. He wants her to come out and he'll buy her cigarettes and help her out. They are married, but separated. She is obsessive compulsive and he just wants her to come to counseling with him. He loves Debbie, wants to take her to dinner, wants to be with his wife on Saturday night, he'll buy her lobster or shrimp. Mike says he's been there before, knows they have lots of cats and wonders if his strategy has worked before. It sounds weird that he's trying to barter with cigarettes and shrimp. The morbidly obese mother tells him she doesn't want him around anymore. If he comes back he'll be arrested for trespassing. They write it up. Debbie comes out, is taller than David and asks if he has any cigarettes on him. She can't leave because she doesn't trust him, he'll hurt her. He says he'll never hurt her. Robin filed the trespass, not her. He has to pick her up in the street then. She says she'll go with him and talk, she owes him that much. First no one wanted to be around, then they are leaving together. Mike says that's the first time he heard that one work, from now on he'll send people to Red Lobster with a coupon. (9:06 PM) Officer John Hocker says the only calls his squad answers on the radio are fatal accidents or damage to a city vehicle. There are certain times of the year they focus on DUIs like the holidays, around now. He has a mounted camera he can turn on if he sees someone driving erratically - don't drink and drive or he'll get you. Officer Tim Grams wants to do a field sobriety test and he needs John to come there with the camera to record it. Tim demonstrates how he wants him to walk - 9-10 steps heel to toe. Mr. Lee walks 6 steps, almost falls over and says you got me on that one. He is arrested. John spots a car driving all over the road on Independence and Memorial. The guy gets out and he asks him to see his license. He says he doesn't have it with him. He has one, then admits he doesn't have one. He...


Tucson, AZ 1

April 13, 1991

(4:07 PM Warrant Briefing) Metropolitan Area Narcotics Trafficking Interdiction Squad - Agent Tom Moorehead says this will be a search warrant on a ranch they were at last year where 2700 pounds of pot were seized. Ernie is the main player, got caught in CA with 100 pounds years ago. They saw a ton, he's moving out and needs to unload it. The squad arms up and most have their faces hidden. A surveillance team checks out the ranch for people or suspicious activity. Tom's biggest fear is the weed is gone. You file your paperwork and hope it's still there. They are in the middle of the desert, the nearest house is 7 miles away and backup is 1 hour away. He calls the team and he spots two men going in and out of a trailer, 6 subjects total no weapons. (5:18 PM Warrant Served) They pour in with assault weapons and tell the guys to go down, but they don't listen. One guy runs and they search a trailer for him. They put bags over the criminals heads. They only find a few hundred pounds of drugs, it's like having a date with Bo Derek and getting Olive Oyl when you show up. One guy says it's not his house and he's mirandized. The guy says Brian offered him a large sum of money to stay in the trailer, doesn't know how much. A UC tells Tom who was going in and out, no one pulled up the whole time. The guy with the 42 shirt was going in and out. There is 155 pounds total. Detective Roy Leblanc finds ledgers showing how many bales he has, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth. (3:22 AM Street Patrol) Officer Gary Lynch has been there 19 years, 5 months and has lived there 30 years. He was a mortician before, has no thought of leaving, can retire in 6 months, but loves the job so much that he wants to stay longer. (4:06 AM Domestic Dispute) A caller said a fight has been going on all night in an apartment, that has now moved out into the parking lot. He talks to Christine, DOB 12/24/45, who says they weren't fighting, just trying to find the keys to the apartment. They are from Phoenix, looking for work, only her, her husband and Dan are in there. The husband says his plans were to feed the snake and put him in the box in his truck. He wanted to keep him warm and he was playing with him on the floor all night. He wants to show Gary. He just did it, milked it, a diamondback with 5 rattles and he has a degree from the University of Hawaii. He opens a box, it's 4 and 1/2 feet long and rattling, but he's not breaking law as long as he keeps it in a box. He asks what's going on. Roy explains if he goes back inside there's no problem. He asks Roy if he wants to see him milk it. Roy doesn't. He says he's a long haul cross-country truck driver who used to own 7 pet shops. It got so lonely it was like doing time, so he got a woman. (4:10 PM Roll Call) Sgt. Pat Walters says there's a note about Xmas open house 12/20, flyers are distributed to 7 retirement homes, $200 was donated for food, they don't need any more money, but if they want to donate food that'll be good. (8:22 PM Burglary Call) Officer Terri O'Rourke goes to a school and a helicopter is overhead. The alarm went off and someone is inside. A SAM unit is going in with a dog starting in the kitchen. The dog jumps up on the stage, then checks rooms and the thief is found under a sink. He says he's not moving, he has medication, is alone and is face down. They wanted the dog to get them. Terri says it was textbook and when they were in the academy they were told people usually hide in the obvious places and there he was. She was glad she got him before the dog, it feels good.


Tucson, AZ 2

April 20, 1991

(9:48 PM Shooting Call) Officer Terri O'Rourke says she always wanted to be a cop since 7th 8th grade. They asked her what she wanted to do with her life and they laughed at her because there weren't a lot of female cops. It was always something she was interested in, so she did it. A call of someone who got shot and 3 men left the scene in a yellow car comes in. She pulls up and there is a lot of commotion, lots of cops, Fire Dept and people yelling. A black guy thought they were playing, then they grabbed his neck, put a gun to his throat and said you wanna shoot? So they shot at them. They come there to visit Bertha at her apartment all the time. They are two brothers and can ID the shooters. The big guy Willie got hit with shrapnel. Willie says he and his brother were coming downstairs and they were approached. A guy was making noise, they were playing, then the woman driving the car started calling them niggers. They drive back to the scene where the three Mexican males are caught. The are juveniles ages 16 & 18. Willie says that's them, but he doesn't know who shot him. There is a pair of guns on the seat of their car. Willie went in for surgery, but there was no bullet inside of him, it only grazed him. He'll be in the hospital a few days. One is arrested for assault and the rest are pending. (Street Patrol) Officer Gary Lynch says he is very active in his church and feels sorry for a lot of the people he deals with and understands a lot of the problems they have. When he first contacts them his whole rapport is he doesn't have to fight or arrest them. He doesn't want to do it, if he is calm and polite then they'll give him the same respect. (10:12 PM Domestic Dispute) A call of a family fight at a neighbor's house. They hear noises, no other info. They go up to the apartment complex and knock on the door with a Merry Christmas sign on it. The woman is below, says it's her apt. The guy was punching the wall and said he was going to kill her. Her 8 month old baby is in there and she is crying that her kids are freezing. Gary says to drop the kids at a neighbors' until they can get it sorted out. He's been drinking, just got home from a bar, has a knife and told her he would kill himself. Gary wants to ask the manager for a key, but she doesn't want him to do that. He told her if she called the cops he would shoot her. Gary says he might not mean that. She says he means it. A neighbor comes to take the kid. She says they have no phone and it's apt 38, so he goes to the manager. The man says he needs his wife. She gives them a key that should work. He goes and tries the key, but it doesn't work. They go to maintenance and get a ladder to climb up on the balcony to get in the sliding glass door. They get in and call for Danny and get no answer. Gary grabs the baby out of the crib while other cops search for him. He hands the baby to the fat mother who is busy smoking and hits the kid with the cigarette. Danny's hand is cut open, he says it's from hitting a glass picture and wants a cigarette. He's under arrest. Paramedics are going to check him out first. She is upset, can't believe he is going along with it. He's been arrested for domestic before and so has she, it's nothing new to her. (8:04 PM Burglary Call) Officer Steve McGuigan says the public perceives them as being different, cold hearted and mean, but they are people too who grew up the same as everyone else. When they get off the job they all do different kinds of things and people perceive them differently. He goes to a park at night and plays basketball with young kids. He hits a shot and says they owe him a dollar and he'll be back for it. Another unit spotted a suspect, doesn't know what for yet and he drives over to assist. The apartment was burgled and they got a good boot print on the door and fingerprints. He's now supposed to be at the Red Dog drinking. They'll have the victim call him at the bar and make sure he is there so they can bust him. The guy...


Riverside Co. CA 1

April 27, 1991

(6:15 PM Warrant Briefing) Deputy Russ Wilson says the bad guys are either a patch holder for the Hell Angels or into it themselves. They are going to a meth lab is in a house and they don't know the status, if it's going to be bubbling or boxed up. Deputy Steve Peters says it's nerve racking, he gets butterflies, doesn't know if they are going to be home, if there are dogs, guns or what. They pound on the trailer and tell them to come out and they try to sneak out the back. They catch Sean and Shana out back. He says the guy is a friend of his from high school and he boogied out the back door, so he followed him. Shana says she's 20 and has a pipe on her. They find a plate of meth freshly cut, bags of pot and a M-16 with the serial numbers shaved off. Guns and dope always are together. They catch another group of people including Denise who is crying she came there with her dad. They check a girls' eyes and ask when was the last time she used speed. She denies it and is only 16, so they arrest her for being under the influence. Denise says she didn't do speed, her pupils are huge because she's scared. They say it doesn't work that way, so she says she smoked pot. Mom arrives and tells the 16 year old that she played with a rattlesnake and got bit. She says mom, not now. Mom is pissed and wants them to take her to jail. They aren't going to and she's willing to pay them to do it. She says the guy she's with isn't her boyfriend and shows them a picture of the guy. The girl doesn't think she screwed up and doesn't want to get in the car. She says she just dropped Jeremiah off. Mom doesn't even want her in her car. 35 hours of work on this case is over. (4:30 PM 911 Call) Sheriff's Dept - a man calls in that a woman has been shot in her living room, doesn't know how long she's been there and thinks she is dead. Kathy is crying in the background, it's her mother, no idea who did it. Deputy John Ruffcorn takes the call. Deputy Greg Colyer is on scene, he says there are 2 DOA, no suspects. The daughter and the son in law found them. Deputy Tom Segobia says they came in, found the step mother dead on the floor and the dad face down in the bedroom in a pool of blood. No one else lived there and no one stays with them. She thinks Carlos their neighbor was home, but doesn't know if he saw anything. They came over to borrow a chainsaw from her dad, knocked, no one answer, the door was unlocked, so they went around back and heard the dogs barking. She saw Carla there, couldn't get the phone to work, so she went next door. Tom tells her to hang tough, but she asks about her dad. He doesn't want to say, but admits he was found shot in the bedroom and he's dead. She breaks down. Tom says he hates this, there's no reason they should be dead. (6:52 PM Homicide Investigation) Detective Fred Breitkreuz says the back door was pried open, so that's where they'll start. Detective William Frogue says they'll probably be out there all night long. Inside the woman still has expensive jewelry on and a phone is in her hand. It doesn't look like a robbery since the TV is still there. (4:32 AM) Deputy Coroner Bob Overman is going to take the liver temperature to see how long they've been dead. It's 62 degrees, which means they've been dead 12-18 hours. They find blood on the side of the fridge and possibly gunpowder. (7:12 AM) They remove the bullet from the man after they've been there 12-14 hours. They come up with a dozen theories to what happened, one may be right, but they'll never know. Moreno Valley, CA (Gun Range) Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Duke Viveros fires at a target, reloads and is told to shoot 12 rounds into the last target line. Every three months they need to go down to the range and shoot a 210 score. If they fail they have to make it up. Not everyone shoots as much as they should and they'll regret it later when they get docked pay. He takes a call and pulls up to Maurice standing outside of his car. He tells him to put his hands up...


Houston, TX 2

May 18, 1991

(10:08 PM Disturbance Call) Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Eugene Lancaster works the unicorporated parts of Harris county, in the last few years crime has gotten a lot worse, mostly drugs, especially crack. They’re undermanned and always busy. A man is breaking windows with a pipe. Eugene goes up the dark driveway to a rundown house. A woman says her boyfriend done beat the windows in and took off. She saw him throw a ladder through a window and broke three others and the air conditioner. She was over his house and her car died and he left her there. They pushed the car to Circle K and the tow truck driver brought her home. He did it because he was drunk and thinks she's screwing around with the neighbor. They have two kids together and her grandfather lives with her and Eugene explains to her what to do if she wants to file charges. There is a gun on the table and Eugene holds it as he explains it. They guy isn't there, so he can't arrest him. They'll have to sign a statement saying he did it. Suddenly shots are fired in the yard. He calls for backup 42-40 and then runs out and hunts the guy down. He is in the yard in a red shirt and jeans. He tells him to get down and cuffs him. He says not to move, to shut up and asks him where the gun is. He says he has no gun. Eugene searches for it and tells him to shut up. He calls in that the guy is in custody. The woman comes down smoking and wanting the two jackets he's wearing saying they are hers. The man says he drank a 12 pack of beer and a pint of whiskey - that's it. He doesn't care anymore, doesn't smoke crack. As they are driving back to the station a torrential rains starts. He says he was filing a criminal mischief report, got shot at, it scared him to death and was not a good feeling. He didn't see the guy, made a run for it and caught him. (11:22 PM) They arrive at the station, take the first door on the right and Cpl Jim Haley questions him. The drunk says that his girlfriend got him disappointed and no woman in the world should get you disappointed when you are drinking trying to have a good time. When the car breaks down and they blame you that isn't right. He's not an alcoholic or anything, he doesn't like it, that's the way he is that's the way it's gonna be! That's the way he grew up and that's the way it's gonna be. He gets angry. You don't know where he grew up or where comes from. You don't and nobody else will. It makes him mad. He's worse than Rambo. He doesn't use a gun. He's the only one who can change it. He doesn't smoke crack. He is an alcoholic, he drinks the cheap whiskey. He is dying anyway of cirrhosis of the liver, but no one believes him. He's been through a stomach staple, he's been through hell, more than Rambo. He can't stop, he can't stop today, why should he? He ain't never tried to kill anyone or hurt anyone, he did break some teenie windows. Whenever he gets out he's not going to stop. As long as she treats him wrong he'll treat her like sh-t. If she treats him right, he'll treat her right. They've been together for 4 years. He has 2 kids - 2 years and 4 months and 8 months. He hopes his kids see this so they'll be worse than him. He knows his one boy will be worse, he hopes he is. A man won't take sh-t from a woman. He doesn't want people messing with him when he has a good time. He says he doesn't drink that much, when someone gets him pissed off he gets pissed off. Jim asks shim if he wants help for his drinking. He says he doesn't need help, he just pissed off, it would be throwing money out the window. He cries and says he loves his kids, he could've got shot. Then he asks if it will cost anything. He says counseling is free and he admits he needs help. (2:52 AM Disturbance Call) Harris County Sheriff's Dept - it's lunchtime. They are stuffing hot dogs down. Deputy Michael Sieck says his partner Deputy Bubba Hinton wears a hat, but his head is too big to fit in the car. Bubba says he's a native Texan and he likes wearing a cowboy hat, it...


Houston, TX 5

June 08, 1991

(2:33 AM Street Patrol) Harris Co. Sheriff’s Dept. – Deputy Monty Herron has been around horses his whole life. He’s owned one for 15 years to relieve stress. He belongs to the rodeo association of Texas police officers and they travel around the state competing for buckles. He goes to a call of 5 or 6 black males at a burglary in progress. When he gets there it is a shooting. A man is hit in the chest and a woman in the leg. They go into a dark house with a woman blocking the way. The guy says someone tried to break in through the window and he shot them. His wife tried to escape through the front when shotgun blasts came through their bedroom window and they can see holes in a picture on the wall. There is blood everywhere. Cops say it was really a dope deal gone sour and the victims were hit with 9mm. They secure the scene for Detective Pratt. (11:17 PM Shots Fired Call) Sheriff’s Dept. – Cpl. James Billonvich gives a stress test at a basic tactical training course. He tells the woman trainee she’s been hit in the arm and has to load and holster with only one arm. He says they ride the females harder to make them better. A female heard several shots and someone screaming for help. While looking for the male shooter they find a guy who was shooting his gun in the air to celebrate because he’s happy the Gulf War in over. James tells him it’s illegal, but just gives him a warning. (1:18 AM Theft Call) Deputy Michael Sieck likes the night shift the best. There are too many people out in the day and the night is busier.A guy pumped gas without paying at Wallaceville and Wake Forest. He finally pulls his truck over on the 300 block of Kokomo. They cuff the long haired driver for stealing the $16 worth of gas. The owner followed them and is on the scene. The passenger went in for cigarettes and the driver was supposed to go in and pay, but ran. The driver doesn’t know anything about it. They take the driver back to the gas station to get ID’ed by the clerk. Mike says if he tells the truth he’ll only get a citation. The driver says he only had $1, so he pumped and ran away. He gets a $200 fine and is let go until the trial.


Houston, TX 8

August 09, 1991

(1:35 AM Shooting Call) Harris Co. Sheriff's Dept. - Deputy Michael Sieck says everything happens at night. When people drink, they get drunk and fight so he has to be the moderator, doctor, referee and psychologist. He wears lots of hats. There’s a 217 call at an upstairs hotel room. He finds blood on the doorstep, a guy on the bed with his leg bleeding and a woman freaking out. They say it happened 30 minutes ago. A 5' 4" black man wearing all black weighing 170 pounds came up and just shot him. They got out of the car, the guy was on the stairs and pulled a gun on them wanting money. They try to get her to calm down and give her water. EMT arrives and says he has a fracture to his leg and will have to be airlifted out. They wrap him in a comforter, take him out, a Hermann Hospital helicopter lands and he is wheeled aboard. Mike says he doesn't think they got the full story, doesn't believe anything he hears and only half of what he sees. This job is always something new, you never get in a rut. You try to help someone and sometimes they blow up in your face, but you keep going. . (2:25 AM Man with a Gun Call) The call is that a woman has been shot and they are walking on Market. He pulls up to the man and woman and when they see him they keep walking. He gets out and checks them. Melinda has a gun in her pocket. She says they were walking home to her mom's house. The guy threw his gun over a fence, she went to get it and a guy chased him. It is 2/19, she only met him 5 days ago. He threw the gun because they had a fight and she wouldn't give it back to him. There were 3 shots fired, but she says it wasn't fired. They can tell that it was fired, so she says she believes them. They pull the guy out of the cop car and he says the woman is his fiancé, the gun is his, they were arguing and he shot it in the air twice because he was mad and he threw it away. He is upset she is getting arrested. He wants to know how much it will cost. They are both arrested and are crying. He kisses her in the back in the cop of the car. Mike didn't expect her to have the gun and she could've shot him. (12:21 AM Assistance Call) Deputy Bubba Hinton says his mother and father gave him the nickname Bubba, a real Texas name, no one knows his real name and they all call him Bubba. Deputy Victor Zigmont caught some black males trying to break into cars and apartments. He goes to help out and there are a bunch of officers on the scene. They find a pistol, a shotgun and a rifle in the thieves car. They saw one guy by an apartment with a screwdriver and caught the other one in a car. One guy says he was hitchhiking, they gave him the car and he's never been to jail. Deputy Ziggy chased the car doing 85mph, but the guy says they didn't run. He says there are others in his crew by the Stop N Go, so they go over there and look. A black guy in a trenchcoat is walking and runs off when he sees them. He runs into the woods and ditches his coat. They catch him a couple blocks later, he asks what he's being arrested for and what did he do? They put him in the car and find there was a path he ran down while they floundered through the deep sticks in the back.

Season 4


Boston, MA 1

November 16, 1991

(11:16 PM Drug Sweeps) Area A-7 - Officer Mike Lopriore says Boston is just the right size, was a good place to grow up - not too big or too small, neighborhoods are sectioned off, good city, it's run well, nothing else he could ask for. He loves it and there's nothing else he'd rather be doing than policing the city he grew up in. He spots a drug deal in an alley as they drive by. He gets out and sneaks around back. He catches a white guy in a blue jacket and presses him against a fence. His partner Officer Peter Fontanez catches the other guy and brings him over. The guy starts choking and Mike pounds him on the back until he spits out 3 bags of cocaine. They call him an idiot. Peter cut them off with the car and enabled Mike to catch them. After he says lots of guys choke on the bags and they have to play paramedic. They bring the kid to the station and the kid says he wasn't doing anything. (11:56PM) He's charged with possession class B and possession within 1000 feet of a school, then he is mirandized. He says he has 2 kids and was going to rehab Tuesday, then counseling. Mike says he could've choked to death. (4:06 PM Roll Call) with Officer Robert Anthony. He takes the call of a woman trying to pass a phony prescription at a supermarket. Officer Ralph Amoroso questions her and she says she was picking it up for a neighbor Donna. The pharmacist says she's called before, but the information she gave didn't match up. She wanted Vicadin and gives Ralph her ID and the pharmacist calls the doctor. The woman claims she didn't know it was phony and wants to know if she is under arrest and can she leave. She's an attorney. They say they can detain her until they determine if there was a crime, the Sgt is on the way. Robert asks to see her Bar Card if she's a lawyer, but she doesn't have one. Sgt. Francis Gaughan talks to the pharmacist who says she couldn't find the name and stalled until police arrived. She said it was for Navarro. The woman says she has 2 kids in her car, but there is no one there. She is arrested for a 92C - passing a phony prescription. Francis says they have to cuff, it's the law. They check her car and find 3 additional license plates in the car. They also find prescription bags with no receipts and different names. The pharmacist comes out and checks the bags and says it's a highly addictive pill and sells for about $8 a pill. Cops say she is the best scammer they've ever seen. Sgt. Joe Flandaca has a Warrant Briefing. A couple has a 22 year old son and they have a sledgehammer to break the door down if necessary. They arrive at 4:22 pm. They get in and have to go up and downstairs to check the place. Detective Chuck Wilson questions the old man, Johnny, who owns the house if there is any cocaine there. Detective Joe Mugnano says his son will get locked up if they find any coke and it isn't his fault. The old guy understands. Joe says he has a chance of saving everyone else from being charged if he'll tell them the truth. Mike Lopriore says the guy told him where everything is, but doesn't believe it. He's arrested the son 5 times for drugs already - it runs in the family. They find bags of rocks in the Cheerios cereal. A call comes in from Tony who wants to bet on the Celtics and Joe pretends he's Johnny and takes the call making up a point spread. The phone rings again and he says that Johnny is out for a while and he's taking care of things. He takes a bet over the phone. Cops keep tearing up the place looking for drugs, in dresses in a closet, in the couch and they find nunchucks. They cuff him and Joe says they have a steady gambling habit and sell the drugs to pay the gambling bills. (8:12PM) Chuck helps Johnny into the back of his car and he can barely get in because he's 70 years old.


Boston, MA 2

November 09, 1991

(11:16 PM Drug Sweeps) Area A-7 - Officer Mike Lopriore says Boston is just the right size, was a good place to grow up - not too big or too small, neighborhoods are sectioned off, good city, it's run well, nothing else he could ask for. He loves it and there's nothing else he'd rather be doing than policing the city he grew up in. He spots a drug deal in an alley as they drive by. He gets out and sneaks around back. He catches a white guy in a blue jacket and presses him against a fence. His partner Officer Peter Fontanez catches the other guy and brings him over. The guy starts choking and Mike pounds him on the back until he spits out 3 bags of cocaine. They call him an idiot. Peter cut them off with the car and enabled Mike to catch them. After he says lots of guys choke on the bags and they have to play paramedic. They bring the kid to the station and the kid says he wasn't doing anything. (11:56PM) He's charged with possession class B and possession within 1000 feet of a school, then he is mirandized. He says he has 2 kids and was going to rehab Tuesday, then counseling. Mike says he could've choked to death. (4:06 PM Roll Call) with Officer Robert Anthony. He takes the call of a woman trying to pass a phony prescription at a supermarket. Officer Ralph Amoroso questions her and she says she was picking it up for a neighbor Donna. The pharmacist says she's called before, but the information she gave didn't match up. She wanted Vicadin and gives Ralph her ID and the pharmacist calls the doctor. The woman claims she didn't know it was phony and wants to know if she is under arrest and can she leave. She's an attorney. They say they can detain her until they determine if there was a crime, the Sgt is on the way. Robert asks to see her Bar Card if she's a lawyer, but she doesn't have one. Sgt. Francis Gaughan talks to the pharmacist who says she couldn't find the name and stalled until police arrived. She said it was for Navarro. The woman says she has 2 kids in her car, but there is no one there. She is arrested for a 92C - passing a phony prescription. Francis says they have to cuff, it's the law. They check her car and find 3 additional license plates in the car. They also find prescription bags with no receipts and different names. The pharmacist comes out and checks the bags and says it's a highly addictive pill and sells for about $8 a pill. Cops say she is the best scammer they've ever seen. Sgt. Joe Flandaca has a Warrant Briefing. A couple has a 22 year old son and they have a sledgehammer to break the door down if necessary. They arrive at 4:22 pm. They get in and have to go up and downstairs to check the place. Detective Chuck Wilson questions the old man, Johnny, who owns the house if there is any cocaine there. Detective Joe Mugnano says his son will get locked up if they find any coke and it isn't his fault. The old guy understands. Joe says he has a chance of saving everyone else from being charged if he'll tell them the truth. Mike Lopriore says the guy told him where everything is, but doesn't believe it. He's arrested the son 5 times for drugs already - it runs in the family. They find bags of rocks in the Cheerios cereal. A call comes in from Tony who wants to bet on the Celtics and Joe pretends he's Johnny and takes the call making up a point spread. The phone rings again and he says that Johnny is out for a while and he's taking care of things. He takes a bet over the phone. Cops keep tearing up the place looking for drugs, in dresses in a closet, in the couch and they find nunchucks. They cuff him and Joe says they have a steady gambling habit and sell the drugs to pay the gambling bills. (8:12PM) Chuck helps Johnny into the back of his car and he can barely get in because he's 70 years old.


Boston, MA 3

November 23, 1991

(5:54 PM Disturbance Call) Area D Briefing - The Sgt. talks to Officer John Ridge & Officer Bill Reynolds about liability. He's mentioned it before that if you have a situation where you make an arrest and you can make or not make a report - always makes a report - liability, liability, liability. Then he wants to know if anyone has a joke, but no one does. A call comes in of a fire on Angeline Rd where a man jumped from the building and hit the ground. A crowd is gathering as they get stuck in traffic on the way. There is a white man in his underwear on the ground with both feet and arms broken and bloody and they tell him to relax. The fire department shows up and says the fire is in Apt 204 where the man jumped from. Everyone else is out of the all elderly building. The man says his hands and feet hurt as they put a brace on his neck and he yells not to touch his feet. He jumped from the window, to the roof then to the street. The man fought with his wife, ran down the hall, ran into another apartment and fought with the woman there. She ran out and he stayed inside and set the place on fire and jumped. (5:37 PM 911 Call) PD Headquarters Communications Center - a man calls from the Angelo Seafood Restaurant about a guy creating a disturbance. (5:42 PM Disturbance Call) Officer Brian McMasters & Officer Ralph Amoroso go to the call saying it's a law going back to the 1700s about disturbing the innkeeper. Angelo and his wife says the guy has complained to them three times. He ate 3/4 of the clams in a box and then wanted a refund. The customer says they have the best fish in town, but the clams are tough, taste terrible and you can't chew them. Ralph says they can't give him a refund since he ate most of it. The guy says he's going to picket outside tomorrow. He used to come in once a week to eat the clams, but they did this to him out of spite. He'll have to go to another seafood restaurant now. (9:17 PM Domestic Violence Call) They go and talk to a 72 year old woman who won't put up with the abuse any more. The drunk guy needs help, is overweight, he's abused her and she’s scared for her life. Backup arrives and all five of them go upstairs to get Michael. They find him in the apartment and he wants his shoes and says not to push him. They’ve been there a few times for him. Back at the station they tell him his wife is scared and wants him to get help. He says she’s his wife, people think she's his mother. Help won't help him, he went to AA and all they talk about is booze. He wants to forget booze. They have to move the table so he can get out since he is so fat. They uncuff him and tell him to behave or he'll go in a cell. Mike kisses their hands, cries and doesn't want to go to jail. He has a hearing aid and they make him take his jewelry off, but his finger is red and swollen under his ring. He says last night he dreamt he was a police officer. (7:12 PM Roll Call) Officer John Ridge says the police have been in his family for over 30 years, he was born and raised with it, his cousins, uncles and father were cops. You can't explain the job to people, it's too complicated going from one call to the next. (10:10 Disturbance Call) It’s at the Food Basket convenience store. When they get there the guy takes off and they chase him. When they catch him he says he wasn't doing anything, just talking to a guy. Then he says he was running to catch a train. They put him in a car and the victim arrives. He says he took money out of a MAC machine and asked for a quarter, then a dollar, then $10 dollars. He followed him into the store and took a swing at him. It was a vicious shot that knocked off his glasses. They pull the guy out of the car and cuff him. He starts getting loud and violent saying he just came out of a house right now, he didn't rob anyone. He says they are doing this because he's Puerto Rican and they are white. The victim says he hit him in the store, they went outside to talk and the guy hit him again and...


Boston, MA 6

December 14, 1991

(8:37 PM Warrant Briefing) East Boston - Officer Robert Anthony listens as the detective talks about a house dealing coke out of it. They’ll take a sledgehammer if needed and there is a woman there. They all load up and enter the apartment building, run down the hallway and knock and enter. There are two people downstairs, and three upstairs. On 11/7 they sold to an undercover cop so they know they have drugs. If Donald cooperates only he and his wife will go down, not everyone. Detective Joe Mugnano makes a drug deal on the phone with the delivery guy saying the woman is in the bathroom. He tells them to come up and ring the bell twice. The guy comes up with the coke and they jump him. They pull him in fast and get bags of rocks off him. They put the owners in cuffs and lead them out. (10:27 PM) At the station they talk about beeping a Spanish drug dealer to see if he'll show up. They drive down to because he's supposed to have an ounce of coke. The dealer is driving right at them and they cut him off. They pull him out, check his mouth for drugs and find wads of money on him. They don't want to tie up the street so they bring him back to the station to thoroughly check the car. (11:42 PM) They tear the car up at the station and find bags of rocks in the dash. (9:10 PM Investigation Call) Officer Bill Reynolds and his partner Officer John Ridge are heading to the 560 block. Jackie is on a blind date and called her father screaming. They are supposed to be in apartment 1208 and they check with security at the building and run up there. They knock and no one answers. They go back down to security to get there parking space number. They check it and the car is gone. They are in a black Saab and spot them on the road and chase them down. They pull them out and the woman is shaken, she has no idea what is going on. She says everything is fine, it must be a joke and they've only been out 2 hours. Bill tells her to call her dad. Jackie calls her brother Joe to ask what's going on. It turns out she said she was having an emergency, but all she needed was hair gel and that they are weird. John talks to the brother on the phone. She was getting ready and left a message on her sisters machine that it was an emergency. The sister called the father who called them. It's a date she'll never forget. (9:02 PM Disturbance Call) Officer Edward Tansey says Lynn is a beautiful city, has the biggest reservation and is right outside of Boston. Officer Charles Griffin is his partner. They are going to a house where a Tammy threatened to set her house on fire. They've been there before, it's off the road. They go in and a woman says it's a drug deal gone bad. She gave him $40 and they ripped her off. There are three men - two Dominicans and a Puerto Rico inside man who don’t speak English. One of them has a large knife. They say Jose is the dealer and isn't there. Tammy has bought from him before, but says she's Vanessa. He's there illegally and she is mad because last night they bought from him and it was baking soda so she called the police. Sgt. Robert O'Neil talks to the girlfriend of the manager Bob McDenna who says the three guys don't belong there. The renter was evicted yesterday and the place is supposed to be empty. The woman was assaulted trying to buy coke. They put the money under the door for coke, but got nothing back. She says she smokes, not snorts and only spends $40 a day so it’s not a bad habit.


Memphis, TN 2

January 18, 1992

(11:22 PM Street Patrol) Shelby Co. Sheriff’s Station – Lt. Mike McEachren congratulates the group on last nights pursuit. It started gloomy, but there was no damage and they all survived. They pull over a car for having no license plate and a bulb out. It is a white and silver Pontiac Bonneville that refuses to stop and crosses over into Mississippi and are cutoff and captured. The black driver is Tony Johnson with a female Mexican passenger, Amanda Mars. Deputy Vernon Pollahite Jr. read them their rights. She says Tony had no license, so he wouldn’t stop. He crossed the border because he’s rather go to a Mississippi jail since they are better. Officers Grayland King and Mike Fleming of Olive Branch MS take them to their jail. Deputy Mike Tulley says he likes to help people and catch bad guys. He sees a lot of bad, but also sees the good. (12:22 AM Domestic Disturbance) Gene says his wife Vanessa was supposed to be home by 10pm and she came home at 11. She tried to drive off and he held on so she drove with him on the hood. She wants to leave with the kids, but he won’t let he. After being married for five years he threatened to beat her. He tries to get her to stay, but she leaves. Sheriff’s Dept. – Deputy Nick Hazelrig dreamt of dope coming from Texas to his town. (8:54 AM Assistance Call) A car from Texas is stopped and they find a little pot that the male driver has. Deputy Mark Kellerman searches the car with his wife and two kids in the back. He shows him a baggie in the trunk and a joint in his eyeglass case. The wife is hysterical and is glad he got caught. She calls him an ass and can’t believe he did this on the way to his father’s funeral. They make him dump all the pot out and cut him loose.


Miami, FL 2

February 22, 1992

(10:17 PM Disturbance Call) Sgt. Jose Fernandez says they are losing Officer Anthony Magrino to homicide. Jose asks him if he wants to say a few words, but he doesn't. Officer Robert Borgmann says he's a long lanky fellow and they chipped in and got him a gift since they like him and he backs them up. It is a cake that reads 'good luck in homicide' they figure he needs to put on some weight. He goes to the call of a black woman and a man fighting in front of a store with another man on the NW corner of 133rd. Anthony jumps out , breaks it up, stops the man with a bloody mouth and cuffs him. She is there with a new boyfriend, he is an old boyfriend. The new guy says he came over to the house and cursed out her momma and he got up to get rid of him and the old guy said he would shoot him. The old guy says “why can't I talk to my girl?” He called his sister and the new guy followed him to the store while he was on the phone and 3 guys jumped him and punched him in the face. He was cuffed because he was hitting her in front of cops. He says he knows he has to go down for this, but asks if he has to. Anthony says he's not going to miss things like that. It's like people know it's his last night. (10:32 PM Shooting Call) Metro-Dade PD Communications Center - A call comes in about a man who has been shot, possibly killed. Officer Robert Borgmann arrives and EMS is on the scene. The man is on the driveway with a bullet wound to the chest and there is a large blood stain on the ground. Rob says it's a high drug area. A woman says she saw the victim running and fall right there. He was shot on the corner and ran there. A drunk man says the victim was making a deal with a fat guy on the bicycle. They left and the guy on the bike probably shot him. He said, "oh lord, I'm hit, I'm hit” and he dropped. The ambulance takes the victim to a LZ and a helicopter picks him up to take him to Jackson Memorial. It'll take 4 minutes instead of 20 minutes by car. He is in critical condition, lost a massive amount a blood and they tried to vacuum out internal bleeding from his stomach. The chopper takes off and hopefully he'll make it. (PM Narcotics Unit Briefing) Metro-Dade PD - an undercover officer says they are going to buy a large amount of narcotics. Sgt. Fred Silber is there. Once the source is there they are going to execute the warrant. They have suitcases full of drugs they are selling him. Fred says the guy stays outside a lot and wanders around. (7:52 PM Special Response Team) Sgt. Steve Mesa says it'll be a slow search. They have pictures of the house and says it is worth over $1 million and they filmed Scarface there. (8:01 PM) The UC arrives and an ambulance pulls up and cops spill out. A flash grenade is shot inside, windows are smashed in and traffic is cut off. There is only one older man inside who is cuffed on the floor. He is told the house is being used for drug shipments and is concealed and they are going to search for it. They find an altar with a shrine that has handcuffs in wax on a plate - it's to protect him from the police. There is a sign that reads 'Remember the golden rule - he who has the gold, makes the rules.' The find a tech-9 assault weapon, a package of hollow point bullets, a silencer, a tape of The Godfather Complete Epic and a tape called Whispering Death - secrets of improved and state of the art silencers. He has a boat port and an expensive boat and pool out back. They board up the door and have a table of money and guns with silencers. He was a major player taken off the street.


Miami, FL 3

February 22, 1992

(2:47 PM) Broward Co. FL Sheriff's Department - Sgt. Ralph Capone is on his way to wire an undercover informant to buy an ounce of coke for $850. The signal is to put his hand through his hair and say "Bob's gonna love it." It should be quick, don't see any problems, but always ready. Dealers couldn't come up with any really weight, but an ounce still gets you 3 years, shut them down before they get bigger. (3:16 PM) They get the signal and drive over in a Kmart parking lot, stop a guy in a red car, block her in, pull her out and cuff her. When they tell her she's getting 3 years she cries and hits her head on the car. They read her the rights and she starts struggling. She doesn't want to answer so they need a female to search her. The car is a 1991 Trans-Am - Amelia & Carmen on the vanity plate. The coke looks really good, like from a kilo. The girl on the plate used to be her lover, the car’s not hers, but has a key ring for it. There is a “Bandit IV” and a “Say no to drugs" sticker on thr side. They find a coconut head inside. Ralph says sometimes people get upset and don't understand, get agitated and get rough. There’s always someone out there who doesn't get it. Miami Beach (7:09 Domestic Disturbance Call) Officer Henry Doce says a child called that her sister was beaten up by her boyfriend and is pregnant. They arrive and EMT is there. They spotted a guy walking away that they think is the boyfriend. He is a tall Spanish guy with a black mullet and says she isn't showing him respect. She is out all day and his food isn't ready when he comes home from work. He doesn't deserve that and it’s not acceptable in his country. They live together, but are not married. He's leaving, but is getting arrested instead. Sgt. Bob Dorigo assists. He tries to smoke a cigar, but is cuffed and put in a car. Bob goes back in and she says he deserves it, he gets away with it and he'll keep doing it and she went through it before. She says all women should do something about it or else he'll keep doing it and you'll go to jail for killing the guy. She is putting all his stuff outside and doesn't want him back. If he comes back she'll hit him, she's 4 months pregnant with twins. Her friend has been married 11 years and been beat for 8 years because her mother says once you are married, that is it. He kicked her when she was pregnant so her daughter called the cops. She is 10 years old, wants him out, and cries. Bob is glad she is getting tough with him. (10:42 PM Accident Call) Communications Center - a woman calls and Deputy Scott Weinberger goes, 2 cars crashed, t-boning in the intersection at 21st and 6th. Deputy Darin Dowe’s car was hit while he was inside. They were hit right in the door and knocked off the road. The female driver in the other vehicle might be drunk since it was such a hard crash. The driver is given a neckbrace and put in the ambulance. The most frequent injury to cops is traffic because they spend 8 hours a day on the road. The passenger comes out and smells of alcohol. Investigator Baron Phillipson and Deputy Al Hernandez say to Lt. Robert Baton it is now a criminal investigation because she is drunk and the officer is injured. Darin will be in hospital for 48 hours of observation in case of internal injuries. The women is given the roadside test and can barely stand, so she fails completely and plays dumb the whole time. This is why they are so critical when it comes to DUI. When you are impaired, tragedy can occur.


Miami, FL 9

May 09, 1992

(7:05 PM Narcotics Unit Briefing) Metro-Dade Sgt. Fred Silber explains how undercover cops confiscated vases full of drugs from the runners who rolled over and were supposed to get $1000 each for them and now will meet the buyers to bust them. The must be done by 9pm. 7:32 - they arrive at the meeting place a Win Dixie. Two men go over to the car with a shopping cart and take the boxes and are arrested by Lt. Robert Diers. They get consent from one of the men to search his house. 8:07 - they arrive and find two people there who show them where another kilo of coke is hidden. Sgt. Michael Roy also finds $6000 in cash. Palm Beach (7:07 PM Communications Center) A man calls 911 about a deaf girl who wants to kill herself. Deputy Charles Hicks goes to the house where 15 year old Kathy cut her wrists. She doesn't want to go to the hospital and officers jump her and her dog so she can't get away. Deputy Kevin Clapp talks to her and she freaks out. Seven days earlier she cut herself and tried to stab a deputy. Her sister Cheryl can't believe they let her out and wants her put in jail. They say it's up to the psychiatrist and they need to talk to him. She keeps doing this over and over. Miami - Sgt. Debra Dozier talks about a reward of $72,000 for a guy who killed a cop. (5:22 PM Disturbance Call) Cpl. Glenn Stolzenberg is called to a cock fighting ring. There are cages and cages of roosters, a ring and scales. Officer Carlos Garcia translated for the owner who says they are just training them. Glenn finds a half dead rooster in a garbage can and the worker pulls it out and cleans it up and gives it a shot. They say they train them humanely and don't harm them even though fights are every Thursday. The owner says animals killed the dead roosters, they didn't die during cock fights. He welcomes them to come back and check.


Miami, FL 11

June 27, 1992

(10:57 PM Narcotics Unit Operation) Miami Beach Metro Dade - Sgt. Fred Silber says they got a call from customs that there is a 50-100 pound package of pot, $100,000 worth, stuffed into fish on Air Jamaica Express from Kingston, Jamaica. He drives to general aviation and Special Agent Thomas Trotto from U.S. Customs is there to brief them. The plane is a DC-7, is 57 years old and is the only one left. The people called to get the fish, so they are letting them come to pick it up and will bust them. (12:19 AM) They are loading it up the fish and the cops drive up and arrest him at gunpoint. The fish is frozen on the top and the pot is wrapped up underneath. There is one lone black illegal alien picking it up and Fred says he'll go to jail then get deported. He doesn't deny knowing what's going on, but won't cough up his boss. (7:39 PM) Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office - Deputy Charles Hicks says s kid named Edwin called that a man with a knife is trying to get in his house. He arrives with Sgt. Louis Sessa, knocks on the door and the kid says he'll sick the dog on them. The police have him come out and give a description of the guy. The father comes up, doesn't speak much English, admits his son has mental problems and is on medication. Charles goes in and talks to Edwin. He wants to know if the story is a lie. The kid cries and says no one believes him and a guy tried to kidnap him before. No one believe him because he's in a stupid handicapped class. Charles says the neighbors were outside for 45 minutes and saw nothing so it sounds like Peter and the Wolf. The kid finally admits seeing things like devils & shadows and he has to pray to make them go away. He thinks if he kills himself it will make the demons go away. Charles says they have to take the kid to be mentally evaluated because he doesn't want it to come back and haunt him later. (2:42 AM Suspicious Vehicle) Ft. Lauderdale - Broward County Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Tincu Taranu says you see a lot of weird things out there like one time he saw a guy turn over a $30,000 car to score only $30 worth of crack. He pulls a car over and the driver, Russ. says he picked up a guy hitch hiking. He was just giving him a ride to Victoria. Tincu pulls the young black kid called Shorty out of the car and he says the driver is a good friend of his mom's. Deputy Glenn Tchou and Officer Edward Jackson question him about lying. The driver is down from New York and says the kid had some pot and stuck it under the seat. They find a crack pipe and can charge him with a felony, but if he tells them where Shorty has the drugs they'll cut him loose. He says the kid has 6 rocks in a Nuprin bottle. They find the bottle on Shorty and he says he swears it's the drivers. Tincu says Russ has a drug problem and needs to get some help. Shorty is arrested, but why should he get a job when he make $100s dealing…it's amazing to see.

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Coast to Coast 19

April 20, 2002

(Des Moines, IA - 3:05 AM Officer Assistance Call) 3rd Watch - Officer Chris Wellman always wanted to be a cop, but had to get his foot in the door, so he went in the Marines and came back to be a cop where he was born and raised. Cops tried to pull a guy over which led to a chase in the loop area. He is in a truck and not going very fast with many cops behind him. They would do a PIT, but they are not allowed to on high up vehicles. The driver holds up a cross when they pull up to him as they get permission to box him in. He is surrounded and won't come out so they break the window. The man is Mexican and says, "You are all going to be sorry, god bless you. God is here with me." He has Q-tip crosses taped on the windows and a cross taped on the back. Officer Michael McBride tried to pull him over. He was laying on the horn the whole time as he told him to stop. He drove away and started laying on the horn again so he went to pull him over again. The guy says he's allowed to honk all night in this country. No one got hurt, so it's all good. Forth Worth, TX (9:05 PM) East Division - Officer Sean Blaydes says being a cop is a pretty fun job, lots of leeway, can do as little or as much as you want with no boss breathing down your neck. Some days have nothing, some are constant. Officer Tegan Broadwater tries to take nothing home and tell no stories, but his wife keeps hitting him up for information though he likes to keep it on the street. They pull a woman over and she digs through a pile of papers. They ask what she is doing. She was visiting her friend Cassandra on Rosedale and Hemphill, hasn't been anywhere else. She hasn't stopped anywhere even though they saw her. They pull her out and she keeps pulling her lip up showing her teeth. They search her pockets and all she has is a phone number. Then she says she stopped at another friends house since she is a stripper and has a lot of friends and thinks they are messing with her. She says she has a point and a spoon in the car and is willing to get naked if they want since she does it for a living. She pulled a muscle in her leg and needs help to sit. They find a bag of needles and a spoon. She says she gets high after work, only spends $20 a day and used to spend $300 a day. She rambles on and on about her mom and going to court for not having headlights. She got off at 7:30pm, went to a house and shot up at Cassandra's. They find some unused drugs. She just got out of jail for heroin, now she's going back. Forth Worth, TX (12:02 AM) North Division - Officer Ernesto Tamayo II works with the CCRT unit, Crime Response Team, whatever tasks they give them they deal with. He grew up on the east side, joined the Air Force, didn't think about being a cop, just ended up there. He pulls up behind two guys about to drag race. He thinks they are going to call it off and they race anyway. He turns on the lights as they speed off and he gets the first guy to pull over and the second guy soon after. He thinks the Camero is going to u-turn and run on him, but he stays put. Ernesto tells them he was right behind him and they didn't see him. Alvin in the Ford is 39 and says the guy in the Camero was teasing him the whole way. Ernesto admits he saw him taunting him and he fell for it. The guy in the Camero is 25 and says he wasn't breaking the speed limit and he wasn't racing. Ernesto laughs. First guy and says he was having fun, but this isn't the place, someone could get killed. The Camero guy didn't mean no harm. Ernesto says if these lose control they could wipe someone out. Alvin says he was playing catch up, he would've caught him. He gives them tickets and says they have raceways they can take it to. They should've looked in their rearview at least before they do something stupid. #1428. 3/9/02


Coast to Coast 21

April 06, 2002

(Tampa, FL - 3:41 AM Burglary in Progress) District 2 - MPO Robert Newberry decided to get into law enforcement when he was five. He was working at a racetrack that his dad was part owner of and one day his dad saved him from a wild race car making all this noise and he took off running and he grabbed him and he always looked up to him for that. Two black men were seen trying to steal tires off a car in a dealership on the main road. They find one hiding under a red car as the K9 looks for the second one. They all run down the road and catch him in a parking lot. The guy screams, wails and cried to god he didn't do it and only ran because he was scared. He said he needed the money or else they would kill him, but he doesn't know them and was just holding the tools. Ft. Worth, TX (4:07 PM Suspicious Activity) Officer J.R. Mendoza talks about how he is still going to college. He sees a car sitting alone under a bridge alone in a known drug area. He goes above it on the overpass and looks down and sees a woman in a blue pickup truck using a needle. He and Maldanado go down and bust her and her husband Barnet of three years is the driver. She says her shoulder is injured, she is scared and hasn't ever been cuffed before. They find crack and he is getting arrested and she cries, pleads and says it is hers. San Bernardino - Two men drive a stolen car to a liquor store. The fat guy wants a discount on half a pint of Vodka because it is his birthday. He says he knows the owner Charlie, but he isn't there. The cashier won't do it and he gets belligerent. The cops talk to him and find out he is on parole and now he can go back to jail for Christmas. #1430. 4/6/02


Coast to Coast 24

September 21, 2002

(Fort Worth, TX - 12:59 AM Car Pursuit) East Division - Officer Brian Clark enjoys working the midnight shift. When the call load goes down he can be more proactive and it looks for things. The shift works out because when he's going home his 2 and 4 year old are waking up so he can play with them. Fortunately for his son and daughter they got his wife's good looks and not his chiseled features. A car runs a stop sign at Ave K and he chases him until he bails at Ave L. They get out, but don't go far and he holds two Mexican men at gunpoint and tells them to get on the ground. The passenger has trouble listening, the driver doesn't come out and another passenger ran away. A woman comes out of the house they pulled into and wants to know what's going on. Brian tells them they ran from the police. The driver says he ran because he didn't want his father's car to get towed and he doesn't have a license. Brian says it will get towed now and all he would've gotten was a ticket. The guy in the orange pants lives there, the driver doesn't. He's been to jail before and says the car isn't stolen and he almost wiped out on the last turn. The new law in Texas is that if you run from the police it's a felony. They find a Coke can filled with paint in the car and the driver says he knows the paint is bad, he's not in a gang and knew better than to run. San Bernardino, CA (5:57 AM Traffic Stop) Deputy Phil Dupper works in the unincorporated part of town where there are no lights, two people on horses and lots of yards on the streets. He pulls over a bashes up, dirty truck for not having a license plate light. He says he lives right there and has no license. Phil wants him to take it easy. Fred is a white guy with a purple doorag who gets all wiry when he gets out. He cuffs him and searches him. He asks him why he's doing this, his son is probably watching him. He says he did nothing wrong, has nothing, but he finds speed on him. He says he's working on getting his license and he hasn't had a license for 10 years. His truck is dirty from working. He finds a bit of weed in the truck. Phil finds it interesting that Fred has a D.A.R.E. shirt on since he’s sending the wrong message. The Sgt. backs him up. Fred can't believe he is getting arrested, he did nothing wrong. Phil asks about the shirt, he says it's a hand me down shirt he uses for work, he's a bricklayer, he doesn't know. He's been using for a few years, trying to quit. Tampa, FL (11:55 PM Suspicious Vehicle) District 2 - Cpl Todd Lunge talks about a call he once took for a domestic with several brothers having a party. One had a bat and he screamed, threw the bat down, it hit the ground, bounced back up and hit him in the head knocking him out, so he was easy to arrest. He spots a red pick up truck parked in a known drug area. He pulls up and there is a woman in a designer bowler hat sleeping on the front seat. A window is open and a door is unlocked so he opens it and shakes her. She says let go, asks what he's doing and says she's fine. He asks if she knows who he is. She says an officer of the law and she was sleeping and doesn't know if there are drugs in there. A guy was giving her a ride home and she fell asleep. Todd spots a Brillo pad and she says nothing in the truck is hers even though there's a pocketbook with woman's clothes and gold shoes. She says it's not hers. Backup arrives and he says it's Signal 10 and puts her in the back of his car. The guy she was with is a black guy with a mustache and no name. In the bag he finds a prescription bottle with her name on it and cocaine inside. He also finds a crack pipe. Todd goes back and reads her rights. The truck is stolen and she says the prescription is not hers and she doesn't have a crack pipe. He says right, he has it now and he'll dump her clothes since they aren't hers. They can't prove she stole the truck, so she'll get trespassing. #1433. 9/21/02

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COPS - Coast to Coast 67

September 11, 2004

(New Orleans, LA - 9:22 PM Disturbance Call) 8th District - Officer Patrick Rose and Leon Benoit III say there is great camaraderie especially when backup is needed. God forbid a 108 officer down, comes in, but you'll see great support. They respond to the call of drunk, violent guy at a bar on Decatur St. A black guy is sitting at a table in a Bob Marley Exodus shirt grooving to the music and being crazy. He won't listen to the police so they spray him in the face with tons of mace to no avail. Officer Blake Munster helps out and make the man drop his glass. He then goes into the bathroom and does karate moves. They spray him again and again and he only gets crazier. Six officers jump him and knock him into a wall, cutting his head open. Officers are choking from the mace as they wash the suspect's face with water, cuff him and take him to a charity hospital. Jacksonville - Zone 5 - Officer Jaime Eason thrives on chasing people, never knows what's next and because of that loves coming to work. (9:32 PM Assistance Call) A guy is driving with his girlfriend and her mom Becky. Mom wants the $40 she owes her and they get out. Becky tries to back up and run them over and chases them into a ditch. Officer George Haake points out skid marks down the road. Becky says she just drove next to her daughter to talk to her. They put Becky in the back of the police car and she is arrested for domestic aggravated assault. Riverside County CA - Jurupa Valley Station - Deputy Chris Barajas says the most important thing is self evaluation. (11:41 PM Fight Call) A father hit his daughter. Ray says some guy came into his yard and tried to slug him so he hit him hard. Chris checks him for weapons and puts him in his car. Mom says Ray attacked her daughter and her neighbor Robin called it in. She is at house #4254 and they go to see her 20 year old daughter. She says she was drinking and Ray attacked her when she went to his house to get some weed. He then pulled her into the house by her hair, tried to give her speed and rape her. She hit him and ran out claiming doesn't do speed and has a three year old son. Deputy Richard Birmingham arrests him. 17th Season Opener. AKA Funny Side of COPS Special Edition.


COPS - Coast to Coast 68

September 11, 2004

(Jacksonville, FL - 3:18 PM Narcotic Sting Briefing) Narcotics Unit – Sgt. Randy White talks about a buy/bust operation and they call up a dealer whom Detective Linda Morgan has his number from a previous deal. They meet in a park in a blue truck with an ATV in the back. They jump the two black dealers who know nothing about any drugs. One guy starts swallowing the drugs and they get him to spit it out. They call another guy in a red Lumina for crack. He notices the police and drives off, but they block him in after he rams them twice. 8:12 PM – Linda calls another guy and meets him at a liquor store parking lot. The black dealer runs and gets a huge lead across the road and they have to catch him by car. They take his picture and he won’t say a word after selling them $100 worth of crack for $80. Passaic County NJ (4:51 Traffic Stop) Sheriff’s Dept. Cpl. Anthony Damiano tells about the area he covers. He heads to a project to see what is going on. He pulls over a car for missing a stop sign. The white driver says excuse me to Anthony, gets out, has no ID, but has two bags of crack. He’s 29 and from Garfield and has been smoking it for two weeks and just got out of rehab. He been stressed out because of his girlfriend hounding him, his one year old kid, having a crappy job and a bad accident at work today. He is charged with only simple possession and says his girlfriend will kick him out. Jacksonville FL – Zone 4 – Officer Brett Futch says his kids don’t worry about him. He keeps a journal for his daughter who thinks the stories from his job are cool. (9:22 PM Domestic Violence Call) 15 year old Nicole beat up her mom. She wanted to go to a birthday party, but instead was sneaking out with her boyfriend Anthony. She was punching, kicking and biting as her mom tried to get the phone away from her. She called her mom a bitch, slut, tramp and a whore an has marks on her from the struggle. Officer Michelle Terry arrests the daughter, which causes her to cry and say she wasn’t the first one to attack. Nicole says she pushed her down on the bed and wouldn’t let her get up. Brett says her mom has the right to discipline her. Mom says Nicole needs help. AKA Damiano Buy/Bust


COPS - Coast to Coast 69

September 18, 2004

(New Orleans, LA - 6:55 PM Suspicious Activity) 6th District Task Force – Officers Bryan Lewis and Melvin Williams like being in the task force because it’s different. They see three black men on a corner including Larry who are dealing drugs in front of a store. They catch them and Larry struggles and has a crack pipe on him even though he just got out of jail. (8:13 PM Possible Drug Activity) They spot a guy with drugs in his mouth. When they grab him the black guy screams, wails, fights and goes down saying ‘he ain’t got nothin’ bro’ again and again. Melvin says he should take his links when they find clear capsules filled with heroin. He just did five years in jail for coke and is on probation. Jacksonville FL – Zone 3 – Sgt. Elizabeth Kenny says her favorite part of the job is finding stolen cars and returning them. (1:22 AM Domestic Violence Call) Sammy, a Russian man, came home and went to the bathroom and his girlfriend was sleeping with their baby. He tells Officer Bill Nelson he turned the fan off and she attacked him for trying to turn it off. He’s lived in apartment 262 for three years and they talk to the girl and says they have a kid. She says she was drunk and she hit him. They give the baby to her sister to take to her moms’ house. Riverside County CA – Jurupa Valley Station – Deputy Chris Barajas says it’s the most funnest job playing cops and robbers for real. (9:27 PM Suspicious Vehicle) He saw a blue Chevy go off road through a dirt path, over hills and across a canyon. He finally catches up to the Mexican driver Marco who has no shoes and is fidgety. He finds a crack pipe and lots of women’s underwear on the seat. He says it is from all the girls he’s been with and wears them because he’s gay. They find a bag of meth, so he’s going back to jail. He’s crying because he’s been fighting with his wife and that is why he’s out there.


COPS - Resisting Arrest 3

September 25, 2004

Special Edition (Fort Worth, TX - 10:07 PM Suspicious Vehicle) East Division – Officer Sara Stratten likes working there. It’s fish in a barrel, you don’t have to look far to find a crook. She spots a car packed on the wrong side of the street with it’s hi-beams on – probably is stolen. He then drives off and pulls over. The driver gets out, back in, has no license, the passenger has no license either and tries to creep into a nearby house holding a shirt. He eventually comes back, but won’t listen. When she goes to cuff him he runs and is tackled with the help of the cameraman. Backup arrives and puts him in his car. The driver claims he was looking for a house, but couldn’t find it. Sgt. John Ost says the passenger is a parole violator. He explains he doesn’t like being told what to do and when she lifted his shirt up he couldn’t breathe. The driver also is a parole violator. Las Vegas Downtown Area Command (10:18 PM Disturbance Call) Officer Ray Spencer is called to a fight at a wedding chapel. He says there are lots of problems lately with people getting married and ten limos are outside fighting for business when the couple come out. Cheryl is the owner and says a couple from a competing chapel threatened her. A bike cop finds the male suspect, Thomas. He claims his wife is eight months pregnant and people were cursing at them and one punched his wife last week. A BMW was following them so the police stop it and Craig the driver comes out says the suspect made bomb threats to his chapel and has warrants. Thomas is arrested for 440 – unpaid traffic tickets and petty larceny. Ray says feuding wedding chapels fighting for business have gotten out and has been going on for nine months. Jacksonville FL Zone 1 – Officer Farand Lockett did a ride along and got bit by the bug. It is exciting and loves it and would do it for free. (11:01 PM Officer Assistance Call) Police chase someone behind a building and says the second suspect escaped in a white tank top. Farand can’t find the other cops, but finds the suspect. The suspect says he 18 and has ID in his back pocket. He was meeting his friend Ernie and two girls for a booty call. Officer Lisa Coggin says she saw him run from the building and he is all sweaty and his heart is racing. He says he wasn’t in there, well he was in there, but not long. The guy he was meeting is his best friend, the other guy he doesn’t know.


Grand Theft Auto 2 Special Edition

November 13, 2004

(Pierce County WA - 10:28 PM Pursuit in Progress) Lakewood - Officer Monti Minion and partner Officer Dave Butts pull over and wait for the pursuit of a mini van to pass them. Stop sticks are put out on the freeway, so he exits, turns around, gets a flat and bails out on Union Mills. A K-9 is called to find the white guy in a white shirt. They go through bushes, a field and yard. K-9 catches him in a bush, he screams, is pulled out, cuffed and mirandized. He wants to talk to an attorney, wants his shoe, is mad the dog bit him, screams he's innocent and denies stealing the van. He only ran because the dog was chasing him. They explain that the dog tracked his scent from the van to here. He thinks that's amazing and has been arrested before for stealing a car. He says the van belongs to his parents, but his dad's on coke and his mom's on heroin so they can't contact them. Las Vegas, NV - Downtown Area Command (4:38 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) Officer Ray Spencer was in Reno and when they had a great call they'd talk about it for 3 days. In Vegas they get calls like that every day. He spots a car with a loose license plate that comes back stolen. The guy pulls over and gets out without incident. Officer Todd Humphrey cuffs and questions him. The ignition is punched out and on the floor with a rag covering the steering wheel. He hasn't been arrested in 7 years, the car is his buddy Steve's and he was just borrowing it to go to the store. He only had the car 30 minutes after picking it up at a 7-11 in the back. His friend traded crack for the car, it's a rock rental, he didn't steal it. At the police station in interview room 3 he says he went to the Peppertree where guys hang out and asked to use the car. The guy told him it was stolen and he used a nail file to start it. He bought chicken and the cop gives it to him and he eats it fast. They have enough evidence to bust him. Pierce County WA - South Hill Precinct (2:13 AM Stolen Vehicle) Officer Theron Hardesty works graveyard from 9pm to 7am. It starts fast, gets slow then allows you to be proactive which is what they are meant to do. He spots a red Porsche on the hot sheet and pulls him over. An ancient long gray bearded biker comes out. He refuses to lie on the dirt and wants to know what's going on. He gets on all fours and another cop is brought in to jump on and cuff him. They put him in the back and ask where he got the car. He got it from J.P. who is selling it to him on payments. He put $1000 down yesterday, but has no receipt. Theron says the Porsche is worth more than $30,000 as it's almost new. He has no title and it was stolen last night. The owner is brought to the scene to ID the guy, but doesn't know him and will gladly testify against him in court. (Fox mistakenly calls this Grand Theft Auto)


Bad Girls! 6 Special Edition

November 19, 2004

(Fort Worth, TX - 8:56 PM Officer Assistance Call) East Division – Officer Brett Mills goes to where a woman in a red van is stopped in a parking lot. She is told to get out and she keeps saying, “What did I do?” The van is stolen and she says Ty owns it and he brought it to her to drive it for him. She got out of court today for prostitution, evading arrest and trespassing. They find a crack pipe inside and the male passenger doesn’t know anything. She freaks out, bangs her head against the trunk and says she can’t breathe. They hog tie her and she says, “I’m not going down for this.” Then she screams, “I’m being choked!” Officer Amy Rodriguez ties her hands in the back, she slams her head, says her wrists are bleeding and is taken to jail. Jacksonville, FL – Zone 1 (2:26 AM Burglary in Progress) Officer Terrence Hightower says martial arts keeps him focused. He finds a black guy in the street whose lady stabbed him in the arm. It turns out his lady is Travis – a man who admits he has a penis. They were fighting, he’s a stroller, not a prostitute. He came home and they were doing coke, the guy went to the store, came back and Travis stabbed him. He has scars on his back and both of them are HIV+. The victim says they live together, he went outside to change a tire and keep it real. He then rambles incoherently. He came home at 2am and Travis said he wasn’t going to take it any more and stabbed him. He’s charged with battery. Pierce County WA (1:41 AM Traffic Stop) South Hill Precinct – Deputy Theron Hardesty loves graveyard because he gets to be proactive. He stops a car with no lights on, asks the woman for her license and she says she doesn’t have it. She cries, claims she’s running from her boyfriend, doesn’t know where she is, isn’t from around here and the car isn’t hers – it’s Christina’s. The car was stolen yesterday so he makes her get out and arrests her. She pretends to cry, is scared, claims she loaned her the car 2 days ago, she just came from her sisters’ house and isn’t lying. She wants to call her. She is a suspect in the original theft, Christina is her roommate and she took the car to score some meth. She keeps saying, “I had the car two days.” She stays with her sister in a nearby trailer park and they can check. (Aired instead of #1709. Fox Mistakenly Lists this as Bad Girls 3) #1724.


COPS - Coast to Coast 70

December 04, 2004

(Fort Worth, TX - 1:33 AM Shots Fired Call) East Division Crime Response Team – Officer Jamey Pinkston and Officer Brett Mills take the call of a man leaving the scene with an AK-47 in a red Ford Expedition. They pull up and the Hispanic man in white jumps out of the rolling vehicle. He runs through back alleys until he’s caught and says, “I didn’t shoot at anyone.” He ran because everyone gets scared by the police. His truck kept going until it crashed into a tree and the gun was loaded. People called the police because they saw him fire 3-4 shots. He says the magazine holds 40 and there are at least 38 bullets inside. Officer Scott McGraw goes to the witness who says the guy shot at him, shot out his cousin's tire and positively ID’s him. Pierce County WA (10:42 PM Traffic Stop) Lakewood – Officer Joe Kolp says decisions are left up to them to make in the field. He pulls over a car with no headlights. The driver tries to get out, his radio is too loud, he panics and freaks that he didn’t turn the headlights on because he has no switch. Officer John Henterly backs him up. His license is suspended, he’s sorry, cries and doesn’t want to go to jail. They cuff and mirandize him since he is so crazy. There are many cereal boxes in the car and he says he was at the game, wasn’t drinking, doesn’t do drugs and has nothing illegal in the car. They give him a field sobriety test following a pen with his eyes. He claims he has a lazy eye and he’s arrested for the suspended license. Philadelphia, PA (7:02 PM Surveillance Sting) 24th District – Sgt. Scott Bradley says drug areas have popped up and they will have officers undercover to catch the buyers. Officer Hayden Smith pulls over a white van and the driver doesn’t understand why. They take him and his passenger out and cuff them. Officer Kenyatta Lee backs him up. They claim they just left work, but find bags of pot on him. He says the stuff in the van is from the job they were working. The guy in back is a dealer, the front 2 are users. The white guy says he’s innocent. They find 2 guys walking away and Miguel and Officer Ronald Scott catch them, but are out of cuffs. Officer Richard Everhart was undercover and bought from them and they swallowed the drugs. The dealer has pants with a special pocket to hide the drugs, but won’t say if he made the pants himself. Supposed to be Trannys Gone Wild - A Florida sheriff's deputy responds to a call and finds a transgender stabbing victim who had been working as a 'stroll girl.' Even in reruns it's listed, but this episode always plays instead, so Trannys doesn't exist.


Busts Special Edition

January 29, 2005

(Forth Worth, TX - 10:49 PM Warrant Briefing) - East Division - Officer G.W. Hull says they are serving a warrant on Eisenhower and have been there 3 tomes for crack. They load up and go and use a stealth approach so they don’t destroy evidence. Inside there is junk everywhere and no room to move. Officer Quilla Barnett finds an open window where they threw out their crack rocks. They find $547 in cash with nothing bigger than a $20 and both suspects say they don’t sell or use drugs. Three weeks ago they caught them selling and a week later they were still selling. Their mom comes home and has no idea what’s going on with her son Rufus. Hamilton County OH (11:10 PM Fight Call) Corporal Pete Enderle has been a full time deputy for 8 years and sued to work at the post office with cops who hooked him up. He spots a car with four people driving on the grass. He pulls the 19 year old driver out who says he and his cousin John were arguing and he was just leaving and doesn’t know where they went. Backup arrives and they go to 21 year old John’s house. His face and eye is all bloody. He says his cousin did at a party and he lives next door, but doesn’t want to press charges. They were arguing, but he doesn’t know why or what about. He just walked over and socked him. The guy in the yard was parked there at the time. John cut his knuckles on Pete’s teeth. They go to Pete and he says John got drunk and was running his mouth off and his mom doesn’t like him. They were just drinking and playing horseshoes at his party. They shake hands and hug. They go to shake Pete’s hand, but he doesn’t want to touch them. Forth Worth, TX - East Division Crime Response Team - Officer Brett Mills and Jamey Pinkson have to be extra careful on shots fired calls, you never know. (9:39 PM Suspicious Vehicle) They stop a car and the driver tears it up looking for his insurance and can’t find it. He says he recently moved to Arlington and was looking for his homeboy JJ to go drinking with. He’s been arrested before for being in the wrong place at the wrong time for marijuana possession. He is pulled out, frisked and they find a blue bag in his mouth and grab his throat so he can’t swallow it. He was just chewing on the bag, didn’t buy it, it was given to him, he doesn’t use. Jamey gets burned by a cigarette ash and the guy wants one more cigarette before he goes to jail. The bag is filled with coke, they saw it while he was talking. He says he wasn’t doing anything wrong, was going to chew it all up and didn’t want to throw it out and have kids find it. He started on cocaine when he was 15 and now he’s 22. He got out of jail when he was 20 and says coke doesn’t affect him. He is booked and goes to jail.


COPS - Resisting Arrest 4 Special Edition

February 05, 2005

(Pierce County WA - 12:02 AM Armed Robbery Call) Officer Joe Kolp goes to set up a containment area. Officer Russ Martin is on the scene. A man has his bosses' truck from work and a guy broke in and stole tools including a nail gun. K-9 Officer Chris Karl from Tacoma is brought in and they go through the wood and find the guy on the other side of a fence sleeping under a blanket. Joe pulls the blanket off and the guy pulls it back up and fights them. He gets tased three times and screams and fights. His nose gets bloody, says there is no other guy, he doesn't know what's going on and didn't fight anyone. He is cuffed and led off. The Lakewood Fire Dept cleans up his wound. The second guy is spotted in a rundown house so they go to get him. There are two people in the living room and the man is found hiding in a bed and won't come out. After the dog is brought in he complies, gets out and is cuffed. They found the stolen property too. Little Rock, AR - (12:52 AM Pursuit in Progress) FTO John Comeau spots a stolen vehicle and positions himself on the freeway. The black guy passes and then takes off through a field and back onto a side road, then runs on foot into the woods. He goes into a drainage pipe and won't come out so they follow him. He is caught and brought out all wet. His pants are off and his knees are cut. He ran because he's high on coke. The car is his partners' who lives on Johnson St. He had no clue what he was doing and didn't know if he'd get away after his silver jeep blew a tire and got stuck. Officer Mischa Fulton runs him and finds out he's a major thief. Forth Worth, TX - (1:05 PM Felony Warrant Call) North Division - Officer Steve Groppi has a lot of fun at work, especially catching criminals. It's like hide and seek. Officer Robert Guerrero goes with him to pick up Javier at his girlfriends house. Evette answers with a small, fat child and says she was asleep and Javier isn't there. The door is smashed up and the window is broken. She calls the cops on him/ The place is a disaster and eventually he is found under a mattress. She says his brothers are looking for him, he abused her and she filed a restraining order on him. He is shirtless, heavily tattooed and won't say why he was hiding. He wants to put his clothes on, but they tell him no. There is also a second child there and she is told she can go to jail for lying. Javier is on felony probation for assault so he is going back to jail.


High Crimes Special Edition

February 05, 2005

(Pierce County WA - 1:43 AM Public Disturbance Call) South Hill Precinct – Deputy Patrick Davidson works the eat area where there’s not many cops, but lots of tweakers and dopeheads. He goes to a hotel on the call of Tim who is really wasted in Apt 21. When Pat arrives Tim takes off and is caught around back. Deputy Eugene Abaun assists. Tim ran because he thought they were trying to hit him, so he threw everything. He was high on coke and was going out to score. He’s been awake for 4-5 days, is barefoot, can’t walk because he has football feet. He’s not on probation, on bond. He’s done coke all day since he was 26 years old. He doesn’t deal, lost his pipe and is bi-polar. The landlord wants him out. Christine can drive him away because it’s not a crime to be high. So they let him go. The owner says he was wandering up and down knocking on doors last night. He told him to stay inside and wants him out tomorrow. He throws his stuff in a garbage bag and leaves. Santa Ana, CA – Officer Garry Caruso grew up around police since his dad was a cop. He saw it, heard stories and it sounded like fun. He wasn’t pushed into it. (1:38 AM Street Patrol) They drive an unmarked car into a known gang alley where they go to do and sell drugs. They go after a white El Camino with guys inside and catch them. The driver, Kevin, is an old white guy. The passenger is a young Hispanic. They go to pull the young guy out and he tries to swallow the drugs and they choke it out of him and cuff him. Officer Mary Campuzano was first on the scene. Kevin is on parole for a possession charge in 1998. He was going to pick up a girl named Shasta and the young guy just got in his car because he needed a ride. He saw he had drugs and he told him to get rid of them. Both go to jail. Las Vegas – South East Area Command - Officer Gibron Smith loves Vegas, but it gets hot – over 110 degrees and stays like that for months. It gets real hot on 4 hours of calls outside of your car. Sgt. Kelly White says they can get dehydrated. They go to a gas station where a guy is pumping gas for 4 hours. The guy says he was looking for his keys for 10 minutes. He left home at 8:30 am and now it’s 9:30. They tell him it’s really 11:45. They find prescription drugs on him with the labels removed. He says they are his moms’, but the label wasn’t hers. He mixed the bottles to consolidate the pills for her to help her pain. He is a musician, classically trained, but his mom got hurt and he’s taking care of her. His face is all made up, but he claims he’s not wearing make up. He says his lips are chapped. He was shopping, but bought nothing and didn’t get gas. The cashier says she watched him there for hours. He came in to buy stuff, forget his credit card and went back to his car and spent 30 minutes looking for it. His keys he couldn’t find were on the roof the whole time.


COPS - Bad Girls! 7 Special Edition

February 26, 2005

(Fresno, CA - 12:46 PM Suspicious Person) Southwest Policing District - Officer Joey Perez grew up in the small town of Reedly, no drugs or gangs - a good, small community. His dad was a cop and taught him moral character which no one teaches people that in this town and that is the problem. He spots a woman walking who headed the other way when she saw him coming. He asks if she has anything. Barbara is a fat, heavy white woman who says just a compact, then a lighter, makeup and cigarettes. Then she admits she has 2 crack pipes, but they are his, not hers. A train comes right by them and she starts bawling like a baby, doesn't want to go to jail and admits she smoked crack an hour ago. She freaks out, because cops make her nervous. Then she tries to run and Joey jumps on her. He threatens to taser her if she doesn't behave so she stops and is cuffed. A big chunk of crack fell out of her compact when she threw it. They also find dope she threw. Then she won't tell her name, she didn't resist, is 17 years old, pregnant and wants to see Sgt. Pat Jackson. Pat says she doesn't look pregnant. She says she hasn't had her period in 4 months, but no doctor confirmed it. She doesn't care about the kid, wants to die, kill herself, is 17 weeks pregnant and her arm and leg hurts. Pat says they have had contact with her before and she is always combative and sarcastic. When they pick up her crack pipe a cockroach leg falls out. Pierce County WA – Lakewood (10:47 PM Vehicle Crash) Officer Joe Kolp says it’s a business area, few taverns, really busy, bars are full. A car went through the back of a 7-11 into the office. Vivian the fat Mexican woman who owns the car says she was in the club and doesn't know what happened. The witness said the car sped through the lot, hit a man and then crashed. They say it was a female driver, but didn't see her. He was hit hard enough to flip through the air, they drove away so they went in and told the store-owner. They admit after they are told they could be held for obstruction if the Mexican woman was driving. Officer Rodger Leach questions her. Vivian cries and won't admit she was driving, then finally admits she drove the car and hit her boyfriend who left. She wasn't drinking. He jumped out of the car when they were arguing. She put the car in reverse and hit him by hitting the gas by mistake. She was scared, has two kids at home and is arrested for obstruction by lying at first and now is in a heap of trouble. San Bernardino County CA - Rancho Cucamonga PD. Deputy Joe Braaten has been with Sheriff's Dept for over 6 years and wanted a career that was challenging and different every day. Other jobs didn't do it for him. He did a couple ride alongs with buddies and liked it. (12:32 AM Traffic Stop) He pulls over a car that has month old expired tags. Angela the driver says it's in the mail and has a pot pipe right in plain sight. He asks her how much weed she smoked tonight. She says none. He says she is lying. She says she doesn't have any pot in the car and wasn't smoking it. He checks her eyes and she's stoned. The pipe is next to a bag of cookies and there is a meth pipe too. She says there is nothing else that she knows off. He keeps looking and finds a speed straw. Deputy Scott Gould backs him up. She admits to him she used it a few hours ago. It was her first time in a while. He arrests her to wake her up since she has no previous arrests, no job and still lives at home. He tells her this stuff will destroy her and she seems like a nice person. She cries.


Coast to Coast 75

March 19, 2005

(Pierce County WA - 12:34 AM Pursuit in Progress) Lakewood - Officer Trent Stephens joins the chase of 2 occupants driving back and forth across the city from Pierce to Tacoma. He gets out and lays stop sticks at 5th. The guy sees him and cuts through a 7-11 parking lot. Units from 5 cities are now chasing him. He gets out again and drops the stop sticks after clearing traffic. The car hits them fast, stops a few blocks later and bails. He and the passenger are surrounded and cuffed. The passenger says the driver was going to sell him dope and then cops got behind him and he took off. He wasn't able to get out, he wouldn't let him and he kept asking where to go and he said he was lost. The driver lies on the ground drooling and moaning. Deputy Roger Fuller was leading the chase. The driver has a felony warrant plus will be charged with evasion. The trunk has meth in it. Officer Mike Phipps assists. The passenger has a black eye and says driver would only let him out if he jumped and he thought the way they took the winding turns he would kill them. North Little Rock, AR (1:03 AM Traffic Stop) Officer Kenny Livingston spots a possibly stolen suburban, pulls it over and asks for backup. He makes them put their hands on the roof and the driver has switched seats. They pulls 3 black men out of the back, but the passenger is passed out. K-9 arrives and 3 guys, 1 girl are cuffed. No one wants to say who was driving. They find crack in the front and the girl says she knows nothing about the crack and John nor Curtis wasn't driving. It was Bobby. John says the drugs aren't his and didn't know the SUV was stolen. Curtis was passed out and doesn't know nothing. Bobby says he wasn't driving, Casper the ghost was. The tag was stolen from another stolen car, so it's two counts of theft. Hamilton Co, OH (11:46 PM Disturbance Call) Sheriff's Office - Cpl Greg Raubanus Deputy Steve Sabers teach at the police academy. Because they see the same things over and over they get lackadaisical. They get a call to a hotel where a man backed his pickup over a wall. The manager says owner has been cussing her out up and down. She just wanted him to fix the wall, but he refused and cursed her out. She wants him out. He is in Apt 121, says he didn't call, has no problem and they are upset because he is upset. They turned the phone off because he owes them 70 cents. He has a suspended license, says he wasn't driving, it was Chad. It's his truck, he didn't hit anything, if he did he didn't mean to. Chad is his nephew who lives with him, but he took off. The truck’s back bumper is damaged. The bricks are broken in half. Russell is drunk and picks them up and puts them the wrong way then says he won't do it. He keeps trying and trying and says to put him in jail. He keeps at it until he gets it right with Steve's help. A cab is called because the manager wants him out. Russell says he's not an idiot. Greg tells him if he sees or hears from again tonight he's going to jail.


High Times Special Edition

April 09, 2005

(Pierce Co, WA - 12:07 AM Pursuit in Progress) Lakewood PD - Officer Matt Brown is going to assist in a pursuit of a stolen white Honda SR-V heading their way in the rain. Officer Mike Phipps is driving. The suspect blows a light at Tyler and they get permission to PIT. He blows a light turning through head on traffic, hits the stop sticks, loses a tire, but the cops also hit the sticks and lose a tire. South Hill Precinct - Deputy Kristi Estes now takes the lead. The suspect cuts his lights, is pitted on a turn and goes into the lot of an industrial complex. They have to yank Jeremy out through the window, his pants fall down and he screams the whole time about his leg. He is cuffed and so is the passenger. A gun is found on the floor and Jeremy won't look at Kristi when she reads him his rights. They also find packages of dope ready to sell and a bag of money. Jeremy has a warrant and is on probation. Fort Worth, TX (9:45 PM Suspicious Activity) North Division - Officer M.L. Simon says one of his goals is making it to the SWAT team if possible or the gang unit or narcotics. He’s keeping his options open. He goes to a call of gang activity, Hispanic males stripping down a 1989 maroon Chevy GMC truck on the street. They run when he pulls up, the first one is caught by M.L. and says he didn't do nothing. He has no answer to why he ran, is cuffed and taken back to the car. He asks what the problem is, doesn't know whose truck it is he was by, he just pulled up, doesn't know what is going on was just the wrong place at the wrong time. He knows the column was punched, but didn't do it, he wasn't in the truck. The second guy is caught and brought back by Officer Domingo Martinez. Officer Daniel Gonzalez says the 2nd guy gave up the 1st. He says it's a lie and the third guy he only knows as Shorty. He's on probation for burglary. The truck has the radio missing, tools and speakers out of the back. They find the radio and speakers in the guy's car. The owner Josh shows up with his parents. Josh had his wallet in the truck they took too. Norwood, OH (6:31 PM Sting Operations) Police Division Task Force - Sgt. Tom Fallon tells Detective Harry Schlie they are doing a buy/bust for crack. Harry is covered with a mask and sunglasses. The guy has a priors for guns, assault, drug trafficking, BE, resisting arrest and robbery. The deal is set up for $190 for a quarter ounce. Josh is set for the guy to show up with the drugs. He pulls up in a small silver car next to the detective in an SUV with a female passenger. He leaves and they surround him a block away. He tries to swallow the drugs and they tell him to spit it out and try to choke it out of him. Then they taser him and he screams. Bobby and another cop saw him eat the coke. He keeps screaming and won't answer. The girl cries, says she doesn't know the man, she was waiting for the bus and he gave her a ride and has been arrested for bad checks before. She says she's waiting to get back to her kids. He is charged with 3-4 counts of trafficking. He confirms her story in the station. He is put in a cell until the paperwork is done then he'll be taken to the justice center. He had $1200 on him.


Coast to Coast 74

April 16, 2005

(Pierce County WA - 1:02 AM Pursuit in Progress) Lakewood - Officer Matt Brown is en route to the east side after a vehicle with stolen plates that won't stop. Josh sets up stop sticks and the white truck hits them and keeps going. He loses his tires, goes into an apartment complex and bails out on foot. He is caught right away and tazered, but he howls and continues to fight. Officer Mike Phipps assists. There are two more in the truck brought out at gunpoint. Deputy Kris Nordstrom helps get them out. The third guy howls that his arm is popping out of the socket as they cuff him. The driver is mirandized and put in the back of a cruiser. The third guy has a needle on him. Deputy Mario Carey talks to the woman passenger. She says she didn't know the driver, her friend got out and peed, didn't know the truck stolen and the guy just jumped out while it was rolling. (1:03 AM Vehicle Stop) Officer Dave Shaffer pulls up behind a stolen gold vehicle that fell off the hot sheet. An unmarked car was following it and called Dave. Jason pulls over, gets out and is told to lift his shirt up and walk backwards to the cops and is cuffed. There is a women passenger, Gabby, a dog in the back, the ignition is punched and the stereo is missing. Gabby says Jason bought the car today and didn't know it was stolen. Officer Andy Guerrero is backup. She says he works from time to time, but doesn't have much money, doesn't know where he'd get any money and sometimes people give him money for helping them, but doesn't know who. He's in the back crying, says he doesn't want the girl to get in trouble since they’re only together for 2 weeks. He traded a gram of meth to borrow the vehicle. Later she admits she knew it was stolen because he wouldn't tell her where he got it and needed a screwdriver to start it. He says he has a foster kid in California. They let the girl go with her dog. Hamilton County, OH (8:55 PM Traffic Stop) Sheriff's Office District 1 - Cpl Pete Enderle says his kids always ask if he caught any bad guys today. Sometimes he says yes, sometimes nothing happens. He goes to stop a car with no headlight and on Glenaire at the 3000 block he pulls over. Has a temporary tag, no tail lights and no license. He reaches in his pocket for money and gets in trouble for that. He says he has no weed on him and it’s the first time he drove the car. Then he admits there is weed in the front bucket. They find the pot where Jeff said it would be. He's 18 and has a warrant. They find coke in the trunk in a jewelry box. He is arrested, says it's not coke, it's powdered sugar and came with the car. Then why it is wrapped up in a little baggie? He won't explain why it's there. He got $800 worth of tickets last week, has a kid, his head’s up his ass, needs a way to pay the bills. He’s arrested for pot, warrant and fake coke.


Coast to Coast 76

April 30, 2005

(Pierce County WA - 4:17 AM Traffic Stop) South Hill Precinct - Deputy Mark Berry loves the northwest if you like doing things outdoors - there’s Mt. Rainer and Puget Sound. He’s a big fan of hot coffee with all the rain. He spots a car with an expired registration, goes to pull them over and they take off. They go through residential areas, down alleyways, down J st., west on 53rd, north on I, east on 52nd then they suddenly stop and run. Mark catches the soaked, Spanish, shoeless male driver with some help. He goes back to the car and finds it rolled into a parked car. Deputy Darrin Rayner assists. The driver is 23 and ran because he had a gun pointed at him and he lost his sandals. Mark asks why he kept running when the passenger ran in the other direction with the gun. He says he stopped, even though he was hiding. It turns out he has $48,000 in warrants for distributing and possession of drugs. Covington, KY (1:20 AM Fight in Progress) Officer Derek Uhl is en route to a large fight with people throwing beer bottles and rocks and possibly a gun. A woman is screaming for help saying a guy broke through her window and is in the back. A man points the way, they run to the back and more people point the way. Officer Mark Richardson assists in catching a shirtless, heavily tattooed guy a couple blocks later. They spot another two shirtless guys a block and away and run over and cuff them. They say they didn't do anything. One guy says he had a beef with a guy he didn't know for trying to kiss his sister. The other guy backs up the story saying the guy is 26, fresh out of prison and fondled his sister. They find the sister who says a guy grabbed her, kissed her and she told her brother. He got his friends and went over there to fight. The talk to the guy and he says a girl named Jerica sat on his lap and kissed him. Then he was sitting outside eating when the brother came over wanting to fight. He says a whole bunch of them came over throwing stuff, breaking windows and knocked down the gate. The fence was smashed, a chair was thrown into a window and a door is knocked off the hinges. He show them inside and Derek says to stay away from those young girls. Cincinnati, OH (2:17 PM Suspicious Vehicle) District 1 - Officer Robin Williams works with a partner because it’s better to have one in a high crime and drug area with lots of violence. Officer Jody Dillinger is his partner. They spot a red and white pick up truck stopping, starting and acting erratic. They stop the two young guys. The driver has an ID card that he thinks it's a license. He says he's on his dad's insurance, but has no card. His license plate is obstructed and will get a ticket for that. They pull them out, search them and find heroin on the driver. He says there is nothing in the car. The passenger says he has Xanax on him, it's loose in his pocket. His friend gave him some pills, he doesn't know what they are and is supposed to give them back. The driver went to rehab for smoking weed, says he doesn't do heroin, he drove a girl up here for $30, doesn't know her and it's hers. She is a crackhead. He was going to circle around while she scored and came back, but they got him first. He still is arrested for possession, but they are glad he was honest.


Coast to Coast 77

April 30, 2005

(Hamilton County, OH - 3:55 PM Hit and Run Call) Sheriff's Office - Corporal Pete Enderle says it's satisfying to help someone with a particular problem. They thank you, it's genuine from the heart and makes it all worth while. That's why you do it - for the thanks, not for the glory. He knows the black male driver Lawrence, has dealt with him before and drives by his house. He spots the car, gets out and sees the suspect run inside. He runs out the back, Pete chases him and gets tasered. Lawrence has Coolio hair and asks what did he do. It’s because he hit someone on Niagara and is mirandized. He jumped out the window because he saw all the cops and doesn't have time for all this. He says a kid ran right into his car, thought he was OK and left because they said they were going to mess him up. It turns out he didn't have a license or a cell phone and didn't know if the police were coming. He didn't think anything was wrong and he really needed a cigarette, that's why he climbed out the window, but would've come back. He would've only gotten a ticket if he stuck around, now he gets resisting and driving while suspended. Even worse is he wasn't at fault for the accident, but he's still going to jail. Fresno, CA (9:01 PM Suspicious Activity) Southwest Policing District CST - Officer Paul Cervantes says they are doubled up working with the suppression team on the hotel area looking for prostitutes and drugs. His partner Officer David Miramontes spots a car with a prostitute and they pull them over. Charlene is really a he. Arthur the driver says he saw the woman on the bridge, picked her up and gave her a ride to her sisters’. Charlene is a manly Mexican guy with heavy makeup. Arthur insists he didn't ask for sex, but thought he could've been a prostitute. They arrest Charlene and the driver says he has a joint in the car. They find a tub with pot, a pipe and rolling papers. Sgt. Mike Doyle backs them up. Charlene has a steak knife in his purse. Recently someone was killed when they thought they picked up a woman and it was man so David asks Arthur if he would've gotten violent if he learned it was a guy. He says no. David says not to come back and hopes he learned his lesson. Pierce Co, WA (10:35 PM Traffic Stop) Officer Mike Phipps has been working Lakewood Graveyard for 5 couple years. Officer Matt Brown has worked every shift and graveyard is the best - good fun, camaraderie, partnership and lots of joking. Mike spots a motorcycle speeding he stops him a parking lot and when they get out he takes off. He blows a stop light at 100th and then hits a truck that pulling out of a 7-11. The bike skids down the street in a sea of sparks and he is thrown. The truck’s front bumper is ripped off, the fender and smashed and the tire is destroyed. Officer Monti Minion and Officer Andrew O'Neill back them up. The biker isn't breathing, but EMS arrives and is able to revive him. The motorcycle is wrecked from the 100mph crash, his helmet is cracked in half and he skidded and wrapped his leg around himself. Officer Jason Smith says he has three traffic warrants and the hospital is only 5 blocks away.


Caught in the Act Special Edition

April 30, 2005

(Fresno, CA - 10:02 PM Street Patrol) SW Policing District - CST Officer Paul Cervantes Officer David Miramontes are the district suppression team to respond to violent calls as a primary strikes force. Their primary target is to focus on drug dealers and junkies out of line. They drive up on two men fighting in a parking lot on Palm Olive. One is on top of the other and slaps him. They pull over, jump out and cuff them. Charlie is on parole and says he was walking, the guy cursed at him, got violent, pushed him on the ground and he only had one beer. The other guy says Charlie started it. He punched him, pushed him, he had 2 beers and lives nearby. Charlie doesn't remember what address will be on his parole record because he has amnesia and doesn't remember what he said. Charlie was asking for money, but is not sure if it was a robbery. Officer Maria Flores backs them up. The other guy says he gave him some change, it wasn't enough and he tried to push him. They cut him loose and arrest Charlie. Charlie wants them to remove the cuffs so he can go beat him. Las Vegas, NV (12:19 AM Possible Disturbance) SE Area Command - Officer Shaun Woodard has been in town since 1986. He moved from Boston, likes the weather and claims lots of people come here for the weather and gambling. He sees a 417, a man choking a woman and goes back. His partner is Officer Bill Van Cleef. Tanya says they were playing, are lesbians, her girlfriend Dawn wanted to walk home, but she wanted to drive them home. They weren't fighting, just arguing, but she did a lot for Dawn and took her in. Dawn says they were in a bar and another woman was looking at her and Tanya got jealous. In the truck Tanya put her in a choke hold. It is a mandatory arrest for domestic violence battery. She wants her car keys since last time she didn't get them. Dawn comes over and cries, Tanya says it's OK, she wouldn't hurt her. Dawn says she choked her before and almost killed her. Fresno, CA (9:32 PM Officer Assistance Call) SE Policing District - Officer Brent Willey says he feels like he's living the American dream. He’s a 4th generation cop and his dad says if you get something for nothing you don't earn it. When you earn it, you love it and that makes it beautiful. He responds to a call for backup at an assault with a deadly weapon. It is raining and there is a man with a bloody face. He says two men jumped him and beat him. Detective Jacky Parks is there. They catch one of the suspects and the man ID's him. Sgt. Eddie Barrios says a call came about the first guy who was hiding in the dumpster. The guy says he wasn't hiding in the dumpster, nothing is going on, he's homeless, didn't do nothing, they don't have him on camera, he was just chilling in the dumpster and doesn't know what he did. He has one felony strike and just got out of jail today. In the 7-11 they watch the security tape and talk to the employee who saw it. Two guys start beating the man and they pull the victim inside and they both come in and attack him. Two employees fight back and then a third man comes and fights. They left blood on the ice cream cabinet, it's an open and shut case.


Grand Theft Auto 3

May 14, 2005

(Pierce County WA - 12:42 AM Stolen Vehicle Pursuit) South Hill Precinct - Deputy Kris Nordstrom chases Derrick, a white guy in a stolen Honda Prelude on the freeway. He goes 70mph through a red light, blows a stop sign, goes eastbound on Pacific, dodges stop sticks, west on 72nd, swerves to avoid a PIT, speeds up, heads down 116 th st, rear ends a car and loses it. He jumps out to run but another police car cuts him off against a fence. He goes to jump on the hood, doesn't make it, surrenders and they jump on him and cuff him. Deputy Roger Fuller checks the victim that was hit and his face is all bloody. He lost a tooth and probably broke his nose. Sgt. Brian Witt checks the damage. Derrick says he didn't know the cops were behind him at first, complains about his leg and they ambulance him off. Little Rock, AR (9:01 PM Stolen Vehicle) Downtown Patrol Division - Officer Ryan Hudson says the blue car is on the local list and the subject is supposed to be armed. He's on MLK and pulls over without incident. They draw their guns and pull him out, but he won't drop his soda. He is a young black guy who is incoherent saying he did nothing wrong and has no gun or drugs. A woman let him use the car, she has his ID, but he doesn't know her name. He says he can take the car to the drug house at 28th on Harrison where she is. They bring Barbara, the car's owner, to the scene who says last Friday he jumped in the back seat at a gas station, pulled a out a gun and forced her to drive him around for 2 hours. She told him to take the car since it isn't worth much. He gave her his ID, said he'd bring it back in a few days and not to call the police or he'd kill her. He says he traded crack for the car and didn't know it was stolen. He has warrants. They take Barbara to the station to ID the driver. Detective Ashley Helton shows her a paper with 6 pictures and she picks out #2 right away. Pierce County WA (7:40 PM Stolen Vehicle) Sheriff's Dept. Mountain Detachment - Deputy Pete Turner spots a Bronco with one headlight and no taillights that is stolen. Josh the white male driver pulls over with no problem and comes out. He’s wearing his hat backwards and has an Auburn #24 basketball shirt. Deputy Jennifer Eldridge backs him up. He says he got the truck from Tony, didn't know it was stolen and doesn't know where Tony is. He's been busted before for driving a stolen car. The back window is gone and the key is shaved. He says he didn't steal it, he just borrowed it and it was like that. He just started working again and put in 10 days straight. They ask him why he was busted before for this. He says he’s on work release with the owner and he does exist.


Armed & Dangerous Special Edition

May 21, 2005

(Santa Ana, CA - 9:15 PM Robbery in Progress) Officer Chuck Elms was born and raised there, went away to school and came back with the intentions of being a cop. It’s good to be back where he grew up. The call is for backup at a KFC restaurant. A witness says he was at the drive thru getting his drinks and saw a Hispanic man inside with a gun. They go inside and watch the surveillance tape of a guy in a blue shirt holding a gun and another guy in a white shirt with black gloves hopping the counter and empting the register. Someone got the license plate, but it turns out to be stolen. It is the third robbery they committed. They go to a donut shop that they robbed next. A shot was fired and it went through the kitchen. They check the tape and it's the same guys robbing the register. They get a call that one is caught and the other is being chased on foot. Sgt. Mark Strouhan is heading up the search with dozens of cops around. Officer David Schwacher caught one and Sgt. Ernie Conde caught the other. It turns out there were three of them, one is a third strike parolee. The guy in blue turns in the gun and a bulletproof vest. One got away, but was ID'd. Little Rock, AR (3:20 PM Street Patrol) Officer Tim Stankevitz always wanted to be a cop and got hired at 27, a late start. He loves it, it’s a good bunch of people, enjoys working the streets and it gets exciting. A man calls about a problem with homeless people camping out at his building. A black man with a “Called in sick” t-shirt says the man in the blue shirt has a gun. They go around behind the building and find the guy. He is holding the gun and won't drop it. He finally drops it, but won't listen and is pulled down hard and cuffed. Another guy shows up and Officer Ryan Hudson takes him down. The man called 8 Ball keeps saying he should've killed the other guy, talks nonsense, the guy beat him with a 2x4 and he was going to take care of him. He's mad at himself for not killing him, it would've been less trouble and he should've killed him. He beat him over a $2 rock of coke and says if the cops didn't come he would've killed him. He thought he was going back home to jail. The other guy says he doesn't even know the guy, he must think he's someone else. He's been arrested for drugs in 1997 though. The gun is a .22 and has 2 bullets. Officer Joe Miller checks it out and says it looks like it misfired. San Bernardino, CA (7:01 PM Shooting Call) Sheriff's Dept - Officer Mike Martinez says a good day is taking a couple hardcore criminals off the street and going home at night. Officer Joe Silva says a man shot himself by mistake, but it might've been a gun battle. They go around back with a helicopter is overhead. They cut the lock on the fence, come up to the house and there is blood all the way up the front. There is a crusty old biker on the floor bleeding from a bullet wound on his leg who says a guy came after him for money and he pulled his .44 Magnum to get rid of him and it went off. Sgt. Ernie Kopasz checks the gun. Greg threw a trailer ball at him. They find him and he’s bald with a big bloody bruise under his eye. Deputy John Walker questions him and he says he was hit by a steel bar, ran out after the gun went off and locked the gate on the way out, but his son says no. He says he might've hopped the fence. They were in business together and he owed him $1,000 and he came to collect. They are both charged with assault with a deadly weapon.


Bizarre Calls Special Edition

May 21, 2005

(Las Vegas, NV - 1:34 AM Vandalism Call) Metropolitan PD Southeast Area Command. 911 Communications Center - A woman calls in about kids in her driveway messing with their cars and she is taping it. They caught one and we can hear a car speeding off and she says her husband is attached to the car. Officer Mike Souder takes the call. Casey says he was toilet papering his tree and a Glen came out and punched him in the face. So he drove off and Glen jumped in and broke off his gearshift. He says he stopped smoking weed, but they find some weed in the car. Glen has no shirt on and says he grabbed the drive and put it in park. He started to pull away while he was hanging inside. The kid tried to crash him into a truck and he punched him in the face and broke the drive shaft. The woman says they peed on her truck, but the kids deny it. They have surveillance cameras on the outside of their house so the cops go inside to check the tape. The son was inside asleep. The driver is seen peeing on the car tire while the girl toilet papers the truck. They go back out and Casey finally admits he peed and the drugs were his. He gets charged with battery, possession and urinating in public. Sgt. Loren Napier says he could've killed Glen. Mike tells him it was bad idea to grab on the guys truck because they have it on tape. Little Rock, AR (7:04 PM Disturbance Call) Officer Jeff Holt is going to backup another cop at a disturbance and doesn't know what is going on. Officer Matt Murski goes up to the house and they can hear screaming outside. A 50 year-old lady says her 90 year-old friend stabbed her because she has the devil in her. The woman has a cut on her arm for no reason. The 90 year-old says the 50 year-old got mad, started with her, she was defending herself and stabbed her before she could stab her first. The 90 year-old says the woman keeps carrying on about her punk son. Sgt. Heath Helton arrives. They both were probably drinking and the 90 year-old is arrested for battery. She wants the 50 year-old out and can't find the key so they have to call the housing authority. The wound wasn't deep. Las Vegas, NV (8:50 AM Stolen Vehicle) Metropolitan PD South East Area Command - Officer Gibron Smith takes the call of a lady who observed her stolen vehicle and is following them now. They catch up to them in a Walgreens parking lot and pull them out at gunpoint. It’s a guy and a tattooed girl, both wearing backwards baseball hats. The guy has no shoes on and feet are dirty. The girl says the owner Brian is a friend of hers. The owner arrives and says the guy stole her car at a hotel. He offered her $200 to take dirty pictures of him and after he jumped in the car and took off. The guy says they met at a casino, went to her room to party, drink and do drugs. He doesn't know anything about pictures. Suddenly he remembers the pictures and says there are ones of him and her and he threw the camera away. She admits sort of going to his room for drugs.


Coast to Coast 78

July 02, 2005

(Pierce County WA - 7:09 PM Traffic Stop) Lakewood PD - Officer Joe Kolp has been there 6 years, 5 in Lakewood. He is in the reserves and went to Iraq for a year. He brought a flag with him and when he got back he gave it to the chief who hung it up. He spots guy who gave them a fake name last time, so they are getting him again. They pull him over in a BI parking lot and Joe pulls him out of the truck and cuffs him. Officer John Henterly talks to the female passenger who has no idea what’s going on. David says they think he is his twin brother Darren, but he's really Darren. They pull up a picture of him on the computer and match it. He knew he had a felony warrant that’s why he lied. They take the woman out and cuff her. There is a purse on the seat, but she says it isn't hers. She admits there is a rig in there and they find a needle with blood, two ID's with the same picture, but with different info. Then they find a paper with 5 more different ID's on them. She tries to say it's a joke and doesn't all the ID's, then she admits she has a warrant for BTC – meth, that none of the ID's are hers and she failed her final drug treatment. Both are going to jail for a while. Hamilton County OH (8:02 PM Animal Complaint) Sheriff's Office - Cpl Pete Enderle says a woman found a snake in her closet. He goes in her house and she's on the phone with her mom and freaking out. She says it's in the hall closet, it's black with orange marks and it is a baby. He tears apart the closet and doesn't find it. She says she was cleaning and running around and saw it go into the closet. He finds it behind the baseboard so Pete pulls it off with a hammer and screwdriver. She says "god love you." He hacks the wall apart with her permission and can't get it. They go in the basement and she freaks thinking she saw it, but it was just a wire. He can't find it and goes back upstairs and she says she feels better now and gives him a hug and thanks him. He goes out to his car and then she screams to come back. She unlocks the door and lets him in. The snake is on the floor and he grabs it and wraps it around a board and takes it outside. It looks like a baby rattler. She is so happy and thanks and hugs him again. Fort Worth, TX (9:37 PM Burglary in Progress) East Division Crime Response Team - Officer Chad Mills says he likes working there and busting felons, drug dealers, gang bangers who are responsible for all the crimes. They don't have to take calls either. Officer Curtis Miller is his partner who spots a broken down truck and people are trying to strip it. They jump out and catch they black guys, one is a wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey, and cuff them. Officer Matt Moore also caught one. They find the tires in their car. Kobe says a guy told him he would pay $500 for the rims. He doesn't know the guy, never saw him, he just talked him into it. He says he doesn't need the money, works hard from 9-5 and just bought the car. Now it's a felony and they can seize his car. He's covered with sweat and says he worked hard for the car and paid $1000 for it. He'll be in front of a judge, in jail and on $15,000 bail. The second guy says Kobe sang like a bird and he won't say nothing. The other guy rolled the 4th tire behind a house as insurance. They go back and find it.


Coast to Coast 79

July 09, 2005

(Fresno, CA - 11:09 PM Man with a Knife Call) Central Policing District - Officer James Rosetti is going to Belmont Fulton. His partner Officer Bryan Craft drives, pulls up, spots a dazed looking woman and ask her if there was a stabbing in the alley. Bryan stops, gets out and grabs her. Sgt. Greg Noll pulls up and she says she has the knifes in her pocket and is all bloody. She says she took it away from him and that he has AIDS. They get the knife away and let her go. They race around back and there is a guy on the ground with no shirt on, stab wounds and blood all over his face. His face is swollen and he's covered with bad jailhouse tattoos. He gets up and keeps mouthing off at the cops. They tell him to stay down and he asks them what are they going to do and tells them all to f--k off. EMT arrives, they cuff him, load him on a stretcher and tie him down. Sgt. Eddie Barrios says she took the knife away from him. They go back to her and she says he was flailing the knife around at George and his son who hit him with a shovel to get it away from him. They go speak to 18 year old George Jr. at his house and he says the guy came to the door screaming he was going to stab his dad. His mom was screaming, his niece was there, so he grabbed a shovel and hit him. He thought he was trying to kill his dad, but doesn't know why. Eddie says he wouldn't listen and they had to taze him. Pierce County WA (10:41 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Sheriff's Dept South Hill Precinct - Deputy Mario Carey's wife is also a deputy in the department, he met her on a call. He pulls up to a trailer where a bunch of young guys are hanging out. He cuffs the one guy who is a problem until he can figure out what happened. Bobby comes up and says his brother Dominick choked him and ripped up his shirt. He says he loves his brother, but he attacked him, he has no wounds and there was no knife involved. Dom was staying with him, he was scared for his life because he brought a girl over he didn't like, he flipped out and pushed him into the wall. Dom says they were watching TV, relaxing and then Lee started tripping and got in his face about the people there and she pushed him, so her pushed him back. The step-brother backs up Bobby's story. Dom ran outside and Bobby threw his stuff out in the yard and locked the door. Dom is put under arrest for domestic violence 4th degree and they search him. Mario explains that they need to get a restraining order if they want to keep him away. Bobby cries and thanks Mario. Hamilton Co, OH (8:48 PM Assistance Call) Sheriff's Office District 1 - Cpl Peter Enderle gets the call of a man in a gorilla suit who locked himself out of his car. Kyle is wearing the suit when they pull up. He was Halloween shopping, wanted to surprise his friends and was in such a hurry he locked his keys in the car and doesn't seem to care who is next to him. Pete slim jims the door open since the keys are in the ignition. He takes the mask off as they leave. (9:32 PM Juvenile Disturbance Call) He goes to the call of a white boy waving a gun around. It is in the same area where a girl was robbed of her cell phone at gunpoint. They pull up and question Tobias, a 15 year-old kid, who has the gun in his waistband. They pull it off him and he says he found it down the street. Deputy Michael Robbins puts him in his car. He admits the gun is his brother's and he took it. Deputy Tom Lang says Tobias was the one that had the gun and stole a cell phone from someone earlier. They pull another kid out and who admits his brother gave him the gun and he robbed a cell phone from a girl. He was there when he did it. He is under arrest for disorderly conduct. They take him back to his mom and show the gun to his brother and he says he never saw it before. The kid now says the gun is Tobias's. He will be cited and has to appear in juvenile court.

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