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The Flash

Created by Geoff Johns Andrew Kreisberg Greg Berlanti David Nutter David Nutter Jesse Warn Glen Winter Dermott Downs Millicent Shelton Larry Shaw Glen Winter Ralph Hemecker Nick Copus John F. Showalter Rob Hardy Glen Winter Stephen Surjik Thor Freudenthal John Behring Ralph Hemecker Kevin Tancharoen Wendey Stanzler Steve Shill Dermott Downs Douglas Aarniokoski Dermott Downs Ralph Hemecker Jesse Warn John F. Showalter Stefan Pleszczynski Steve Shill J.J. Makaro Dermott Downs Ralph Hemecker Kevin Tancharoen Rob Hardy Michael A. Allowitz Rachel Talalay Millicent Shelton J.J. Makaro Hanelle M. Culpepper Glen Winter Alice Troughton Stefan Pleszczynski John F. Showalter Armen V. Kevorkian Kevin Smith Jesse Warn Antonio Negret Jesse Warn Ralph Hemecker Armen V. Kevorkian Stefan Pleszczynski C. Kim Miles J.J. Makaro Kevin Smith Dermott Downs Rachel Talalay Millicent Shelton Harry Jierjian Rob Hardy Dermott Downs Dermott Downs Alexandra La Roche Gregory Smith Dermott Downs Nina Lopez-Corrado Tom Cavanagh Hanelle M. Culpepper David McWhirter Michael A. Allowitz David McWhirter Glen Winter Alexandra La Roche Armen V. Kevorkian Tom Cavanagh Laura Belsey Brent Crowell David McWhirter Dermott Downs Stefan Pleszczynski Phil Chipera Alexandra La Roche Chris Peppe Tara Nicole Weyr Ralph Hemecker Gregory Smith Harry Jierjian Kevin Smith Hanelle M. Culpepper Rachel Talalay Rob J. Greenlea Kevin Mock Viet Nguyen David McWhirter David McWhirter C. Kim Miles Andi Armaganian Brent Crowell Phil Chipera Chris Peppe Sarah Boyd Tom Cavanagh Kevin Tancharoen David McWhirter Marcus Stokes Rebecca Johnson Alexandra LaRoche Rachel Talalay Stefan Pleszczynski Viet Nguyen Rob J. Greenlea Danielle Panabaker Jeff Cassidy Kristin Windell Stefan Pleszczynski Gregory Smith Gregory Smith Chris Peppe Sarah Boyd Marcus Stokes Menhaj Huda Danielle Panabaker Chad Lowe Michael Nankin David McWhirter Stefan Pleszczynski Sudz Sutherland Chris Peppe Stefan Pleszczynski
6 seasons 130 episodes The CW ⏱ 44 minutes 📅 2014 - (Returning) 🎬 Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

After a particle accelerator causes a freak storm, CSI Investigator Barry Allen is struck by lightning and falls into a coma. Months later he awakens with the power of super speed, granting him the ability to move through Central City like an unseen guardian angel. Though initially excited by his newfound powers, Barry is shocked to discover he is not the only "meta-human" who was created in the wake of the accelerator explosion -- and not everyone is using their new powers for good. Barry partners with S.T.A.R. Labs and dedicates his life to protect the innocent. For now, only a few close friends and associates know that Barry is literally the fastest man alive, but it won't be long before the world learns what Barry Allen has become...The Flash.



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