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NCIS: Los Angeles

Created by Shane Brennan James Whitmore Jr. Terrence O'Hara Tony Wharmby Steve Boyum David Barrett Leslie Libman Paris Barclay Rod Holcomb Steven DePaul Terrence O'Hara Perry Lang Elodie Keene David Barrett Jonathan Frakes Terrence O'Hara Alan J. Levi David Barrett Karen Gaviola Paris Barclay Dennis Smith James Whitmore Jr. Steven DePaul Steve Boyum Tony Wharmby Kate Woods Terrence O'Hara Tony Wharmby Steven DePaul Dennis Smith Norberto Barba Steven DePaul Tony Wharmby Jonathan Frakes Karen Gaviola Tony Wharmby Jan Eliasberg Terrence O'Hara James Whitmore Jr. Kate Woods Tony Wharmby Steven DePaul Terrence O'Hara Dennis Smith Tony Wharmby Dennis Smith Terrence O'Hara Kate Woods James Whitmore Jr. Tony Wharmby Jan Eliasberg Karen Gaviola Steven DePaul Tony Wharmby Dennis Smith Eric Laneuville Jonathan Frakes Terrence O'Hara Dennis Smith Tony Wharmby James Hanlon Dennis Smith Tony Wharmby Eric A. Pot John Peter Kousakis Dennis Smith Diana Valentine David Rodriguez James Hanlon Tawnia McKiernan Terrence O'Hara Diana Valentine Eric Laneuville John Peter Kousakis Tawnia McKiernan Dennis Smith Ruba Nadda Terrence O'Hara Eric Laneuville Tony Wharmby Benny Boom Dennis Smith James Whitmore Jr. Ruba Nadda Frank Military John Peter Kousakis John Peter Kousakis Rick Tunell Tawnia McKiernan Dennis Smith Terrence O'Hara James Hanlon James Whitmore Jr. John Peter Kousakis Benny Boom Eric A. Pot Ruba Nadda Diana Valentine James Hanlon John Peter Kousakis Lily Mariye Dennis Smith James Whitmore Jr. Suzanne Saltz Eric A. Pot Rick Tunell Yangzom Brauen Frank Military Andrew Bartels Lily Mariye Eric A. Pot Benny Boom Terrence O'Hara Dennis Smith Ruba Nadda James Hanlon Yangzom Brauen Tawnia McKiernan Terence Nightingall Diana Valentine Dennis Smith Sherwin Shilati James Hanlon Tony Wharmby Lily Mariye Terrence O'Hara James Whitmore Jr. Eric A. Pot Yangzom Brauen John Peter Kousakis Dennis Smith Christine Moore Dennis Smith Benny Boom Terrence O'Hara Lily Mariye Terence Nightingall Yangzom Brauen James Hanlon Eric A. Pot Dennis Smith Frank Military Benny Boom John Peter Kousakis
11 seasons 255 episodes CBS ⏱ 45 minutes 📅 2009 - (Returning) 🎬 Action & Adventure, Drama, Crime, Mystery

The exploits of the Los Angeles–based Office of Special Projects (OSP), an elite division of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service that specializes in undercover assignments.



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